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iamasofa's Stuff
This page is where you can see all of the stuff that iamasofa does around the Student Center, including Journals, Casino Games, Groups, Reviews, Short Stories and more! If iamasofa has done it, it'll be on this page!

Points & Rank
TOTAL POINTS:   162,110
RANK:   # 1,422

iamasofa has taken 11 tests:

Date Test Name Your Score Test Details
May 27, 2008 Non-Sexual Purity Test Middle Man View Details
Jul 06, 2009 Sexual Purity Test Squeaky Clean View Details
Jul 16, 2006 Psycho Family Test The Brady Bunch View Details
Apr 26, 2010 Think You're a Lesbian? Test Sporty Spice View Details
Aug 28, 2006 A.D.D. Test Drooler View Details
Nov 27, 2007 Health Test Sniffly View Details
May 27, 2008 Internet Pest Test Web Nuisance View Details
Apr 19, 2010 Political Test Left-wing Liberal View Details
May 17, 2010 Job Test Clock Watcher View Details
Aug 03, 2006 The Success Test Peon View Details

Can I trade this for a fairy tale?
2 entries
395 hits
"Once upon a time... my sister dropped me on my head and I have wanted to be a fairy tale princess ever since. "

November 16, 2008, Oh Joys of Soda "Ok so I went with my family to go for dinner and a movie...."
October 9, 2008, Explaination. "So I had a journal before this one and I decided it was..."

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iamasofa has written 16 poems. Showing last 10:

With My Eyes Open (please leave feeback)
"My eyes have been opened  / to the hurt you have caused me.  ..."
Worship the Inappropriate
"Your body isnít a temple I want to pray  / at. Your morals are ..."
Get down
"Thrashing about  / whispering to my soul.  / Jump down,..."
"His large muscular hand draws back  / and flies across my face &..."
why can't I forget love.
"To easily forgotten,  / A pain to hard to forget.  / ..."
What just happend?
"How did it start?  / How did it end?  / Was she a tart?..."
For Jasmine.
"Wishing you were in my dreams.  / Your face makes everything mel..."
strolling through a memory of fear
"Emotions, what are you?  / Walking through endless fields of noth..."
The Dream
"two beds in a row.  / one high  / one low.  / ..."
"I look at  /  You.  / I can't think  /  ..."
"I see you  / my heart beast faster  / I can not find t..."
"School is a rainbow  / Godzilla dancing with unicorns  /&nbs..."
"The clown  / never frowns,  / and she never screams. &..."
When death is not an option
"When death is not an option, she cries.  / When death is not an o..."
i am a child forever young
"i am a child  / i am forever young  / i have no respo..."
Thoughts of a Child
"I wonder why a blue bird sings  / I wonder why weddings have rin..."

iamasofa has written 4 reviews. Showing last 10 reviews:

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