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2young4luv's Stuff
This page is where you can see all of the stuff that 2young4luv does around the Student Center, including Journals, Casino Games, Groups, Reviews, Short Stories and more! If 2young4luv has done it, it'll be on this page!

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RANK:   # 20,214

2young4luv's Journal
29 entries
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December 4, 2004, Bull****! "How about our schools Football teamCarol City Chiefs) lost..."
December 4, 2004, A long time coming "Its been a while since i've written in here and i must say..."
September 3, 2004, High school "High school kinda gets on my nerves...With everybody saying..."
August 18, 2004, The first week .. Cant believe "Tuesday.. You know somebody had the audacity to try and..."
August 18, 2004, The first week "Monday Ahh Monday, August 16, 2004. The first day..."
August 11, 2004, Not that you would care "i finally got my hairstyle for school. Im getting them..."
August 11, 2004, 2 faced "I feel kinda 2 faced now....Now that i talked back on the..."
August 10, 2004, I wonder "Sometimes i wonder the dumbest things..Like what is my..."
August 10, 2004, Attention "I like attention...Especially by boys.. This boy named Boo..."
August 9, 2004, Countdown "The time is near. In no time soon i'll be sitting at a desk..."

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2young4luv has written 12 poems. Showing last 10:

"Everyday I would just stare / as tears began to fill my eyes ..."
"I wish I could be perfect / No flaws and no mistakes / ..."
Untilted Part 1
"*You're a liar and i ahet u for what u did to me / *i wish ..."
Untitled Part 2
"I thought you were a true friend / and that you'll always b..."
with you
"I don't know what it is / that makes me love you so /&..."
Broken hearted
"When she says she'll love you forever / And her love for yo..."
"Why don't you show your love for me? / I'm longing fo..."
Over you
"Donít tell me you still love me / Donít tell me you want me back&..."
"I dont need all this drama / all these soon to be baby mamas ..."
"Just realize / if u look into my eyes / you will see no..."
"Why do they try to change me? / Why when im at school them git ba..."
chocolate crush
"i have a chocolate crush / when i'm around my friends they ..."

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