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zippy1357's Stuff
This page is where you can see all of the stuff that zippy1357 does around the Student Center, including Journals, Casino Games, Groups, Reviews, Short Stories and more! If zippy1357 has done it, it'll be on this page!

Points & Rank
TOTAL POINTS:   217,021
RANK:   # 955

Date Quiz Name Score
September 18, 2009 Political History of the 20th Century 40%
September 18, 2009 1960's General Knowledge 36%

zippy1357 has written 83 poems. Showing last 10:

To the squirrel in my attic
"To the squirrel in my attic  / Who runs and who plays,  /&nb..."
licking a knife
"I lay in bed  / and watch the clock,  / minutes pass by..."
Wrote this for my girlfriend
"I love you with more than my heart,  / You lift me up beyond the ..."
let me come home
"I'm sick of this place  / void of sleep i'm a mess  / u..."
Eels (short poem for bio class)
"The elusive eel  /   / Has a great appeal  / ..."
my first freestyle
"i can rap too,  / i'm a G for sure  / my rhymes are tig..."
funny fml
"i had a presentation for bio  / in front of the class,  /&nb..."
come back to life
"I lie awake,  / dirty and dull,  / my senses so dimned ..."
easter poem with some humor
"Easter bunny  / hop along,  / looking funny  /&nbs..."
this isn't home
"how the rain comes down  / and i'm smiling now,  / shel..."
under pressure
"How often i sleep is dictated by work  / and the stress that i ke..."
First poem in 3 years
"And the light goes dim  / As do your eyes,  / The spark..."
On a lighter note
"I saw this poem in a bathroom stall  /   /   /&nbs..."
columbia cocaine
"i wrote this as my midterm project for my contemporary issues class.  ..."
"let me take you to the place  / where you see and believe,  ..."
letting you go
"so many memories,  / thoughts that we've come so far  / ..."
"ok, first let me set the stage.  / i went to this math competitio..."
Dream from you
"if you close your eyes,  / don't wake too fast  / i wan..."
crashing from Heaven
"so what if i'm sad  / it doesn't matter to me,  / didn'..."
from now past forever
"i'll love you forever  / my feelings won't stop,  / whe..."
"time to turn  / it's a time for trust,  / i've been a v..."
end of the row (somebody please rate or comment)
"tired of being on the end of the row,  / sick of being the last o..."
flirt until dawn (please comment or rate)
"soft dreams linger  / with that favorable smell,  / lyi..."
if i was breathing
"if i was breathing  / would you be why?  / and if i was..."
to deaf ears
"staring at a blank screen,  / and i know you're gone  / ..."
i love you
"a moment under starlite  / is time we spent together,  /&nbs..."
don't read this
"not so special,  / i'm losing faith,  / and all our rom..."
this is an atrocity to poetry....
"i'm crossing lines,  / that haven't been drawn,  / i'm ..."
this poem sucks
"can anybody hear me,  / i'm breathing slow  / i'm breat..."
"there's something in your eyes  / that keeps me waiting here, &nb..."
in someone else's arms (plz rate)
"every time i hear you  / my body goes numb  / it's stra..."
not finished
"a couple days are lost  / but the rumors are here  / i'..."
gaze (please please rate)
"stuck in your pretty eyes,  / in you're long brown hair  /&n..."
under the stars
"there's a part of me  / still letting go,  / there's a ..."
when forever comes
""we'll never be apart"  / so she quoted and smiled, &nb..."
romancing your pain
"i can feel your lies  / they're weighing in,  / i'm not..."
I wrote this for a contest, tell me what you think
"So sweet and soft,  / Juicy and warm  / Itís perfection..."
cheated again (leave feed back please)
"don't remember me  / you're everything i knew,  / let ..."
what you want (rate me please)
"the world can leave me alone  / and that'll be  / okay..."
these nights
"into your eyes i fall,  / reflecting of blue  / close ..."
"come here besides me,  / i'd enjoy your hand  / give m..."
lovely sailor
"words soft as the breeze,  / as we move through the ocean  ..."
not who you wanted to be
"You're not who you wanted to be  / you're coming through  /..."
"ready for when it hits me / i'm diving down, / i&..."
used for a second (plz rate)
"used for a second, / you dragged me down, / made me you..."
this morning for you
"i woke up this morning, / and i felt i could die, / cou..."
still in love with you
"when all you want to do is die, / but there's no cars in th..."
"breaking down, / i can't stop now / seem so norma..."
hurt me
"say you hurt me, / but i don't feel used, / looki..."
"these wounds aren't healing / you've cut too deep,&nb..."
"falling faster / you're slipping away, / too much..."
pressure (rate por favor)
"hatred around me / i can't get out / if i'm..."
past your eyes (rate if you get a chance)
"i listened to your say, / still today you'd shy away /..."
last night
"we faught last night, / and i'm still so scared / ..."
never before
"as i hold your hand / and i begin to smile / so long ha..."
(no title)
"i've been waiting too long / something's gone wrong,&..."
"dark skys coming, / wind blown faces / so much time,&nb..."
what i've been doing
"the sun's setting now / i haven't heard the phone&nbs..."
i will (rate if you care, lol)
"i'm happy now / here i stand / loving you now&nbs..."
"she's finding closure / things bring back to same /&nb..."
falling in
"lost behind dark, / plain brown eyes, / falling from ev..."
hurt (if you think you know what this is about, leave me a message, i need help)
"i'm falling down / i can't breath now / too..."
hard (don't have to rate this if you don't want)
"bring me to pleasure / i'm falling past pain, / a..."
hiden in sand
"like black-top magic / it's behind his hand / to ..."
"pushed aside / he can't reach out / he begins to ..."
dying again
"seperate me from pain, / i'm dying again, / somet..."
slipping away
"caught inside / i'm running to hide / breathing l..."
"help me now / i'm falling down / what ever i say&..."
If (please rate)
"if love endured / would i be ensured / could i count on..."
lost beside you (rate if you feel like it)
"i look at your face / and i begin to die / how could so..."
"i've lost myself / i've dug too deep / noth..."
i remember you
"I still feel your lips, / Your skin across my finger tips /&..."
away from me
"i'm cold tonight, / i see words from our fight / ..."
left behind
"bring me past pain / i know you can do it, / shut your ..."
Free me please
"is love this deep, / i'm drowning now, / somethin..."
something for you
"if i looked over my shoulder / would you be there, / wo..."
"he sits so still / they ask him to play / he stares qui..."
maybe i might
"i can construct whatever, / i can build these lies / i ..."
"how is it i feel / for something i could not know, / i&..."
do to me
"Am i supposed to care / i guess i don't / will yo..."
"i smell your hair / your head's on my shoulder / ..."
"i'm feeling lonely / but that's not new, / ..."
my first poem
"i can't stand by my words, / though i've talked so lo..."

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