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My Top 5

My Top 5 Movies
1. Eight Below
2. Donnie Darko
3. Resident Evil

My Top 5 Songs
1. A Distance There Is

My Top 5 Music Artists
1. Theatre of Tragedy
2. The Wreckers
3. Evanescence

My Top 5 TV Shows
1. House
2. Wolf's Rain

My Top 5 Authors/Writers
1. Cornelia Funke

My Top 5 Books
1. Wild Magic
2. Eldest
3. Eragon

My Top 5 Games

Soundtrack of My Life

Theatre of Tragedy
0 tracks

We Ask You

We Ask You is a place where all members of the Student Center answer the personality-related questions.

If a bunch of people who knew you got together and your name came up in conversation, what would they say about you?
Don't know it depends who your talking to my close friends, know I have a temper but they also know I don't get pushed over the edge for a eason. A lot of people come to me when there in trouble.

What and who are the most important things and people in your life and why?
My brother and me are the closest in my fam. I have a few "best" friends. We take care of each other and help each other thru hard times.

How do you spend your free time?
Daydreaming, I day dream all the time, I have so many dreams and goals its hard to keep it strait.

How do you feel about school?
Hate it but I need it.

What is the first thing people notice about you when they meet you aside from what you look like?
I ask alot of questions, I have to know people. I'm calculateing all the time trying t figure thngs out.

Seeing 2020 - Pretend it's the year 2020. Tell us about your life in 2020.
I'll be 28, out of college I hope and working a steady job. Or by that time I'll when the lottery! lol. Oh well one can hope!

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Personality Countdown - New!

5 places you have visited:
1. Lake Tahoe
2. San Fransisco
3. LA
4. Santan Barbra
5. SixFlags

4 things we might not know about you:
1. Um I have Four Brothers and sisters
2. I love San fran
3. I love working on Cars and Trucks
4. I Hate stupid people.

3 things you want to do before you die:
1. Jump out of a plane
2. Go to a third world Country
3. Have Hella fun!

2 places you'd like to visit in the future:
1. Japan
2. Wales

1 person you really want to see right now:
1. My Brother
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