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sweetiepie55533's Stuff
This page is where you can see all of the stuff that sweetiepie55533 does around the Student Center, including Journals, Casino Games, Groups, Reviews, Short Stories and more! If sweetiepie55533 has done it, it'll be on this page!

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TOTAL POINTS:   91,120
RANK:   # 2,872

sweetiepie55533 has taken 2 tests:

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Sep 03, 2006 Sexual Purity Test Squeaky Clean View Details
May 08, 2006 A.D.D. Test Attentive View Details

sweetiepie55533's Journal
11 entries
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August 11, 2004, Dreams... "last night i had a strange dream. it was pretty weird at..."
August 9, 2004, Ditched... "well my best friend ditched me. she starts school today...."
August 6, 2004, Fun week "this week was pretty fun. tuesday i met some girls my age-..."
August 1, 2004, Wow! "ok, today...this lady- her name is rhonda- well before i..."
July 23, 2004, Funny stuff "ok, i am like not feeling good at all- but today was pretty..."
July 12, 2004, A new day "today was very fun. i usually always almost have fun at the..."
July 7, 2004, Not so boring after all "Well I thought yesterday would just be an ordinary, boring..."
July 6, 2004, Introduction " Hello. For anyone out there reading this, I'd like to..."
July 21, 2004, Busy times... "well i've been pretty busy lately. monday was my 15th..."
July 9, 2004, I got my perm!!! "i am so happy. i finally got my perm today. it took me..."

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Incredibles, The: ""The Incredibles" is a cute movie I'm sure all kids will..."

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Short Stories
sweetiepie55533 has written the following short stories:

A New Life: Samantha is in a new town, and right off-- she meets a boy (Dan). But there's something different about him, and she can't have him. Sammy isn't used to not getting her way-- and not being able to claim this hottie takes a toll on her. Find out exactly why Dan wants to keep his distance... and if he'll ever get her. PLEASE READ AND REVIEW. Thanks** If you're hesitant about reading the story cause there are so many chapters... they aren't long, and if you're up for a good romance story- that's what you'll get from this one! SO CHECK IT OUT AND TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK!! **Chapter 19, end of story!**
A Walk Through the Woods: My shortest story on here, it's just a chapter long. I hadn't planned on going on with the story (as it was a school assignment), but if you all like the beginning... I'll continue with it. So tell me if you think it's good enough to add more to! Thanks! :)
A Year to Remember: This story is about new found friendship. It's about the lives of three teenagers: Lindsay, Patty, and Wes. Read about the inward struggles of each character, and how they all affect each other in mighty ways. Read about Lindsay and Wes's struggle with their feelings for each other, and about the "accident prone" Patty (lol) and what happens to her in the end. **AND PLEASE, PLEASE LEAVE REVIEWS AND RATE! Thanks** Just to let you all know this story is FINALLY finished, so please let me know what you all think of it.
High School and College: A high school senior, Lacey, finds herself falling for her best friend's older brother, Michael, who comes home for Christmas vacation from college. But will he see something in Lacey, or just think of her as his sister's cute little friend? And will Lacey's best friend, Kate, find herself falling for her brother's friend, Justin, that Michael brings with him for his stay at home? Or will Justin fall for Lacey? Find out what happens in this circle of on-going love... **This is it! I finished this story, finally! I hope you've liked it, and thank you all so much for leaving your comments-- it means a lot, even if they're construction criticism. Thank You!!!**
How it all Started: This story is different from any of my others. Itís written in the first person point of view and is only nine, short chapters. Itís the story of one girl, and one boy, and the pressures life threw at them (NOT sex). Read and youíll find out about these two ppl and what happened in their lives. **All done with this story! Leave your reviews!! Thanks!!!
Kidnapped: Sara didn't have time for boys. She was just too busy for them. Then along comes Jared. She doesn't like him, but is still sweet to himó as she is towards everyone. What Sara doesn't know though, is that this new boy is going to become her hero when he rescues her from her kidnapper. Will she make an exception and make room for a boy in her life? *There's a new "twist" to this story (Chapter 13). See what it is and tell me what you think!* (This story is finished, I just went back and edited it a bit). Tell me how you all like it!!
Life or Death: It was prom night, and Jessica finally gave in to her boyfriendís desires, and now she finds out sheís pregnant. Can her grandmotherís and best friendís pleas to spare the child outweigh the 6 other people who want her to have an abortion? Find out which choice Jessica decides to make, and what the consequences are. **Just finished adding in this story. It's one with strong beliefs in it. Pro-life, pro-abortion... which is portrayed in this story? Find out by reading this little story by me. Don't forget to leave your reviews!** (Sorry, guys... I KNOW THIS ONE'S SHORTER THAN MY USUAL ONE'S!)
The Story of a Girl: This is a story of a girl and her family, and how they have to deal with a sudden tradegy in the family. Will Amy be able to move on and continue with her life, or will she remain a slave of the past? **This is an old story of mine. I'm just going back and revising, editing, and also naming the chapters. (I split up chapter 21 so there's 23 chapters in all now). It's really long, more like a short book, but still worth the read- so please check it out and tell me how you like it. Thanks!

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