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tourterdbloodytears's Stuff
This page is where you can see all of the stuff that tourterdbloodytears does around the Student Center, including Journals, Casino Games, Groups, Reviews, Short Stories and more! If tourterdbloodytears has done it, it'll be on this page!

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TOTAL POINTS:   25,533
RANK:   # 11,809

tourterdbloodytears has taken 1 tests:

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Jun 10, 2006 Think You're Gay? Test GAYDAR: Condition Orange View Details

Tourtred,painless,and dead
22 entries
942 hits

December 6, 2005, guess its true "oh i feel so sick to my stomache.. my friend told me like..."
November 27, 2005, damn him! "god damn him! ok first of all danielle knows that im madly..."
October 20, 2005, what am i? "i wanna know what its like to feel loved...cause it suxs..."
October 20, 2005, if anything happens! "well i dont know how much more my life can suck right..."
October 20, 2005, LIFE!!!! "i was told by my love of my life that he was gunna give me..."
October 20, 2005, cant help it "i wanna cry! i just cant handle this anymore...i cant cry..."
October 20, 2005, dont ask em "i need help!!!!!!i cant do this anymore...my life is a..."
October 19, 2005, love means..... "i heard this really sweet poem on the internet... here it..."
October 15, 2005, what do i do now?? "what do i do now? i like this one guy and i went out with..."
October 11, 2005, love hurts "love hurts...i found that out the hard way!!!!!!...... i..."

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tourterdbloodytears has written 16 poems. Showing last 10:

*nitemare to lite*
"its dark.  / its cold.  / and nobody knows.  /&nbs..."
"As i walk down this old lonley road,  / I look up to see the moon..."
life is just a game
"i wanna know what its like to feel loved...cause it suxs knowing i want som..."
even the most beautiful rose dies...
"even the most beautiful rose dies...  / thats what he told her be..."
lets talk
"if u could stop telling me all the reason i shouldnt cry...and look at the ..."
what can i feel??
"one day there was a boi walking down the street..... he saw a gurl he knew ..."
"I have fallen, and fallen fast.  / My wings are broken and torn. ..."
love hurtz!!
"love hurts like a thorn on a new rose.....  / love heals us when ..."
"i had something i wanted to say.....  / but the words never came ..."
some kinda fellin
"i dont know how i feel...  / all i know is the pain is real.... &..."
"ive cried a millon tears, ill shed a hundred more.  / ive cried s..."
love me
"i love u...do u love me??  / i need u...do u need me??  /&nb..."
how can u??
"how can u say u love me....  / how can u say u need me...  /..."
what is it???
"my friends and me were talkin....  / talkin about u.....  /&..."
"The world around me used to seem like hell, but now theirs sirins and bells..."
we were told no!
"we talk for hours on end,  / we were told to never talk to eachot..."

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