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dragonfly_girl's Stuff
This page is where you can see all of the stuff that dragonfly_girl does around the Student Center, including Journals, Casino Games, Groups, Reviews, Short Stories and more! If dragonfly_girl has done it, it'll be on this page!

Points & Rank
TOTAL POINTS:   231,108
RANK:   # 888

dragonfly_girl has taken 3 tests:

Date Test Name Your Score Test Details
May 21, 2008 Sexual Purity Test Dirty Scoundrel View Details
Feb 14, 2006 Health Test Feverish View Details
Jun 19, 2006 Political Test Left-of-Center View Details

Casino Games
dragonfly_girl has the following winning history:

Blackjack: 1 wins, total winnings at 153 chips
Scratch em off: 1 wins, total winnings at 1,740 chips

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dragonfly_girl has written 171 poems. Showing last 10:

"i can be perfection  / if the desire is strong enough  /&nbs..."
[to come hereafter]
"never give me reason to question,  / such firm faith your eyes an..."
heretical whore
"she can't run anymore  / can't find comfort in anyone elses arms ..."
into you.
"tears running down my face as they drop  / onto your warm skin. &..."
because of you.
"fever rush  / as thoughts of your hand  / brushing alon..."
neutral nothing.
"feel the rhythm of the drums  / animal hide stretched tight over ..."
the most beautiful misery.
"i am the most beautiful misery  / you have ever come across. &nbs..."
not being anymore.
"i want to vomit in  / self-disgust.  / fiery heaves, d..."
to be anymore...
"i don't want to be me anymore.  / i don't want to be me anymore. ..."
"drink from  / the cup of life  / laced with  /&nbs..."
exposed, i suppose.
"looking inward  / outward  / can anyone see  /&nbs..."
higher than this.
"i am  / burning with the fever of  / a thousand plague..."
wasn't enough
"i was doing  / what everyone else wanted.  / somehow t..."
[punish and break]
"i am desperate.  / for one small sliver of myself  / he..."
" i am trying  / the best i can  / but it falls short &..."
"cut off from  / the world.  / money does not bring happ..."
stupid, stupid girl
"i'm a stupid girl  / my past has come to haunt me  / an..."
"fake:real  / desire:disgust  / how do i know  /&nb..."
"can't show you anything on here  / without temptations luring you..."
"watching,  / eyes darting  / i can't say what's on my ..."
"longing for the beauty of  / a withered flower  / lost ..."
collection of some short haiku-type poems
"SELF IMAGE:  /   / size fives  / falling off ..."
"where did you go...  / besides in the same room  / slee..."
hurt myself pretty-any fb would rock...not sure if i like how i organized it.
"home is lonely when  / it's all that surround you  / da..."
"i am the epitamy of  / imperfection.  / milky white &nb..."
bleeding honey
"cover me in fire  / i tear apart the trees,  / the leav..."
love as a game
"exhaustion ravages my body  / i'm too tired to lay down  /&n..."
just stop....(about myself)
"shut up  / shut UP!  / can't you see that  / ..."
[just one more]
"just one cut...  / you'll feel much better  / bleed out..."
monsters in my closet
"mommy...  / theres a monster in my closet  / he tells m..."
"stigmata in the mind  / bleeding like a christ  / yell ..."
i am the bringer...
"i am two  / melded into one  / i am pain  / d..."
dead paperdoll
"it's frustrating how  / blood can taste like honey  / a..."
how i wish.
"how i wish i could cut and not bleed.  / how i wish my blinded ey..."
venting at myself...
"you worhless pile of insignificant shit.  / i hope you die on the..."
"focus on the one song to be sung.  / scream as the church bells o..."
"[flawed,scarred by self-inflicted imperfections]  / [empty, fake ..."
snake eyes
"Consequences are hard to render  / When all is not what it seemed..."
"questions arise  / on how i can be  / so  / ..."
bury these bones
"Bury these bones  / Far, far beneath the earth  / Chip ..."
all for the greater good
"deprive me  / of respect  / as i eat away  / ..."
thoughts during a marlboro...
"sitting outside  / on the porch  / smoking a cigarette ..."
"i am wonderful  / [i am worthless]  / i am song  /..."
"smashing the glass  / reflective of what  / used to be ..."
"here lie two razors  / of which one you must hold  / on..."
"breasts and car commercials  / everywhere you turn is a cheating ..."
make you hurt
"i sit here  / hurting  / wondering why  / i f..."
i am nothing
"i can't say i've ever felt  / this much despise  / for ..."
i dont write for you, i write for me
"voices beckon me  / lyrics of the poet dressed in grey  /&nb..."
everything isn't anything
"heavens doors have opened  / and i find that nothing  / ..."
the mad rantings of a tortured girl gone wrong
"Spent all my life tryiní  / Never got me nowhere  / Rou..."
"fuck my insides hurt  / i double over in pain  / it com..."
try me
"I sit in icy stone  /   / all alone  /   ..."
[dirty whore]
"substitute in me  / a new desire to live  / remove this..."
