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~Baby_Gurl~'s Q & A
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~Baby_Gurl~ has 209 questions total.
~Baby_Gurl~ has answered a total of 1,431 other questions.

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 i have added 25 questions... answer them all and u get a kiss... =) or a hug! I dare u to try and answer all 209 of em! (12 answers)

 Would u die for the person u love most? (16 answers)

 if u were told to be able to live u would have to give up the love of ur life would u? (12 answers)

 UnknoWnMisfit01: Idk.
 loving_tyler_2005: nope because then it's not worth it.
 boxocereal: No.
 sweet_angel2004: no
 divagurl159: rather die than be without nate
 Razor_blade_sweetie: nope
 grinder_rave: My last act of love for my love would be dying. Cuz I kno that I'd much rather die with her knowing that I died loving her and no one else, than for her to live, and for me to live, never truly knowing how much we loved each other. Or at least how much I loved her.

 what would u do if u had leave the man/woman u love to secure their happiness? (11 answers)

 who is ur perfect match? (10 answers)

 who here thinks i should be president? *hahah... id love to see these answers* (9 answers)

 why did u choose to use the screen name u have? (10 answers)

 *looks around* *gasp* OMG... i just saw an alien humping a dog... what the hell is to come of that? (10 answers)

 why did u just do that? i mean really? why?!?!? (9 answers)

 who kicked me? (9 answers)

 who do u think u are? (9 answers)

 from my profile what do u think of me? (8 answers)

 in three words describe urself... (11 answers)

 what is the one thing u cant live w/o? just one... makin this tough =) (12 answers)

 what are you good at? (12 answers)

 have u ever taken the time to talk to someone u dont kno and u saw they were sad? (9 answers)

 greatest influence in ur life/ person u most admire/ greatest inspirtation? (10 answers)

 Worst tv show ever made? (9 answers)

 favorite tv show of all time? (10 answers)

 greatest rock band that ever lived? greatest rap artist? greatest r&b? greatest pop? (answer only the ones u have an opinion about) (8 answers)

 Who is your greatest love? or who has been? (8 answers)

 has anyone read all my profile? (7 answers)

 when u read my profile what do u think? (6 answers)

 In a perfect world there would be..... (finish that) (9 answers)

 im graduatin the 12 of this month.. what are u goin to buy me? (6 answers)

 do u kno anyone who writes kik ass songs, cuz i do *grinder_rave* hehe  (11 answers)

 i dont like Britney Spears but i like "Everytime" do u?  (11 answers)

 do u like bunnies?  (14 answers)

 do u like carebears?  (11 answers)

 do u like chocolate covered strawberries?  (8 answers)

 do u like pregnant women???  (9 answers)

 why am i doin this???  (8 answers)

 do u like pickadillies?  (6 answers)

 have u ever felt more for ur bestfriend?  (7 answers)

 who thinks Chester (lp) is da hotness?  (18 answers)

 finsih this.. you kno u wanna....  (18 answers)

 this will be question 173 and still no one is man/woman enuff to answer all of em.. heeh... =)  (14 answers)

 how many ppl on ur buddylist do you actually talk to?  (16 answers)

 can u die from a broken heart?  (19 answers)

 would u get plastic surgery to change anything about u???  (15 answers)

 favorite quote that u think i should know? or anyone should kno?  (12 answers)

 Who do you turn to when the world is turning iz back on u?  (10 answers)

 do you like hoobastank? if so whats ur fave song? if no why not?  (11 answers)

 in ppls time of need what are some words that you can say to help them?  (10 answers)

 NoThiN iS mOrE pAiNfuL Then ReALiZiN He MenT eVeRyThiN 2 u,& u MenT nOtHiN 2 HiM..what do u think about this....  (16 answers)

