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Darkness_prevails's Stuff
This page is where you can see all of the stuff that Darkness_prevails does around the Student Center, including Journals, Casino Games, Groups, Reviews, Short Stories and more! If Darkness_prevails has done it, it'll be on this page!

Points & Rank
TOTAL POINTS:   191,974
RANK:   # 1,119

Darkness_prevails has taken 2 tests:

Date Test Name Your Score Test Details
Sep 27, 2010 Political Test Right-of-Center View Details
Dec 26, 2010 Movie Junkie Test The Wizard View Details

Darkness_prevails has written 43 poems. Showing last 10:

It Shall Be You
"  /   / Eyes filled with fire.  / -- Hell-fir..."
"I am human.  / A complacent power flows freely  / throu..."
Long After
"Long after the last time our lips locked,  / Long after you left..."
A Deadly Match (Feedback certainly appreciated)
"Across the table, his able hands move deftly.  / His eyes starin..."
Triumphant Roses (Feedback appreciated)
"The rallying cry rises and wavers.  / Triumphant roses ripped apa..."
The Great Gate of Death
"The great ancient gate of death  / silently swings open to let m..."
Words of death and demise (Comments welcome)
"Whispers wander wildly from his lips  / like wisps of smoke from..."
My Coffee Cup
"A coffee cup quietly sits on the desk.  / Steam sailing to the ce..."
I am alone
"I am alone.  / All those who have  / loved me have lef..."
Dark Places (Comments welcome)
"There is a place where the moon is blacked out  / Where those tha..."
Ripples of Revolution
"Ripples of revolution reverberate through  / the nation like the..."
Suddenly Awake
"I wake with a start  / expecting your elegant arms  / t..."
Horrid Holidays
"Gross green Christmas trees  / grow into every household  /..."
Final Lamentation (Feedback appreciated)
"Many thoughts I have thrown  / your way. Hoping that you have hel..."
These Knives
"These knives!  / These knives, These sharpened knives  /&nbs..."
City Lights
"The city lights shine bright.  / The lights! Oh! The lights  ..."
A Snapshot of You (Feedback appreciated)
"Every place I look,  / I see you there  / Every time I ..."
The Girl from Ohio (Feedback appreciated)
"A girl from Ohio  / has held my heart hostage  / with h..."
The Forgotten Savior (Feedback appreciated)
"He sees life as a murky mad world  / Failing to see the beauty bu..."
Oh How Sad
"Oh how very sad this life of me.  / Filled with doom and drained ..."
Tranquil Skies (Comments welcome)
"Above lays the tranquil sky,  / Unchanging as my eyes arrive, &nb..."
They Say (Feedback welcome)
"They say love is a splendid thing.  / But love lingers and stings..."
The Necessity for Night (Feedback appreciated)
"The sun burns bright with the flaming  / fire of passionate pain ..."
Funeral for the Forgotten (Feedback welcome)
"The cold casket sits silently  / close to the cross above the alt..."
Crime Scene (Comments welcome)
"Waves wash against the beautiful beach.  / Clouds bleach blots of..."
Love.. Betrayed (Feedback always welcome)
"Stones hail down on me like a barrage.  / As if condemned to dea..."
Simple Nature (Comments welcome)
"The green grass grows on the great hill  / that one will see outs..."
Destructive Love (comments welcome)
"Eyes down, as if peering into the depths of hell  / Feet cemented..."
Love : separated (Comments always welcome)
"Many miles separate us  / The seas rage between us  / M..."
The Assassin
"He crouches quietly,  / eyes closed slightly,  / palms ..."
Terrible Beauty (Feedback appreciated)
"A cold wind rushes past.  / At my feet, leaves dance with a piece..."
"Our lives will be forgotten  / Our bodies downtrodden  /&nbs..."
Carpe Omnis (Feedback is appreciated)
"It is morning.  / I wake up.  / This is not the time fo..."
The End (Feedback always appreciated)
"My heart racing  / My eyes pacing  / Looking for the on..."
"I am alone  / The sounds of the crowd around me drone,  /&nb..."
Cries of the hopeless (Comments are welcome)
"The light is fading  / there is no light..  / there is ..."
Are We Fated?
"When a person is willfully Created,  / a soul is hopefully fated ..."
The meaning of agony (comments always welcome)
"Agony is something I tried to avoid  / Looking for something else..."
The General (feedback always appreciated)
"There he stands as the clock strikes ten.  / In this foreign land..."
The Path of Life
"The path of life splits here.  / You can go left and face your f..."
Light vs. Darkness. The Eternal Strife. (Comments always appreciated)
"Darkness vs. Light  / The seemingly eternal fight.  / T..."
Flipside of Life. (Rate and comment if you want)
"Sometimes life is not fair.  / It makes you want to rip out your..."
Love and tragedy (feedback always appreciated)
"I once met this person Whose home is not far  / He was never laug..."

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