less than you.(song??? have to sit@piano to figure out and edit)
"i'm to the point of no return  / bleeding's not enough and my eye..."
too much/not enough.
"i drink too much.  / i smoke too much.  / i curse too m..."
[night drive]
"pick pick pick  / at the scabs formed from  / nights of..."
[the only one who loves me](new title)
"rocking, back and forth  / in a corner, crying  / i am ..."
extremely unfinished...had to hurry and save it...will fix later
"cold sweat dripping  / from the pores  / of the whore ..."
forbidden fornication
"tortured tresses  / curl under the pressure  / of the m..."
"  /   / the wind brings songs  / of school be..."
dirty woman
"take the bleeding apple  / from my hand  / as the sins ..."
indecisive whore.
"indecisive whore  / indecisive whore  / do you know wha..."
maybe she fucks the rosebuds...
"the maiden sits  / her secret garden is eden  / love th..."
un-narrow your mind
"I read what you all write  / there is hate in your words  /&..."
why can no one else see(it's simple, but cute)
"why can no one else see  / the sparkle in your eyes  / ..."
as i burn...not finished.
"pain  / like a disfigured jesus  / hunchback of the mas..."
worth it
"clawing at my skin  / digging flesh  / nails...deeper, ..."
agony-not finished.
"agony  / trying to breathe without you  / agony  /..."
newton's law
"decadence  / consequence  / for every action  /&nb..."
forbidden sins - not quite finished
"and only your lover would  / turn this life over  / to ..."
"sitting on the porch  / drenched in rain  / a thousand ..."
in love with jesus and the devil
"[im in love with jesus and the devil]  /   / shhhh. &nb..."
"Faucets run like  / A bloody revolution  / And  ..."
"Bitterness  / Washes up  / How it tastes like  /&n..."
you have what i can never capture
"You have what I can never capture  / It slips through my soul-str..."
citrus curves
"Citrus curves make it hard to  / Concentrate on whatís within me ..."
mirror mirror
"Mirror, mirror on the wall  / Whoís the fairest one of all?  ..."
bear no burden here
"whisper what you will in the still of this  / cold night  /&..."
tears are what dreams are made of.
"it's cold outside  / the snow stands still  / and the s..."
you can violate me, but never take my PRIDE!
"All these inner demons  / They are to get me  / As Iím ..."
ancestor's sins
"scrape away the flesh  / make me scar  / i can't be hap..."
fuck demonic nonsense
"it's 12 o'clock  / do you know where your children are?  /&n..."
"Please, take a seat  / On the steps of your Divineís altar  ..."
apocalyptic angel cloth to cut
"my arm  / a crystal intaglio  / as amber dawns look on ..."
feeding my disease
"cut, cut, cut  / i just want to bleed  / bleed out some..."
the dark poet
"the night sky is filled with  / sweet solitude  / the l..."
do i grieve that a rose bush has thorns?
"Do I grieve that a rose bush has thorns?  / Or that a thorn bush ..."
the name of the rose
"my eyes burn  / from tears uncried  / and from images b..."
poison ivy lilies
"Words break fragile souls  / As eager school children  /&nbs..."
orion's virgin bride
"How I wish that I could crucify myself  / High upon a cross  ..."
metaphoric fist of fury
"thick flesh roses make for  / bitter causes  / a fight ..."
and you shall call me...god.
"the emperor is dying  / no place is safe  / forfeit sal..."
can i be pure
"i hate how this  / never ending divide often comes  / b..."
devoid of pride
"eyes closed  / black blue grey  / all is a haze  ..."
"fascinations with fire  / the devil burns  / his empir..."
crucified to save
"forbidden touch is manna; sweet  / fulfills this dying world &nbs..."
transparent sins
"ever stand by  / a rippling mirror  / and wish you coul..."
heretics and fire......work in progress
"here is my hand to cover your mouth  / here are my fists to crus..."
"the vortex  / of pain  / is hard to locate  /&nbs..."
"force fed by christians  / brainwashed by parents  / to..."
"empty and hollow  / you love this empty shell  / of fak..."
"pain wafting faintly through the rafters  / as i long for crimson..."
tattoos and burlap
"touch  / thy lover  / as much  / as it pains ..."
i am not okay...
"i'm being ripped inside  / i know the reasons why  / th..."
to tim
"you can't know  / just how sorry i am  / and how much i..."
promise ring
"gold gleaming  / with love  / and sin  / can'..."
hiding my cuts...
"i'm laying here  / crying  / trying to clean up the blo..."
forgive me...(i need love)
"why do i feel as though  / i have to bend over backwards  /&..."
precious things
"i am surrounded  / by masterpieces rare  / i am bound &..."
"pain from my vortex  / open wide  / can't you see  ..."
love me not for what im not
"rose petals  / one by one  / precious life  / ..."
i just left my boyfriend last night...had some things to get off my chest
"the pain i felt  / writing that note  / packing up my t..."
i'm no saint, saint, saint
"Breathe  / Just breathe  / Fighting the breath  /&..."
hurt and worthless
