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bullsonparade's Stuff
This page is where you can see all of the stuff that bullsonparade does around the Student Center, including Journals, Casino Games, Groups, Reviews, Short Stories and more! If bullsonparade has done it, it'll be on this page!

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bullsonparade's Journal
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February 16, 2005, pretty happy "Man it is a mixed up world. But god got me through all the..."
February 10, 2005, today "ok so anyway now that my rant is over. Today wasnt too bad..."
February 10, 2005, been a while... "fucking depression. pisses me off. i hate all thes fucking..."
February 5, 2005, Humdrum life "I wish my life had more turns than it does. I wish i had..."
February 2, 2005, Good Day "i feel kinda bad right now. Even though today was great i..."
January 31, 2005, good day "well today was fun. Jana and danielle came over but we..."
January 30, 2005, shweeeeeet "Today was good. I didn't do anything spectacular. but..."
January 29, 2005, I feel a lot better and... "I think it might last. I talked to my uncle today. Man he..."
January 29, 2005, Just clearing things up "I just wanted to write this so people can understand whats..."
January 28, 2005, Ironic eh? "I find it completely ironic that the day i decide to start..."

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bullsonparade has written 5 poems. Showing last 10:

"I wrote it, bearing my heart.  / I love her,she is so smart. &nb..."
"It comes,  / Silently,  / Swiftly,  / ever so..."
"Is death really so bad? / Should we really want to live? /&n..."
"I see her, and my eyes want to water. / Shes the most beautiful t..."
A Hug
"I close my eyes, and then i wait. / This knife in my hand, decide..."

bullsonparade has written 3 reviews. Showing last 10 reviews:

AVP: Alien Vs. Predator: "Pretty darn good movie. I had such a high expectation for..."
Mean Girls: "Pretty decent movie. The plot was the normal plot of any..."
Girl Next Door, The: "This movie is by far my favorite movie of the year. It is..."

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