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My Top 5

My Top 5 Movies
1. Moulin Rouge
2. Lords Of Dogtown
3. Practical Magic
4. Hide and Seek
5. Deep Impact

My Top 5 Songs
1. Photograph
3. What It's Like
4. In Bloom
5. As If

My Top 5 Music Artists
1. New Found Glory
2. Three Days Grace
3. Nirvana
4. Nine Inch Nails
5. Foo Fighters

My Top 5 TV Shows
1. CSI
2. Las Vegas
3. Lost
5. JAG

My Top 5 Authors/Writers
2. Tom Clancy

My Top 5 Books
1. The Hunt for Red October
2. Patriot Games
3. The Client

My Top 5 Games
1. Lacrosse
2. Soccer
3. Bullshit
4. Spider Solitare
5. War

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