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CuTe_StEpHy's Stuff
This page is where you can see all of the stuff that CuTe_StEpHy does around the Student Center, including Journals, Casino Games, Groups, Reviews, Short Stories and more! If CuTe_StEpHy has done it, it'll be on this page!

Points & Rank
TOTAL POINTS:   169,412
RANK:   # 1,334

CuTe_StEpHy has taken 9 tests:

Date Test Name Your Score Test Details
Feb 16, 2006 Non-Sexual Purity Test Middle Man View Details
Mar 26, 2008 Sexual Purity Test Needs a Bath View Details
Aug 10, 2008 Psycho Family Test The Partridge Family View Details
Nov 16, 2006 Extreme Sex Test Rated NC-17 View Details
Apr 13, 2008 Health Test Sniffly View Details
Aug 10, 2008 Job Test Clock Watcher View Details
Apr 13, 2008 Movie Junkie Test Average Joe View Details
Aug 10, 2008 Computer Addict Test Light User View Details
Apr 13, 2008 The Success Test CEO View Details

Date Quiz Name Score
November 7, 2008 USA Presidents Quiz 1 12%
November 7, 2008 1960's General Knowledge 28%

BlahBlahBlah Stephanie's journal
7 entries
563 hits
"blah lol this is stephanie lol i am bored lol haha well yea this is my journal"

May 15, 2005, boo "i dont know what to..."
March 29, 2005, The Day Before My Trip "Ok its the day before i go to Washington D.c. im sooo..."
March 23, 2005, First Day of Spring Break "all i did was sleep (haha..."
March 22, 2005, Day of School-Spring Break "Its the last full day of school before spring break and..."
March 21, 2005, The weekend of the party "Well here is how this weekend went Friday- The day..."
January 27, 2005, Janurary 27th, 2005 "hey people whats up? not much here i dont knwo what to tell..."
December 7, 2004, The Days of Happiness "Ok this is my journal haha yea i know im a loser haha NOT..."

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CuTe_StEpHy has written 15 poems. Showing last 10:

Come Home
"I miss you so much  / I miss your simple touch  / Just ..."
I actually found you
"I actually found a guy  / That isnt going to make me cry  /&..."
Why does it matter?
"Why do you care  / If anyone stares?  / Their not part ..."
Baby I Love You
"I miss the good old days  / I guess that was just a phase  /..."
Look Mom
"I dont want to be here anymore  / Nothing is like the way it was ..."
"tupid bitch  / You make me twitch  / You treat me like ..."
what the fuck went wrong (please leave feedback)
"Why couldn't I have taken my last breath yesterday morning  / The..."
I Love You Too (please leave feedback)
"I should hate you for what you've done,  / This battle between us..."
Good-Bye Friend
"We might be friends  / But than again  / You stabbed my..."
"My eyes open into the dark deep plains  / I look around and wonde..."
End of The Road
"I hate my life  / I wish I juts had a knife  / to slit ..."
I feel so alone
"I feel so alone  / Its almost as if i was deserted  / L..."
Stephanie, no more (please leave feedback)
"I am so unaided  / My past has faded  / I have forgotte..."
Moving on up
"(this isnt really a poem from my heart, it was a poem for my 8th grade grad..."
Should I say Yes?
"As I lay here I wonder  / If you still want me  / You s..."

Short Stories
CuTe_StEpHy has written the following short stories:

a sequel to the most danger game: there is none

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