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LeXxX's Stuff
This page is where you can see all of the stuff that LeXxX does around the Student Center, including Journals, Casino Games, Groups, Reviews, Short Stories and more! If LeXxX has done it, it'll be on this page!

Points & Rank
TOTAL POINTS:   181,106
RANK:   # 1,205

LeXxX has taken 4 tests:

Date Test Name Your Score Test Details
Nov 20, 2009 Non-Sexual Purity Test Middle Man View Details
Feb 09, 2010 Health Test Sniffly View Details
Mar 04, 2009 Political Test Left-of-Center View Details
Sep 24, 2009 Movie Junkie Test Dumb and Dumber View Details

Date Quiz Name Score
March 4, 2009 1960's General Knowledge 44%

LeXxX has written 41 poems. Showing last 10:

Hi, my name is Heroin
"Do you have pain  / And can no longer stand the grief  /&nbs..."
Sleeping with a broken heart
"When sleeping with a broken heart  / Waking up is the hardest par..."
I saw her pull the trigger...
"I saw her pull the trigger  / I saw the blood spatter against the..."
It's that girl...**
"Its that girl who is cheerleading captain  / The one you wish you..."
i died alone....
"I raised the gun to my head  / And pulled sharply with my finger ..."
I am already gone
"You call out my name  / In times of despair  / And even..."
Amongst the fallen buildings and spilt blood
"I see broken buildings all around  / I hear screams of people wai..."
!If Only You Could Have Saved Me!
"If only you knew how to save me  / And hold me tight tonight &nbs..."
Together We Died Alone...
"We were at the beach  / Just us three  / Mum and dad we..."
I am a girl...
"I am a daughter hiding all her tears  / I am a girl not showing a..."
You are somehow always here
"Tears fall from my cheeks  / But you are here to catch them  ..."
He loves me but I love you
"I see how you look at her  / And my heart only weakens  /&nb..."
A dead and innocent soul
"I grip the knife so tightly  / White bursts from my hand  /&..."
Stupid Little Girl...
"Little girl you are so dumb  / Little girl you did it wrong  ..."
Attempts at suicide
"She was getting ready to jump,  / But her legs just wouldnt move...."
the girl without a face
"She used to live a life  / Full of love and embrase  / ..."
Death in a Childs Eyes
"Why did you leave me,  / When all was going so well.  / ..."
Crimson Violence
"Crimson seeped from your wounds,  / And tears poured from my soul..."
Shadowed Love Forever to Bloom
"We used to float together,  / Along the shimmering sand.  /&..."
My Sick Little Love Game
"I hold the knife to your neck,  / The pain I feel pulsing in my h..."
Wasted wishes in a starless sky
""I" cannot stop my heart from crying,  / and it "W..."
Learn From My Stupidity
"What happened to her life,  / She wondered once it had ended? &nb..."
Bleeding Lemon
"Your evil twisted fears,  / Caused the lemon to bleed sour tears...."
Until the end you will break me
"Everytime I walk by you,  / You turn the other way.  / ..."
Silently Weeping
"I am falling.  / Falling fast.  / Falling.  / ..."
Loves True Identity
"Love is blind,  / Love is pure.  / Love is an infecting..."
I Literally Cut Out My Heart
"From the moment I saw you,  / My heart was filled with love. &nbs..."
Just Another Dumb Suicide
"It's ok, you don't have to read anymore,  / A life was lost, but ..."
Death is on it's way
"Mum please don't give up,  / Your life, it's worth fighting for. ..."
Dad is Gone
"I can't see you smile,  / And it burns my heart.  / Why..."
I Will Smile Once You Suffer
"What you did to me,  / Makes the nightmares everything I see. &nb..."
Self Destruction
"I wake up,  / I loathe who I am.  / I look in the mirro..."
My silent screams from your Abuse
"I silently took your pain and rage,  / Was beaten and locked insi..."
Cherry Drawn Lips
"I swallow the sun,  / Each absorbing ray stored.  / I f..."
Echoes of a lover's Cry (Please give feedback)
"A lost vacant stare,  / No-one to lose, love or care.  /&nbs..."
Sharp Crystal Ire
"The fury boils my blood,  / Wretches from my soul.  / S..."
I love you, But you killed me
"I wrote a letter to my love and on the way i dropped it.  / You s..."
Do My Screams Disturb You?
"I am the screams you hear at night,  / The howls that give you a ..."
Death's Song
"I guess I was never ready,  / The dying sun suddenly woke me, &nb..."
Breathing Air
"I stand there in retrospect...  / The question reflects off every..."
It's Too Late
"The feeling of distrust and betrayal,  / Burns right through my s..."

Short Stories
LeXxX has written the following short stories:

Starving for Perfection: Dedicated to everyone that suffers from an eating disorder <3

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