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cuttiepie125's Stuff
This page is where you can see all of the stuff that cuttiepie125 does around the Student Center, including Journals, Casino Games, Groups, Reviews, Short Stories and more! If cuttiepie125 has done it, it'll be on this page!

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TOTAL POINTS:   58,055
RANK:   # 4,851

cuttiepie125 has taken 1 tests:

Date Test Name Your Score Test Details
Jan 04, 2006 Non-Sexual Purity Test Middle Man View Details

cuttiepie125 has written 28 poems. Showing last 10:

Love is
"love is the greatest feeling  / love is like a play  /&nbs..."
Help Me
"I hear your loud screaming  / As i scramble under my duvet. &nbs..."
How can I say I love ya?
"Every time your near me  / every time you smile at me  /&n..."
Undecided Title
"He likes his top back and his stacks high  / His jokes are never ..."
Somebody Should Have Tought Him
"I went to a birthday party  / but i remember what you said.  ..."
Stranger in the Mirror
"Lookin' at the person in front of me I think  / what  /&nbs..."
The Playboy&The Bunny
"Sex is good,  / Sex is fine.  / Doggystyle,  /&..."
For you
"If I had but one life to live,  / I would spend it with you. &n..."
Late-Night Talk
"His name came up  / On the caller ID  / At ecactly &nbs..."
That Girl~
"You blinded me with your words  / Words that I wanted to hear &..."
Just Because
"Back when we were together,  / Back when everything was fine &nb..."
Perfect one
"He stands outside her window  / Throwing rock and singing to her..."
Letter to him
"  /   / kissing is a habit  / fucking is a g..."
"A girl wrote a letter to her boyfriend and signed it mother when he asked w..."
His little girls grave
"  / he cries by the grave  / the grave laughs back &..."
just say goodbye
"I don't have time/ to listen to you lie/ so please  /   /&n..."
"Why do I still love you, when you don't even care?  / How can I ..."
Its over
"You had you chance but you blew it. I can't wait until Tuesday out of sight..."
~ ++++++++IT"S OVER DONT WANT YOU BACK++++++
"Arms stretched out  / lying on the bed.  / I got a mi..."
You hurt me so bad
"You don't know how much pain I went through,  / just to hold you..."
Can't take it Anymore
"I still love you  / I stil care  /   / But w..."
Missing You :
"I've been living my alone  / trying to get you out of my life &..."
true love never dies
"True love never dies  /   / If you need me, how can you..."
I Changed
"I changed they said,  / Lost control, that i was scheming whore, ..."
Dear Daddy
"Dear Daddy  / I'm sorry I'm no longer your Angel  / N..."
it's tough to be a teenager
"It?s tough to be a teenager  /   / It?s tough to be a ..."
"as i look into his eye  / and found his longing stare  /&nb..."
The last note
"I can't go on living this lie wearing a mask and trying not to cry just wal..."

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