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PasychoSheep's Stuff
This page is where you can see all of the stuff that PasychoSheep does around the Student Center, including Journals, Casino Games, Groups, Reviews, Short Stories and more! If PasychoSheep has done it, it'll be on this page!

Points & Rank
TOTAL POINTS:   959,174
RANK:   # 138

PasychoSheep has taken 2 tests:

Date Test Name Your Score Test Details
Feb 24, 2006 Extreme Sex Test Rated NC-17 View Details
Feb 10, 2006 Health Test Health Nut View Details

PasychoSheep's Journal
39 entries
2,714 hits

August 5, 2004, Duuuude this is so cool "Wow...new journals rock...and given the track record of..."
July 19, 2004, What is wrong with me? Really "I'm so fucking depressed right now...I don't even know why..."
June 15, 2004, Poem "Worthless I walk onward Speaking tongues of dust In..."
June 2, 2004, Wow...long time... "Hmm...they've gotten considerebly more picture options..."
February 2, 2003, What valentine? "Okay, pity party alert... I am certifiably bummed out. ..."
January 14, 2003, No freezie!! "Finally, I manage to make it to my diary without my comp..."
January 11, 2003, Bla... "Bored....so bored...so very very bored.... Um, what's..."
January 3, 2003, Break ups suck "Ashlee and I broke up on new years. we basically agreed..."
March 9, 2003, Last Entry "This is my last entry in this particular online diary. I'm..."
December 24, 2002, AUGH!!!!! "I had a seven freakin hour shift at shop rite today. Ugh. ..."

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