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hisdarkgoddess's Stuff
This page is where you can see all of the stuff that hisdarkgoddess does around the Student Center, including Journals, Casino Games, Groups, Reviews, Short Stories and more! If hisdarkgoddess has done it, it'll be on this page!

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hisdarkgoddess has written 33 poems. Showing last 10:

Curse of Death
"Tonight will be the night  / That they die together.  / ..."
Life is a Box
"Life is a Box  /   / Life is a box:  / Don't ..."
"I found out your little secret,  / And it broke my heart.  /..."
"Iâm so bored right now,  / I want to go home.  /&nbs..."
The Feeding
"You close in on your prey,  / You wish to drink from it.  /&..."
The Clearing
"I should write a poem,  / I think to myself,  / But wha..."
The End
"I'm just really messed up right now,  / I want to live, but don't..."
I Wish to Tell You of a Friend
"I wish to tell you,  / Of a friend,  / A friend who rea..."
I Am Death Speaker
"Do I scare you?  / Are you frightened?  / Do you believ..."
Lonely (please fb)
"Lonely...  /   / And no one ever bothers  / T..."
Dear Dad (please fb)
"Dear Dad,  /   / You have no idea what I'm feeling righ..."
Funeral Session (please fb)
"I went to a funeral on October 27th  / My best friend had died. &..."
"Knife.  / My best friend.  / Cut. My. Wrist.  /&nb..."
Can't You See?
"Can't you see the truth?  / No one wants you to go.  / ..."
"I'll sit here and wait,  / Wishing that you could only see,  ..."
When You Know
"When you know two of your best friends are dead, you start to think you hav..."
"why do you always jump to the conclusion  / that you are the reas..."
The Day the Sun Turns Black
"The day the sun turned black,  / There was fire everywhere.  ..."
Demons and Angels
"Demons and Angels  /   / The demon's eyes can see throu..."
"His eyes--they were purple.  / They looked around with care. &nbs..."
I Am Who I Am
"This is for those people who don't care about what's inside.  / I..."
Fallen Angel
"You're a fallen angel  / Sent down from heaven for me.  /&nb..."
My Life is Over
"i think i love somebody,  / i want to love somebody,  / ..."
Eternal Fire
"Eternal fire rests within your soul,  / It burns everything in yo..."
The Sadness of the Heart
"Thunder crashes around her;  / She runs buts cannot find shelter...."
The Only One That Notices
"dont be worried about me  / my life is just demented.  /&nbs..."
Live For Me
"i sit here waiting for the phone to ring. i'v just called u, but u havent c..."
Dominant Demon Reader
"let blood shed on all those who r evil.  / let them bleed till de..."
Cry Out
"She turns around and smiles at her friend  / Her friend shrugs, n..."
"Stars  /   / I look up into the sky  / And wh..."
Never Let Go
"Never Let Go 3/10/09  /   / The tears are now streaming..."
"I'm tired of playing games,  / And as I go through the days, &nb..."
Dragon Tears, 1/10/09
"The tears of a dragon all golden.  / They fall from the face as r..."

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