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Jamesfreejames's Stuff
This page is where you can see all of the stuff that Jamesfreejames does around the Student Center, including Journals, Casino Games, Groups, Reviews, Short Stories and more! If Jamesfreejames has done it, it'll be on this page!

Points & Rank
TOTAL POINTS:   422,600
RANK:   # 392

Jamesfreejames has taken 5 tests:

Date Test Name Your Score Test Details
Jun 09, 2012 Non-Sexual Purity Test Saint View Details
Jun 13, 2012 A.D.D. Test Drooler View Details
Jun 08, 2012 Health Test Sniffly View Details
Jun 08, 2012 Movie Junkie Test Renaissance Man View Details
Jun 06, 2012 The Success Test Manager View Details

My journal
58 entries
4,265 hits

January 1, 2013, What's one new year resolution "What's one new year resolution ? Answer:mystic Galaxy..."
October 31, 2012, Lucky "Today is October31 ,Halloween POINT WHEEL Yeah baby..."
October 21, 2012, The Profession,Academic Field "In most profession and academic fields imagination more..."
October 19, 2012, Own Or Group Decisions "College student---and people in general prefer to follow..."
October 17, 2012, The Present Serve The Future "Any decision--- whether made by government,by a..."
October 17, 2012, History Teaches Us And Other "History teaches us only one thing knowing about the past..."
October 15, 2012, Major Policy Decisions "Major policy decisions should always be left to politicians..."
October 13, 2012, The word hunt:zeugma "I have completed the word hunt:zeugma ,on October13 , 299..."
October 11, 2012, Responsibility "Educational institutions have a reponsibility to dissuade..."
October 10, 2012, Decision "Decision can be made quickly ,or they can be made after..."

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Casino Games
Jamesfreejames has the following winning history:

Scratch em off: 7 wins, total winnings at 161,125 chips
Slots: 19 wins, total winnings at 6,364,420 chips
Video Poker: 15 wins, total winnings at 3,069,725 chips

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