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emo_punk_princess's Stuff
This page is where you can see all of the stuff that emo_punk_princess does around the Student Center, including Journals, Casino Games, Groups, Reviews, Short Stories and more! If emo_punk_princess has done it, it'll be on this page!

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TOTAL POINTS:   128,800
RANK:   # 1,894

emo_punk_princess has taken 1 tests:

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Feb 06, 2009 Psycho Family Test The Partridge Family View Details

emo_punk_princess has written 67 poems. Showing last 10:

A Lovely Fantasy
"There is a shadow on my wall  / Telling me to come play  /&..."
A Lovely Fantasy
"There is a shadow on my wall  / Telling me to come play  /&..."
A Lovely Fantasy
"There is a shadow on my wall  / Telling me to come play  /&..."
I can do better than you fb plz
"I decided to write a female version of the song Better Than Me by Hinder. T..."
Congratulations jerk, you made me cry...again
"Good job jerk  / you made me cry again  / over and ove..."
a solution for this messed up life
"Here I am again  / Sitting here alone  / with tears run..."
Time Passes
"Time passes  / And I wait  / I keep memories of you clo..."
Three Years of Regret
"  /   / 1 You’re standing in the doorway  /  ..."
I Want It
"My hand in yours  / Our eyes connected  / Bodies touch..."
please help me
"please help me  / i can't do this alone  / can't you ..."
Close your eyes
"Lay down and close your eyes  / Think of the girl you love before..."
Whispers to the Moon
"When the stars come out I think of you  / The tears fall down &nb..."
i cry
"i cry because im hurt  / the scars of my past  / are ..."
"sunlight blinds me as I pull a blanket over my head  / another da..."
Please say you miss me
"Do you ever think of what it would have been like if you hadn't let me leav..."
Deadly Silence
"Screams never uttered  / pain never mentioned  / laugh..."
congratulations, you ruined my life
"Screaming, yelling  / i'm so sick of this shit  / Can't..."
High Peace (need a better title)
"Tears fall  / Hopes and dreams shatter  / The physical ..."
so Alone
"I hate being alone  / But I have no choice  / My friend..."
A Reason to Live
"I sit here in the dark  / I need some booze  / I need s..."
"your knife on my wrist  / your voice in my mind  / your..."
This Can't Be Me
"Your fat, your ugly, your stupid they say.  / Yea, i know. I look..."
im not scared anymore
"i grab a blade  / i grab a knife  / wanna watch me ta..."
I'm alone
"I'm so alone now  / I pushed every one away  / starting..."
"just when things seem better  / it all changes  / back ..."
....and it ended with tears
"it started with a smile  / everything seemed allright  /&nbs..."
Let's Make A Memory
"Let's make a memory  / Just you and me  / Let's do some..."
identically opposite
"You say we're too different  / to me that's okay  / you..."
my emotions took control
"enchanted by his eyes  / i could not see  / the man so ..."
You built me up to tear me down
"You built me up  / then you tore me down  /   /&nb..."
"Do you know who i am?  / I don't think you do  / Im you..."
until he walks away
"Chills run down my spine as he smiles at me  / That amazing smile..."
i'll stay alive for you
"i'll hold on and i won't let go  / you'll have to help me  /..."
10 slashes
"one for the anger  / two for the pain  / three because ..."
It's too late
"The sirens wail  / As her family cries  / She had so mu..."
My Friend, My Sister, My Angel
"Life was always hard for me  / Nothing about me was right  /..."
I wish i could help her
"She changed so much these past years  / she's tougher now  ..."
tears on my pillow ( plz read and fb)
"she wakes up in the morning  / tears dried on her face  /&nb..."
i just want some one to care (really short)
"caring never helped  / trying never cured  / all i can ..."
killing me inside
"I love him  / he loves her  /   / he's the on..."
as my soul fades away
"if i walked away  / would you follow me and say  / i lo..."
i know what i did
"The day i first saw you  / i felt like i was flying  / ..."
she never uttered a word
"what happened to the sweet innocent girl?  / the one who allways ..."
what have i become?
"when i was a kid  / i didn't understand this world  / p..."
Can you hear me? ((plz read!))
"lost once again  / in a forest of pain  / one tree afte..."
a game in my mind
"his smile,  / i can never forget  / his eyes,  /&n..."
fighting this demon
"Take this demon  / free my soul  / death  / t..."
Falling Fast
"I close my eyes  / and start to fly  / dreaming of my s..."
encaged in this darkness (my prison)
"encaged in this darkness  / a prison of my mind  / my s..."
this mess i call life
"Tripping and stumbling  / through this mess i call a life  /..."
To Good For Hell
"blinded by reality  / stuck in dreams  / you can't see ..."
Running From The Past
"scared of life  / terrified of death  / there is no ho..."
it's too late
"she is so different  / the sparkle once in her eyes  / ..."
this animal
"the emptiness i hold inside  / left there by the tears i cried &..."
maybe i should end it now
"If life is journey then i guess i got lost  / I must have gone th..."
here for you
"I know you're hurting  / trust me, i am too  / Everyday..."
Free my pain
"Laying under the stars  / safe in your arms  / you look..."
I need you
"My empty arms reach for you  / My broken heart dies for you &nbs..."
in hell
"i know this is the end  / hell sounds like a vacation  /&nbs..."
"I sit here thinking of you  / wishing you were here  / ..."
just listen
"just listen  / idon't expect you to understand,  / i n..."
i'm not over you
"i know i said im over you  / but i still cry myself to sleep &nbs..."
i wait
"alone in the dark  / i wait  / i wait for you  /&n..."
marks on my arm
"the marks on my arm  / remind me of my past  / the past..."
from afar
"from afar i watch you  / when you walk past  / my brea..."
"like roses we are  / red and pink  / yellow and blue &n..."
"so what if i don't dress like you  / I like my clothes  /&nb..."

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