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SweetButterflyKiss's Stuff
This page is where you can see all of the stuff that SweetButterflyKiss does around the Student Center, including Journals, Casino Games, Groups, Reviews, Short Stories and more! If SweetButterflyKiss has done it, it'll be on this page!

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RANK:   # 8,660

SweetButterflyKiss's Journal
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December 26, 2003, Trapt Prt. 13 "(Continued...) Against her will, Noree begain to..."
December 26, 2003, Trapt Prt. 12 "(Continued...) Jeremy continued to rub her and she..."
December 26, 2003, Trapt Prt. 11 "(Continued...) Looking at her small body on the..."
December 26, 2003, Trapt Prt. 10 "(Continued...) "What's the matter, Kitten?" Jeremy..."
December 26, 2003, Trapt Prt. 9 "(Continued...) "Kiley, you may go tend the other..."
December 26, 2003, Trapt Prt. 8 "(Continued...) Noree stood there numbly and he..."
December 26, 2003, Trapt Prt. 7 "(Continued...) Jeremy walked over to her and ran a..."
December 26, 2003, Trapt Prt. 6 "(continued...) Feeling dizzy, Noree sat up slowly...."
December 26, 2003, Trapt Prt. 15 "(Continued...) "Oooh Kitten," Jeremy spoke gently..."
December 11, 2003, Gotta Luv Stupidity "Arent people just some of the greatest creatures?.....Not...."

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SweetButterflyKiss has written 18 poems. Showing last 10:

Inspired By A Mother
"She'll give you the clothes off her back / And the food off..."
Killed The Yearn
"I feel so dirty, so unclean / Becoming what you told me not to be..."
About HIM
"It's the way he makes me laugh /  / And the way h..."
Anything But
"I cover my ears in hopes of avoiding your pain / I'll liste..."
Let Go
"I already said I'm sorry / I'll say it once more ..."
"If I tell you once / I can't tell you again / I&#..."
About YOU
"All you talk about is your great despair / How youre in so much d..."
Hell's Suicide
"Thee eternal hell? / It lies here / Here is alone ..."
"A million words I wrote for every tear I couldnt  / cry  /&n..."
One More
"Please, just one more night for you to hold me / One more day to ..."
I Love You
""I love you." Oh how I hate those three words so / &#..."
"I'm falling /  / Slowly falling down a dark drain..."
Before I
"I didn't let you go becuz I wanted to /  / I let ..."
Free Heart
"I luv you but I know what I've done / So I must tell you, I..."
"The sun rises and sets on the best years of our  / lives  /&..."
Nature Poem
"Your arms are like a blanket that wraps warm and  / tight around ..."
Seeing Only You
"I can piture you holding her hand / And my heart...it breaks just..."
Dance With Me
"Sitting next to you in the bed / Trying to figure out whats in yo..."

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