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MiNNi16's Stuff
This page is where you can see all of the stuff that MiNNi16 does around the Student Center, including Journals, Casino Games, Groups, Reviews, Short Stories and more! If MiNNi16 has done it, it'll be on this page!

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TOTAL POINTS:   32,116
RANK:   # 9,297

MiNNi16 has taken 1 tests:

Date Test Name Your Score Test Details
Dec 16, 2005 Non-Sexual Purity Test Middle Man View Details

MiNNi16 has written 53 poems. Showing last 10:

how? ( will just ONE person plz leave fdback?)
"I tried. And I failed. This ship has sailed. From my heart. I feel the same..."
Change(fdback plz!!)
"Now I donít know  / If this will change your mind  / Bu..."
All I've Got(feedback please*)
"I donít know where to start  / All in the matter of my heart &nbs..."
where i belong(fdback please!!)
"Iíve been sitting here  / Waiting for so long  / Search..."
i tried(fdback plz)
"I tried so hard  / And I thought it was working  / Now..."
"Should I Give This To My Best Friend Or No???  /   / Dr..."
Help Me(fdback plz)
"I really wanna give this to my best friend but i dont know if i should..its..."
normal(lol fdback plz)
"i was so high when i wrote this so if it makes no sense thats why..sorry bu..."
normal(lol fdback plz)
"i was so high when i wrote this so if it makes no sense thats why..sorry bu..."
my friends(fdback plz)
"This poem is a lil messed up...this is just about my friends b.c. i cant sa..."
lees poem
"my friend lee has been thru some shit and this poem is for him..i love him ..."
not worth it(fdback plz)
"U aint worth all this time  / Just dying to make u mine  /&n..."
untrue love(fdback plz)
"To dave, after all the hurt, i still love you, now only if i knew why... &n..."
Cut(fdback please)
"The blood is spilling. After this killing. I feel innocent. But I feel equa..."
Long Gone **Feedback PLease!**
"Time after time  / And day after day  / I find that Iím..."
finding myself **fdback please:)**
"Sitting up.  / Itís 6 a.m.  / Just watching T.V.  ..."
"Man I donít know  / What did you do?  / We never had ..."
have a nice fuckin day (fdback plz)
"So everyone wants to know  / What the hells the matter with me ..."
"I just realized Iím crazy for you!  / What do I do?  / ..."
fallen(feedback please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) sorry posted twice
"Losing my grip on the world  / Thought Iíd finally had control &n..."
"Losing my grip on the world  / Thought Iíd finally had control &n..."
4 very good friends (a stoner sotry poem) **FEEDBACK**
"This is the story of 4 very true friends  / And all the others w..."
"Iíve thought about things for so long that all my answers are the same. Not..."
"As I tried to hold  / The pain inside  / I knew that it..."
without you im nothin (for dee)
"I know things have gotten hard  / And times are really rough &nbs..."
rough days
"Its been a rough day. Everythingís falling apart. Seems like little shit is..."
lost little girl
"I am a lost little girl in my own little world.  / I am in a crow..."
"Mirrors. Shattered pieces of my life. Broken and scattered across my soul. ..."
"I close the door  / I sit on the floor  / Drag the blad..."
"I finally realize that my life is not so bad. There are people out there st..."
because....(dont laugh)
"It looks like I found love But it sucks. And love doesnít want to love me b..."
fallin in love
"Here is my heart  / Youíre breaking it more  / Leaving ..."
all i want
"I walked around pissed  / For answers I shrugged  / And..."
I wanna know
"Thereís something I want to know.  / Can you feel It?  /&nb..."
"I cant breathe.  / I cant speak.  / There are secrets...."
F*CK!!!!!!!(fdbck plz)
"All right one questionÖwhat the fuck is your problem?ÖWhy are u acting lik..."
this life-for my mother(fdback plz)
"How could words / Begin to describe / How I feel /..."
"This pen to paper / Should spill my thoughts / But its ..."
I Wish(feedback plz)
"Well I cant think of the words to describeÖmaybe  / its better to..."
Untitled(*fdbck plz!!)
"A cool breeze in the sweltering sun. / Holding back tears for the..."
just how i feel :(
"When you went Iíd wish I said The things That my  / heart was tel..."
"Youíre gone / And I finally realize / Itís over /&..."
" / Iím wondering / What am I doing here? / Dr..."
Lifes A Game(lemme know)
"There are things in this world / That are to hard to break /..."
Did I ever? (lemme know)
"I walked away / I had nothing to say / Except whatís on..."
Whatever(lemme know what you think)
"Now that Iím older / I finally see / That this is somew..."
"I wake up and / I donít see your car. / I donít know wh..."
In Love With You
"I know that I shouldnít / Cry over you / There is a mil..."
~Hottie~(lemme kno what you think)
"I donít get it / Seriously / Who is hotter than me?&nbs..."
I Regret(*comments please!*)
"Fighting myself / Inside my head / All the times /..."
Dirt(*lemme kno if ya likes*)
"This shit / Its gotta quit / Mad smack / Has ..."
Somethin'(*lemme kno what you think*)
"Sometimes I donít know / What to say / Or what to do&nb..."
Nobody Sees It(lemme knowwhat you think*)
"Whats wrong with me / Can nobody see / The pain i feel&..."

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