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1227anonymous1227's Stuff
This page is where you can see all of the stuff that 1227anonymous1227 does around the Student Center, including Journals, Casino Games, Groups, Reviews, Short Stories and more! If 1227anonymous1227 has done it, it'll be on this page!

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TOTAL POINTS:   54,145
RANK:   # 5,225

1227anonymous1227 has taken 2 tests:

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Feb 10, 2007 Movie Junkie Test Average Joe View Details
Feb 10, 2007 Computer Addict Test Addicted View Details

a slice of life
13 entries
828 hits
"choas... fights...friendships...love...hook-ups... its all part of life"

October 31, 2007, sorry "ok my earlier entry was harsh no doubt but still wat he did..."
October 29, 2007, ALL guys suck "GUYS ARE ALL DICKHEADS ok not all but watever a lot of em..."
October 20, 2007, X X X =*O "i like my ex straight up the dumbest thing i ever did was..."
September 10, 2007, yay for me!!! "yay for my life? i prolly totally just jinxed it but..."
August 27, 2007, Untitled "ok so karma might be a bitch but it gets better... ok so..."
August 21, 2007, to be loved "ok so i am one of those ppl who can possibly alot make life..."
July 28, 2007, far and near "ok so yeah i like a guy for sure but i might also kinda..."
July 1, 2007, exes and o's "im sitting here thinking about the guy i like (well guys)..."
June 18, 2007, played and saved "i cnt help bu think about how incredible unhappy im going..."
June 13, 2007, Karma "karma is this force where if ur mean to some one u get it..."

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1227anonymous1227 has written 20 poems. Showing last 10:

Back Together
"It's good to feel your arms around me  / Everything around but yo..."
I Will Love You
"If you wish for me  / I will come for you  / If you cry..."
"They say love hurts  / But it's okay  / It all pays off..."
Hugs and Kisses In The Dark
"Hugs and kisses in the dark  / Pieces of a broken heart  /&n..."
"Hug me, hold me  / Hit me, beat me  / Sweet little kiss..."
Lost Love
"Your in my dreams late at night  / Your the only thing worth a fi..."
Love Forever
"Let's be together  / Love forever  / You'll hold me &n..."
Be My Lover, Be My Friend
"Hold me tight  / Love me always  / Kiss me goodnight &n..."
I'm Sorry
"Mommy, I'm sorry  / You loved me no matter what  / And ..."
I wish
"I wish...  / For you to hold me close  / I wish... &nbs..."
"I am not afraid of death  / I am afraid of dying tomorrow  /..."
"Silent screams fill my head  /   / My heart fills with ..."
Thank You
"Mommy, thank you  / You kissed my hurts all better  / F..."
Never Enough
"I'm not perfect,  / I'm not always good,  / I won't alw..."
I'll Always Love
"I'll always love  / the way you laugh, the way you cry.  /&n..."
Friends 'Till The End
"We promised to be friends  / Forever and ever 'till the end &nbs..."
Hard To Hide
"I try to hide  / From what I've done  / The disaster I'..."
What Am I Supposed To Do
"It's all falling apart  / All my life, every part  / I ..."
How Could You Do That To Me
"How could you do that to me  / Your eyes are wide open but you ca..."
In My Heart, In My Eyes
"You've always been here  / To calm my fears  / To dry m..."

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