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16oz's Stuff
This page is where you can see all of the stuff that 16oz does around the Student Center, including Journals, Casino Games, Groups, Reviews, Short Stories and more! If 16oz has done it, it'll be on this page!

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TOTAL POINTS:   31,895
RANK:   # 9,351

Eyes on Eyes and Skin on Skin
13 entries
1,667 hits
"My journal and it's about my life and here I can be honest."

May 19, 2005, sex "i love sex. and yup i miss it. i want my boy..."
May 15, 2005, yeah "i love it when people read my poetry and like it. ie means..."
May 8, 2005, prom weekend "i had the most amazing weekend of my life. jared..."
April 25, 2005, crackers "Cracks are about the only thing that i can keep..."
April 25, 2005, Untitled "i am sick and i feel like shit. i hate missing..."
April 20, 2005, Untitled "i hvaen't been so sick in a long..."
April 19, 2005, Untitled "i feel like shit right now. jared makes me feel like..."
April 18, 2005, camera "got my new digital today. i'm happy. it's..."
April 13, 2005, Untitled "i heart huckabee's. great movie. it's..."
April 12, 2005, yay "today was been interesting. boring really. nothing..."

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16oz has written 24 poems. Showing last 10:

my hearts heavy(i enjoy feedback)
"My heart is heavy  / i feel so hollow  / any moment now..."
i write (feedback appriciated)
"did i happen to mention?  / I let tears fall down your back. &nbs..."
i figured it out (leave feed back)
"never ever has someone hurt me so deeply as you  / never have i l..."
thanks for the beat
"at first I was your lost  / I thought that i could kiss  /&n..."
living fighting dying disastor
"she's a living flying disastor  / a dissapointment waiting to exp..."
he's a disaster written in caps
"sometimes i can literally feel words flush out of my body  / righ..."
the red was made with eye lashes
"your eye lashes are long  / but they do hide the anger in your ey..."
listen to the cry of the dead
"sometimes i feel like i am soaring through the sky with an impecible sort o..."
i've got live humans in there
"clothes strewen from past ideals  / cd's thrown against walls in ..."
i set you
"I set you apart with butterflies and disgression  / I set you afi..."
awkward school girl
"sometimes i feel awkward  / like the little girls with their shor..."
random and pointless
"blue and green marked with disaster  / shattered memories mixed w..."
your social butterfly
"I'm your social butterfly  / i'll whisper things in your ear &nbs..."
"If i had a whale  / i'd name him bob  / and give him to..."
happy tragic endings
"I found out today that I am cold  / i shivered and it went throug..."
"I'm the most hollow in the inside  / i'm not sure if anything eve..."
empty space
"I feel like i'm floating in a far off place  / Not connected to a..."
stripped bare
"Why is it when you dream you feel so alive, and so real.  / But w..."
those negatives need to be developed
"  / you claim the love but i've seen no proof  / everyt..."
"I'm the most hollow in the inside  / i'm not sure if anything eve..."
a bloody good bye and a snappy hello
"and when your car crashed  / when it smashed into that car  ..."
who is she?
"This heart bears the pain of confusion  / non trusting and miss b..."
loving is not living at all
"Don't you love it when your heart beats so fast,  / you can feel ..."
such a let down
"  / .knowing you exist is such a fucking let down.  / s..."

16oz has written 1 reviews. Showing last 10 reviews:

Inked in Blood: "Inked In Blood is one amazing band. The cd Awakening..."

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Short Stories
16oz has written the following short stories:

a fuzz: it's about a little fuzz
an assumption: a random story of my j-babe
My Twin: just a story about my twin, she's not my real twin but we are so much alike.

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