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sUgaRbaBe123's Stuff
This page is where you can see all of the stuff that sUgaRbaBe123 does around the Student Center, including Journals, Casino Games, Groups, Reviews, Short Stories and more! If sUgaRbaBe123 has done it, it'll be on this page!

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TOTAL POINTS:   93,113
RANK:   # 2,806

sUgaRbaBe123 has taken 2 tests:

Date Test Name Your Score Test Details
Dec 22, 2005 Sexual Purity Test Needs a Bath View Details
Feb 17, 2006 Psycho Family Test The Brady Bunch View Details

sUgaRbaBe123's Journal
20 entries
1,297 hits

July 9, 2004, oh f*** it!!! " hey- why does every single day of my life have to..."
June 20, 2004, josh is home, great weekend "hey- wow, omg now that josh is home, i feel so much..."
June 12, 2004, i have never cryed so hard...i "hey- I hate making desisions, it sucks. I have to..."
June 7, 2004, one crazy night! "hey- wow, last night was...interesting, lol no, it was..."
June 3, 2004, complants "hey, what popin? lol josh comes home in like 12 days,..."
May 12, 2004, this bites "hey, sry i havnt writtin in a lil wile, school sucks..."
May 7, 2004, fight! fight! fight! "hey, on monday(which i didnt get o write)Melissa..."
May 6, 2004, omg i cant think of a freakin "Hey, im so tyerd its not even funny! school is lame..."
April 29, 2004, can we spell bored? " hey, i am so tyerd. schools a drag sofar today and..."
July 13, 2004, break up, bout time "hey- i have no secrets anymore and i am single for the..."

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sUgaRbaBe123 has written 39 poems. Showing last 10:

Anything You Wanted Me To Be
"Little intoxicated but its still good...  / they say he truth com..."
<3 So Real 2 Me <3
".Sitting here thinking  / about the time that we spent  /&nb..."
have it your way
"Stupid you, Silly me.  / What made you think you think u could ev..."
"this is really emo for me, so feedback would be great. it takes a lot to wr..."
**Wings Of Me**
"*** I wrote this a really long time ago, when having 2nd thoughts***  ..."
single moment
"Its like everytime i get so close  / I always fall so far away. &..."
Hiding This From You
"Learning how to hold back feelings  /   / Hold back emo..."
-x- Pretty Girl -x-
"Feel so un-pretty  /   / Want to be so beautiful &nbs..."
No Title, but please read and f/b. thank ya!
"I cant breath  / the air is so thick  / in this relatio..."
Some Space To Breath
"Cant you see that i belong to you  / Cant you see that i only wan..."
-x- Fade Away -x-
"No space to breath  / No words to speak  / Just anger a..."
What Did I Do To Deserve This?
"bottled up emotions  / building up inside,  / wanting ..."
Someone Like You
"Heartbeat sounding in my ear.  / Telling me that I love you. &nbs..."
My Prayer
"o Lord Jesus...  / its so much for me to take  / i hate..."
Lake of my sorrows
"I always feel like i'm 10 feet under  / Reaching but always being..."
Words Dont Do
"I see you cross the room.  / You're coming toward me,  /&nbs..."
-_*Hand Me Over*_-
"Your always questioning me asking me where i am and who im with. I guess i ..."
" Thoughts flying through my head, Trying to find  / the words to ..."
Just Like A Dream
"All I think about is you.  / Every single second of the day. &nb..."
**_-You_-** ( feedback would be nice :D )
"One more day, when the sun goes down and all is calm. The waves on the wate..."
"I wish I could take back what has happened,  / It makes me feel s..."
~*Because Of you*~
"I'm so crazy and a wreck.  / A mess. To the point where theses no..."
its been a wile
"This just happen last night: /  / Riding in the car,&nb..."
Face Down
"Face down, / Don't want to face the world. / Face..."
On The Edge... please leave feed back, please!!!
"You know you shouldn't tell me what to do when my / feeling..."
What a fucked up day,...
"Head under the pillows, / Screeming out load, Tears streeming dow..."
~*That Late August Night*~
"It was 9 and everything was fine, / Standing in the parking lot j..."
~Looking through~
"I can never find the right angle to look from when / I look at th..."
*******What You Say, What I Hear.********
"This is what you say: / Stay in school, / Dont skip you..."
**watching me**
"I open my eyes, / To see that your standing over me. / ..."
***behind hazle eyes***
"Behind hazel eyes / A girl of mystery. / A girl of pain..."
get up and go
"I sit here in depression, / waiting for some one to save me. ..."
Its Over Now
"I've been lieing, / To keep you from this pain. / ..."
broken glass
"broken glass all over my hand, / cant remember what just happend...."
"The tears fall like rain, / Down onto my pillow. / In t..."
My Pain
"Bleeding internally and screeming out loud / (helps to take the p..."
To My Family....
"My house... / A living hell... / Never a quiet moment,&..."
"Yelling, crying, and pulling my hair / Over some stupid male.&nbs..."
Deep Feeling (please leave feedback)
"I sit here and think..... / Thinking thinking and still thinking&..."

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