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~SouP~'s Q & A
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 If you Play EVE online, come join my Corporation. message me about it. (1 answers)

 do you yiff? (7 answers)

 are you real? or are you some pansy ass fake? do you foolow the crowd? or does the crowd follow you? (12 answers)

 i am 18, now that im im legal, what kind of mischief should i get into> (9 answers)

 boxocereal: None.
 CaliGirl333: Your days of mischief are over, now you can't get away with murder and stuff. ...wanna buy me cigarettes?
 Sevveria_Icra: Get a job. At the sex shop downtown. :P I'll see you there, punk, just don't harass me when I come in for my shift.
 sugar_2004: Should’ve gotten in trouble before 18. The law will never be that lenient again... and yeah i agree with starlit01. you arent even really considered an "Adult" til your 21 for some reason
 starlit01: 18 sux...im waiting for 21
 BlindRaiseAK: man, the only thing 18 gets you is porn, cigarettes, strippers, and no police enforced curfew
 chibi_chibi_9000: Oh that shows a REAL sign of maturity:P

 ok.. i once asked... which is better Porsche or toyota.. well.. now.. i drive a Porsche and work for toyota.. how crazy is that? (5 answers)

 do you think 30$ is worth the X-Japan cd i bought? (4 answers)

 i own a Porsche Byotches (4 answers)

 why does emery look at the pr0n 24/7? (3 answers)

 Have you seen the movie Moon Child? (4 answers)

 all your base are belong to us (2 answers)

 move zig! take off every zig! for great justice! (1 answers)

 what is your fav Hard rock or electronic(techno/trance/rave) song??? (3 answers)

 who has seen Almost: Round 3? (1 answers)

 what flavor is your pancakes? (6 answers)

 how much wood would a woodchuck suck if a wood chuck could suck wood? (5 answers)

 re is this song called cats on mars, has anyone heard it? and do you think its is trippy? (1 answers)

 i have crazy browser! who else has it, and what do you think of it? (1 answers)

 who can l_337 sp34|< really well?  (7 answers)

 how do you think i should make up for my stupidity?  (6 answers)

 raleigh says "i dont know" what do you say?? (2 answers)

 coheed and cambria anyone? (7 answers)

 hey, who listens to darude??? (6 answers)

 What is your theory of Eienstien's Theory of Relitivity (9 answers)

 what should i aske the online community?  (2 answers)

 chris asks: "how can i jump into the porn industry?" (5 answers)

 who can transelate this sentance: "T'es con, salope" (hint: its french)  (8 answers)

 whats the ickyist thing youve done in the lat 24hrs?  (6 answers)

 would you tap that? (9 answers)

 oh yeah, trigun maximum is out, you should all rush to your nearest comic chop and buy it, only 9.95!  (2 answers)

 pr, have you read the manga TRIGUN and what do you think? (2 answers)

 have you seen the series TRIGUN? and what do you think? (2 answers)

 Buy LostProphets : Start Something, now, or else ill eat your young (11 answers)

 marvel or dc?  (4 answers)

 Question 25!!!!! (5 answers)

 if i could go any where in the world where would i go? (9 answers)

 i love dance dance revolution!!!! home version means no wasing money at arcade!! (3 answers)

 i almost got arrested yesterday, y? cuz im a ninja, andi had nunchuks on me, and trowing knives, and a switchblade and...... (13 answers)

 has any one here ever been raped by mad goats, fallen into a sewer and washed out into the ocean? (10 answers)

 ima ask again, cuz ... i feel like it, neone one SC play TEQ??? (3 answers)

 ok, i need a new question, so here it is... if i was to move to turkey and start a goat farm would you move there with me and be my hired helper to feed the goats? (8 answers)

 lets start a revoloution, doesnt matter what for, lets brainstorm, what would you like to revolt about?  (5 answers)

 NFS underground kicks ass, tell me if you dont agree (4 answers)

 do you use 10-10-987? (11 answers)

 do you eat cheese? (18 answers)

 should my friend Debbie go out with my other friend Chris?  (12 answers)

 tag my guest book, now, b*tch (11 answers)

 what is the value of the flatness of a pancake? (7 answers)

 what is the mathmatical value of flatness?, hehe (6 answers)

 where were you when the lights went out?  (14 answers)

 i am not wearing a shirt, any comments?  (17 answers)

 am i good looking or not?  (11 answers)

 Any TEQ players around?  (4 answers)

 toyota or Porsche?  (8 answers)

 in follow up of my jet Q, Jet is a "new and emerging band" on VH1  (4 answers)

 Jet.... great band or crappy? (15 answers)

 what is the leading cause of boredom?  (13 answers)

 is sex overrated or underrated?  (24 answers)

 y are girls soo confusing? (27 answers)

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