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ariesrock1's Stuff
This page is where you can see all of the stuff that ariesrock1 does around the Student Center, including Journals, Casino Games, Groups, Reviews, Short Stories and more! If ariesrock1 has done it, it'll be on this page!

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ariesrock1 has written 28 poems. Showing last 10:

Eskimos gone extinct in a plastic world.(Please tag me on my stuff...Thanks:)
"Lets all be naive.  / Plastic people will run our lives.  /&..."
"priceless canvas"***please rate!
" I was confined within white walls  /  and my heart became blinde..."
"frozen pictures" ***please RATE! :)
"My cigarette hangs  / from the corner of my mouth  / a..."
"drunken stream of conciousness***rate my poems!"
"where am I?  / I love you.  / How far can I go?  /..."
"fallen angel"
"Free me from these things  / that I have done,  / I w..."
"reflections in the hour glass"
"I see myself crying  / reflections inside the hour glass  /&..."
"smoking romance"
"smoking romance  / inhaling sensuality  / blowing out t..."
"flashing eyes" ***please read my stuff"
"desire shines it's red rays  / directly in the path of the weak &..."
will someone please rate my stuff!!! :)
"Please read, rate, or give me some feedback...I'll do the same...."
"changing lenses"
"Amazing how much you learn in a day  / or what you finally see. &..."
"Eskimos gone extinct"
"  / Lets all be naive.  / Plastic people will run our l..."
"the irony of charades"
"Why did we continue those charades,  / going nowhere, going absol..."
"ill fortune with a twist"
"whimsical tales  / dragging from torn page to torn page  /&n..."
"Gravity wounds"
"Stop gravity from working,  / I'm sick of falling.  / B..."
ice cold used glass
"Crying for something honest  / Shedding teardrops like condensati..."
"change the rounds of gravity"
"Stop gravity from working, / I'm sick of falling. /&nb..."
"Tortured Green seas waiting for the signal"
"She walks to the mirror / looks inside / hopes to find ..."
ill fortune with a twist
"whimsical tales / dragging from torn page to torn page /&nbs..."
Start from scratch (please rate/tag me!)
"I question everything, / it's a character flaw. / ..."
Heart lost in a cycle that won't stop (please rate & tag)
"Deep Glares / I hate the stares / don't look at m..."
Just a glimpse of light will do.
"sadness consumes my inner most / thoughts of darkness. /&nbs..."
The Irony of charades.
"Why did we continue those charades, / going nowhere, going absolu..."
wrong end of the telescope
"Amazing how much you learn in a day / or what you finally see.&nb..."
Give it a thought.
"Found in your heart / Lost in your eyes / Vast in mind&..."
cut the net and free yourself.
"Caught in a night / let yourself out / cut this net you..."
torn down only to be built back up.
"Fear finally turned to hope that night. I grew / wings, I was rea..."
Fear is such a pathetic disease.
"My throbbing pulses, Beat after beat, like punch  / after punch. ..."
keep it clean
"My senses numb / too much at once / My heart can only p..."

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