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Adelaide101's Stuff
This page is where you can see all of the stuff that Adelaide101 does around the Student Center, including Journals, Casino Games, Groups, Reviews, Short Stories and more! If Adelaide101 has done it, it'll be on this page!

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How can this happen
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"On Wenseday afternoon, my best friends lil sister was hit by a car. She was only 8 years old. She was sent down to Butterworth Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Laiken her name, she didnt make it. Saturday night she died from internal bleeding that the doctor could not find. When she was hit, she was put in coma. They waited to help her when their older brother got in from Iraq. He said his good byes. This is a sad time for that family and the whole town of Cheboyga. For me i lost a best friends lil sister, and she was like my lil sister as well.."

November 11, 2005, Confusing Day "Today we had a assembly and it was for the people that just..."
November 2, 2005, Yeah i don't know what to do "I am all confuse, my mom is letting me go back with my ex..."
October 31, 2005, Weird i supose "Yeah, i saw my boyfriend for the fist time in a long time..."
September 27, 2005, HELP!!!PLZ "ok, i have a big problem. I did something bad this weekend...."
September 13, 2005, Kinda happy "I have not seen my boyfriend since July 14, because i was..."
September 8, 2005, Josh "I tryed to call my best friend josh, he moved to Alaska..."
September 2, 2005, R.I.P. Laiken "Today was the day Laiken was barried. She was born on..."
September 1, 2005, Falling Out Of Love "It was love at first sight, But now I finally see the..."
August 31, 2005, You'll Never Want Me Back! "You'll Never Want Me back! I don't think I can do..."
August 30, 2005, Why Her!!! "On Wenseday afternoon, my best friends lil sister was hit..."

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Would You?
"If i told you that I loved you,  / Would you turn and walk away? ..."
"I trusted you more then anything,  / And claimed you as my friend..."
Making The Pain Worse
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All Of My Beliefs
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See all the trouble that life brings
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Falling Out Of Love
"It was love at first sight,  / But now I finally see the light. &..."
You'll Never Want Me Back!
"I don't think I can do this,  / In fact I know I cant.  /&nb..."

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