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josefina07's Stuff
This page is where you can see all of the stuff that josefina07 does around the Student Center, including Journals, Casino Games, Groups, Reviews, Short Stories and more! If josefina07 has done it, it'll be on this page!

Points & Rank
TOTAL POINTS:   115,904
RANK:   # 2,155

josefina07 has taken 12 tests:

Date Test Name Your Score Test Details
Feb 16, 2007 Non-Sexual Purity Test Middle Man View Details
Feb 16, 2007 Sexual Purity Test Needs a Bath View Details
Apr 02, 2007 Think You're Gay? Test Light in the Loafers View Details
Feb 16, 2007 Psycho Family Test The Brady Bunch View Details
Feb 16, 2007 Extreme Sex Test Rated XX View Details
Feb 16, 2007 A.D.D. Test Space Cadet View Details
Feb 16, 2007 Health Test Sniffly View Details
Jul 24, 2007 Internet Pest Test Net Bug View Details
Feb 17, 2007 Movie Junkie Test Average Joe View Details
Jul 24, 2007 Computer Addict Test Addicted View Details
Feb 17, 2007 The Success Test CEO View Details
Feb 16, 2007 Extreme Sex Test 2 Rated XX View Details

Jens life
31 entries
2,435 hits
"my life and how i sucks most of the time. but i do have my moments of happiness"

June 16, 2008, June "so..its just a bad day...i woke up in such a bad mood and i..."
June 20, 2007, WOW!!!!! "well lots has happened since i last updated this.....im no..."
April 24, 2007, Bad Tuesday!!!! "jeff broke up with me today, andit couldn't get worse. so..."
April 23, 2007, Good Monday????!!!!!! "so i found out what was wrong with jeff. i guess this girl,..."
April 21, 2007, fridays blues "so yesterday my bf was suposed to come over but he didnt..."
April 18, 2007, BAD DAY!!!!! "so im goin to kill some people the good news is the world..."
April 15, 2007, I GOT A BOYFRIEND "i am dating jeff (my ex from the last entry) i am so..."
April 8, 2007, Thinking of him "So all weekedn i've been thinking about my ex, jeff and how..."
April 5, 2007, BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!!! "today has to be the best day of my life. it all started 7th..."
March 28, 2007, SINGLES RULE!!! "YEHHHH!!!! the play is over. so i broke up with my..."

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josefina07 has written 7 poems. Showing last 10:

Love in Limbo
"do u love me as much  / as i love you  / it is hard to ..."
I'm Sorry
"i'm sorry for anything  / i have said  / that makes yo..."
Not Knowing You
"thinking about you  / everyday  / always thinking &nb..."
Decisions You Have to Face
"hormones raging  / love pouring out in words  / but whe..."
What You are To Me
"Your everything I've wanted  / Your everything I need  /&nb..."
a love that couldnt last
"Forgetting is not as easy as they say,  / how could she forget th..."
Confessions of a Survivor
"As the water surged  / way above her head,  / She made..."

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Short Stories
josefina07 has written the following short stories:

What lies beaneth: The ledgend of Princess Winola: An incredible journey that started with a plot for revenge and ended with a quest for love.

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