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dinowino's Stuff
This page is where you can see all of the stuff that dinowino does around the Student Center, including Journals, Casino Games, Groups, Reviews, Short Stories and more! If dinowino has done it, it'll be on this page!

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dinowino's Journal
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February 22, 2005, i hate myself "i hate myself for everything i had said to this on kid i am..."
November 5, 2004, never hatd my slef for somehti "it was just the othre day when my friend told my bf that i..."
August 26, 2004, school "i cant wait any longer i am going to blow cuz schools going..."
August 12, 2004, pissed "i hate this people from my school some how got my name and..."
July 29, 2004, dang "dang its already aug. where the hell has summer went i hate..."
July 9, 2004, i have never "i ahve never had this much fun in like for ever. after my..."
July 9, 2004, my mom again "i hate this y dose my mom have to live so far away from..."
June 20, 2004, school "yes i cant wait intill june 24 cuz i have no more school i..."
June 17, 2004, i hate being single "do u hate being single i do it sucks ass well at least i..."
June 20, 2004, my mom "this is had to deal with now its 3 times i have moved i..."

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dinowino has written 12 poems. Showing last 10:

"So many words to describe my old best frined.  / Scarry, Nice, Di..."
"So many words for him.  / Nice, Sweet, Weiord, Cute, and so many ..."
Middle School
"Only three years  / 39 teachers  / 9 periods a day &nbs..."
"Over the school year they start to know you.  / But the year afte..."
"There are so many ways to explane why  / Like why are people so m..."
"What is life all about?  / Arent we suppose to  /  &n..."
"Whats is love?  / I dont know i am a fread to  / thin..."
Dont know/ wish i did thought
"I dont know what it is.  / It feels like i am lossing all my frie..."
"Friends are suppose to be there for you.  / It feels like ther ar..."
Poplar people/ Preps
"I rather be popler than be a prep.  / preps are just stuck up bit..."
Be your self
"Don't try and be something your not.  / Being your self is not as..."
"Slibings are so annoying  / Why do we have to have em?  /&nb..."

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Short Stories
dinowino has written the following short stories:

moms party: this is wut had happend on my moms brithday but iots really cool

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