"Iím up again  / I canít think  / And yet  / T..."
dear daddy...(a song, saying all the things i wished my family would understand.
"dreams fall  / tears shatter  / and nothing  /&nbs..."
love by definition
"LOVE-  / it consumes the SOUL  / and rips the HUMAN HEA..."
nooses hang like streamers
"Ivory kisses come  / At the most inopportune times.  / ..."
"america  / you sicken me.  / you and your capitalistic ..."
amnesia sweeps the nation
"shhhh.  / tis sunset  / the sun is dead  / th..."
faking something real...not finished-rough draft
"sometimes its hard to  / live with my disease  / im afr..."
sorry im not perfect
"i'm sorry i'm not perfect  / i'm sorry that i am sometimes  ..."
not finished...
"i hate how you make me feel so small  / i hate how you make me fe..."
a pagans prayer
"our mother  / who art in nature  / hallowed be thy name..."
"shhhhh.  /   / its coming.  /   / c..."
peel me off a sidewalk
"i feel elated  / and deflated  / all at once  /&nb..."
blackened angel
"Iím  / So tired  / Of living  /   / ..."
my unborn child
"Itís not fair  / This hurts  / I want to carry your off..."
destroy me
"the rain falls in tiny  / jagged drops against my  / co..."
cry me...
"cry me  / a thousand tears,  / burning with the pain &n..."
the tide
"i look in your eyes  / and think so much of what could have been ..."
the moon
"i caught the moon today  / it slipped right through my fingers an..."
few are the times
"Few are the times  / When all is well  / And all is wha..."
Thou hast been judged
"The end is here  / The apocalypse is now  /   /&..."
i hate my fucking job
"i sit here all alone  / crying on the floor  / twists a..."
the other lover
"temptation is  / a devilish thing  / that obsesses &nb..."
"what a relief it is  / to finally get out  / all that h..."
hush...(if you can think of a better title...help me out please!!)
"drug me detach  / me from this  / purgatory at it's fin..."
"i hate this i just want to die sometimes and it seems no matter how hard i ..."
not sure....not quite finished yet...
"i'm sorry  / i'm ugly  / cancerous  / as the ..."
i remember
"i remember his hands  / rough on my flesh  / i remember..."
IHATETHISIHATETHIS- this really is how my life is
"is it wrong to want  / so much more  / than we already ..."
"oh honey  / it's the day of love  / what do you want to..."
you won't get off your ass
"you won't get off your ass  / so i took the iniative  / ..."
thoughts at walgreens
"i went to the drugstore  / to buy me a box  / as if hap..."
i'll have to ask you when i see you
"when angels fall  / eoes it make you cry?  / or do you ..."
"when i sit and think about life  / i realize that it is all just ..."
Blasphemy...lyrics to my screaming rage song..a la 'Kittie'
"*note before reading...the words that are capitalized are the ones that wou..."
my true life account with rape(repost since i mispelled somethings)
"a part of me was lost that night  / as conspiracy took my long lo..."
just being alive.
"hate the cycle  / don't hate the maker  / it's all just..."
there is so much...
"There is so much  / Emptiness, hurt, anger, confusion  /&nbs..."
second chances
"I try and try  / Only to find that it is  / Never good ..."
hurt me once
"Hurt me once  / Hurt me twice  / Makes you feel good &n..."
bug on the windshield
"And itís hard  / Just to breathe  / When the pain  ..."
take you down with me...
"call off these dragons that  / threaten to slay me  / b..."
far from grace and loneliness
"i can never repair any of these things  / i can never fix anythin..."
i'm sick...but i need my disease
"Never questioned  / Never answered  / Never caring &nbs..."
blood is on the barrel
"why am i here?  / why all these things?  / am i losing ..."
call me not by name
"You think that you can classify me / You think that you can categ..."
"I can scarce find the words / To describe your presence in my lif..."
"Redefine / Reconstruct / Redesign / Renovate&..."
makes me want to be with you(unfinished)
"Youíre better off having never seen / What is behind those closed..."
to be what is me...
"My life has / Come so far down this / mountainside ..."
love can cure
"oh these tears, they burn / like a thousand miles of fire /&..."
angel ashes
"Images flash / In my head / It hurts / Just t..."
"I try so hard to / Resuscitate what is now dead within me /&..."
i've come to find...
"ive come to find / bitter happiness, this life of mine /&nbs..."
"i am formless / but i feel / all the burning questions&..."
a run in with god
"fragile / delicate / break glass and my tears shatter&n..."
"hold me close / and never let me go / protect me from t..."
"i can't run from this / everywhere i turn it's all&nb..."

dragonfly_girl has written 3 reviews. Showing last 10 reviews:

Otep: "Otep-definitely something to listen to if you are into..."
Otep: "The latest album from this quartet of chaos. Defintely a..."
Saw: "I, personally, hated the movie. I LOVED the plot, the ideas..."

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