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My Top 5

My Top 5 Movies
1. The Whole Nine Yards
2. The Whole Ten Yards
3. Seven Brides For Seven Brothers

My Top 5 Songs
1. Hey There Delilah
2. Obladi, Oblada
3. Kokomo
4. That Thing You Do
5. She Has A Girlfriend Now

My Top 5 Music Artists

My Top 5 TV Shows

My Top 5 Authors/Writers

My Top 5 Books
1. Stiff: The Mysterious Lives of Human Cadavers
2. Ella Enchanted
3. Runing with Scissors

My Top 5 Games

Soundtrack of My Life

SuperTard: the tragedy behind the comedy..duh
9 tracks

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We Ask You

We Ask You is a place where all members of the Student Center answer the personality-related questions.

If a bunch of people who knew you got together and your name came up in conversation, what would they say about you?
There would definitely be mixed responses depending on the person. Some things that might be said are entertaining, annoying, immature, too mature, boring, bitch, nice, weird, quiet, loud, obnoxious, shy, outgoing.. im a pretty contradicting person and everyone feels differently about me

What and who are the most important things and people in your life and why?
My friends and family, because w/o them.. I'd just be another face in the crowd

How do you spend your free time?
Reading, learning instruments, watching movies, going online, running errands, planning things (like get togethers w/ friends and what not), listening to music, playing with my kitten, or any combination of those

How do you feel about school?
I love learning! But actually going to school is a waste of my time. I could learn things in half the time if it weren't for the other people in my classes. I could seriously go on for a really long time about how public schools could be made better.

What is the first thing people notice about you when they meet you aside from what you look like?
I'm quiet.Getting to know me something that people notice is that I do what I want to do, whether I let you know that it's what I want to do or not. I won't do something I think is wrong.

Seeing 2020 - Pretend it's the year 2020. Tell us about your life in 2020.
Ideally, I'll be set in a career with the FBI or police in a big city. I want to be a criminal coroner person, and solve crimes that way. Hopefully I'll be in a committed relationship, thinking about marriage if not married. If I'm married hopefully I'll have one kid by then, if not I hope to have one on the way.

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Personality Countdown - New!

5 places you have visited:
1. New York
2. Hawaii
3. Disney Land
4. Washington DC
5. Canada

4 things we might not know about you:
1. I daydream too much
2. Although I dont act like it, I'm actually kinda smart
3. I have horriblbe coordination
4. I'm extremely paranoid

3 things you want to do before you die:
1. Go sky diving and/or bungee jumping
2. Have a family
3. Learn as many languages and instruments as possible

2 places you'd like to visit in the future:
1. Europe
2. Africa

1 person you really want to see right now:
1. no one in particular
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