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AFIdav's Stuff
This page is where you can see all of the stuff that AFIdav does around the Student Center, including Journals, Casino Games, Groups, Reviews, Short Stories and more! If AFIdav has done it, it'll be on this page!

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TOTAL POINTS:   42,513
RANK:   # 6,804

AFIdav's Journal
87 entries
4,718 hits

March 13, 2005, The Eyes of Age. "Here it comes, the tidal wave, life has changed, changed..."
March 13, 2005, Sudden For A Stone "Born in the states, born in the states, These places I..."
February 17, 2005, "Point Taken." "I've looked back on houses with no windows, Weren't..."
February 5, 2005, "The World Isn't Over." "Well the rain is just tears, the tears are our fears, fear..."
February 3, 2005, "To Redeem Us." "Sunrise, Catch my eye, All these little..."
January 29, 2005, "Another Wasted Chapter." "Stories choose sides, while I, slowly turn to..."
January 28, 2005, Untitled/Incomplete "Cut the chord, thereís no turning back, You are born,..."
January 28, 2005, "The Hard Part." "Well, I, know, that you are all alone, And hey, I say,..."
January 28, 2005, "I Don't Mind." "Simplicity, following me so predictably, I see my heart..."
January 28, 2005, "Disagree." "Society, canít teach me, anything, With their glass..."

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AFIdav has written 55 poems. Showing last 10:

"Twisted Text."
"The light goes on in eyes like yours when I say the words you've never hear..."
"Sighs of the Past."
"Ten o' clock, and the lights go out,  / Here's my chance to leav..."
"Embers and Ashes."
"I know, if I looked into your face, the embers in your eyes, would burn up ..."
"Playing the Game and Paying Attention."
"I canít explain,  / What time did to earth,  / But ob..."
"Society, canít teach me, anything,  / With their glass screens, ..."
"I Don't Mind."
"Simplicity, following me so predictably, I see my heart freeze,  /&nb..."
"The Hard Part."
"Well I, know, that you are all alone,  / And hey, I say, that it..."
"Cut the chord, thereís no turning back,  / You are born, into th..."
"Another Wasted Chapter."
"Stories choose sides, while I, slowly turn to ice,  / These cold..."
"Mother Earth."
"Trees cry out from their pavement prison,  / And I don't know wh..."
"Dancing to You."
"In crowded homes I'm all alone,  /   / One voice murmer..."
Body Heat.
"What a perfect lie this is,  / The truly beautiful body in my ey..."
I Miss...
"Well welcome here,  / Anytime, anyway, you can draw near,  ..."
Bullets From Your Eyes.
"Slam me into the wall,  / The fist you've always confided in, &n..."
Y or Why.
"There's a fork in this letter,  / And you've got a chance,  ..."
Grey Sky, Blue Clouds.
"It's hot outside and rain's falling up,  / I dream out the windo..."
In the Highest of High's
"In the Highest of High's,  / You're still just human,  /&nb..."
Glassmakers' Island
"Cool, is the air,  / Clear, inside her stare,  / Outsi..."
"Stuck in the dark,  / The soundwave pacing back and forth,  ..."
The Footprints of the Sea
"The footprints of the sea,  / Those footprints follow me,  ..."
By The Way.
"By the way you pull me in,  / I can tell what's about to begin, ..."
"The ripple begins,  / And the mirror ends,  / Reflecti..."
You Knew It.
"Man was I a fool!  / Trapped, trapped by sinister tools.  /..."
The Leaf
"Running around, / The people, running around, / So sure..."
The Weed in the Garden
"Just wrote this...kind of a praise song...but I'm  / thinki..."
"I'm layin' on this bed, / Beleiving nothing anymore,&..."
Try Our Luck
"Tears, / They fall from you and I, / (Almost everytime)..."
All After All
"Read some pretty depressing but uplifting stuff / about a friend...."
Five Fingers
"Five fingers, / Laced in yours, / The feeling that shak..."
Whatever you like, name it yourself in a feedback or something.
"You like to say you know me well, / You hate to know your shame,&..."
"Somewhere amidst the dim, and the dark, / You find a candle burni..."
The Lightswitch, The Wires, and The Wall
"You are... / I'm sorry, you're so close, / ..."
Everything You Knew You Thought
"All the hands are pointing forward, / All the hands are pointing ..."
We Used To...
"We Used To... /  / We used to be inseperable, /&nb..."
Stay or Leave.
"Surely someone who reads this knows who wrote / it...and if not, ..."
"Breathe /  / Breathe with me, / Come on, it&#..."
All I ask is that you read this
"I'm The Skeloton /  / I'm the Skeloton,&nbs..."
My Memories
"They said My memories are your business, / Yes, I agree...but tho..."
Re-enactment (Please give me some feedback on this...please.)
"Re-enactment /  / Slow motion, as I watch things spin o..."
"Got home late at night, / Regular day, / All the usual ..."
Simply Said
"Simply said, the world was never enough, / I met the best and the..."
Did you?
"It's things like coffee in the subway station, / Runnin�..."
In the End
"Something haunting this way comes, / Yes it shakes my soul, ..."
The End of Things
"Some things are over... / Some points are made... / Som..."
I Would Lie for You
"I would lie for you, / I would die for you, / But I won..."
Hear, hear, hear,
"Hate, hate, hate, / Rage, rage, rage, / I can't s..."
Simple Sounds
"Simple sounds, / All around, / Bringing us up, /&n..."
Arrested Soul
"Restrain...and destroy, / The pain...this convoy, / &nb..."
A Fault Within the Murder
"So you had the perfect plan, / And you got all the right sources,..."
Salt in the Wounds
"A simple relationship, / Started out well, / But just n..."
Down, Down, Down...
"I feel this pullin' me, / This pressure builds and i can�..."
Fall into the Music ~rate it lad's and lassies~
"Pick up my guitar, / Turn the volume up, / I find i�..."
The Feeling When You're Gone
"Not even two weeks, / And i find i'm in misery, / ..."
"Colors fly inside my head, / Yellow, Purple, Green and Red, ..."
Shake Things Off
"Tired of nothing, / Unsure where to go, / Certainly the..."

AFIdav has written 1 reviews. Showing last 10 reviews:

Franz Ferdinand: "Franz Ferdinand brought back some good ol' Rock n' Roll jam..."

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Short Stories
AFIdav has written the following short stories:

The Independent Variable: A young man grows up in a perfect world called earth...only to have the rug pulled from his feet, and see the truth of a hidden past.

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