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123_mea's Stuff
This page is where you can see all of the stuff that 123_mea does around the Student Center, including Journals, Casino Games, Groups, Reviews, Short Stories and more! If 123_mea has done it, it'll be on this page!

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RANK:   # 55,002

123_mea has written 13 poems. Showing last 10:

if only
"For sum reason I cant get him outta my mind I donât know what it is..."
a tears story
"They say each tear tells a story can u tell me what my tears are telling? I..."
my one in a million
"the truth is your my one  / in a million , a dream thats come to ..."
this girl
"Thereâs this girl who looks @ herself everyday and asks the mirror ..."
the feelin of lonleyness
"i cant help but say that im missing u its a lonely feeling waking up to no..."
this is our relationship the love n the breaks
"Iv heard it all before I love you, im sorry , ill try harder when we argue ..."
should i regret?
"Sometimes i feel that i regret the choices iv made was it worth the sufferi..."
in this life
"In this life we fall in love so many reasons why things we believe are mean..."
same story
"Iv heard it all before I love you, im sorry , ill try harder when we argue ..."
while ur away(jono)
"it hurts that your not here instead your behind bars that u cant break some..."
ur fault...ur loss
"when the love i had 4 u was there u never had the time 2 accept it the stre..."
let it go
"lately things have been a lil crazy for some reason i can't understand I'm ..."
"Its crazy to love someone who's hurten you more than just a few times but a..."

Short Stories
123_mea has written the following short stories:

In a womans shoes: in this lifetime men dont understand the three words commitment,trust, and love. some men cant help but cheat while others cant stay with one woman better yet be lonley

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