 Do u think u could live without love?  (24 answers)

 where would u be if u werent with someone that helped u?  (13 answers)

 no shoes no shirt no problem...what do u think??  (14 answers)

 do u have any tatoos?  (22 answers)

 do u have any peircings?  (18 answers)

 do u think that you are too complicated to deal with??  (15 answers)

 do u think that the person ur with is too good for you?  (14 answers)

 do u ever feel as though u dont measure up to someone?  (16 answers)

 have u ever felt helpless?  (15 answers)

 do u hate things just because?  (12 answers)

 what item best desrcibes u  (10 answers)

 sunny day or rainy day?  (16 answers)

 why does there always have to be somethin standin in the way of true happiness?  (11 answers)

 have u ever had to choose between two ppl that changed ur life and meant the most to u then anyone??  (11 answers)

 *whispers* take it slow..its the first time we doo this... what do u think im talkin about?  (13 answers)

 *hits u on the leg* why did u do that? explain it to me now!!!  (15 answers)

 whats in ur closet?  (18 answers)

 whens ur birthday?  (24 answers)

 whats ur favorite show to watch?  (24 answers)

 do u sometimes think that ur just a pawn in a game of checkers?  (15 answers)

 any time u need me ill be there.. do u mean it when u say things like that?  (18 answers)

 is there a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?  (16 answers)

 is the grass greener on the other side?  (16 answers)

 140 questions..no one has answered them all...are u man or woman enuff to do so???  (13 answers)

 do u think ur better then me? huh? tell me... come on  (18 answers)

 what attracts u to someone?  (17 answers)

 favorite part of your partners body?  (15 answers)

 favorite part of your body?  (16 answers)

 why does it suck to be alone?  (14 answers)

 favorite candy?  (19 answers)

 do u have an addiction?  (17 answers)

 punk or preppy or goth?  (16 answers)

 do u like askin questions?  (16 answers)

 do u answer ur own questions?  (17 answers)

 am i stupid??  (14 answers)

 do i make u horny?  (15 answers)

 did u just touch my ass?  (13 answers)

 why does there have to be soo much dayum drama???  (13 answers)

 i dont feel good right now...can u help me???  (13 answers)

 is it possible to love someone and hate them at the same time?  (14 answers)

 do u ever feel ignored?  (17 answers)

 have u ever been happy one moment and the next ur sad as hell???  (15 answers)

 masturbatin...your thoughts....  (14 answers)

 where do u get ur porn?  (13 answers)

 do u enjoy porn?  (14 answers)

 if u dont live near the person u love how do u show affection?  (12 answers)

 have u ever wanted to just hug someone?  (15 answers)

 whats ur fear?  (11 answers)

 do u think that u need physical encounters to feel safe?  (11 answers)

 the "media" ur thoughts....  (12 answers)

 do u think that ur family loves u?  (12 answers)

 do u ever feel as though u might explode of happiness?  (10 answers)

 what "famous" person do u think is sexay but most ppl would disagree?  (11 answers)

 do u love me?? lol..  (11 answers)

 do you truely trust the person ur with?  (12 answers)

 would u spy on ur significant other??  (11 answers)

 why get married if ur not sure thats who u want to be with?  (14 answers)

 do u think u have a soulmate?  (18 answers)

 what is the one dream u want to come true?  (13 answers)

 whats more sensual sex or a kiss?  (15 answers)

 do u feel stupid around the person u love?  (16 answers)

 do you ever feel as if ur not smart?  (13 answers)

 can u read my diaries and leave me some feedback?? lol..  (10 answers)

 why do guys deny there feelings?  (13 answers)

 do u think u could last one moment with out the person u love?  (14 answers)

 are u afraid to make the first move?  (20 answers)

 if u could date anyone from here who would it be and why?  (12 answers)

 do u think that you could still be all lovey with ur significant other when ur older?? way older?  (16 answers)

 why do the stars only come out at night?  (12 answers)

 why is the sky blue?  (13 answers)

 have u ever hurt someone without meanin to?  (14 answers)

 if you could go to another place in the world where would u go?  (12 answers)

 do u wish u lived somewhere else?  (12 answers)

 do u wish to change ur name??  (16 answers)

 if u graduated do u miss high school? if u havent do u think u will?  (14 answers)

 do u think that there are tru rolemodels in the world??  (12 answers)

 do u think going to a therapist is stupid or wrong?  (11 answers)

 why do ppl have to make up some fake ass excuses to break up with someone?  (13 answers)

 do u think that gay/ lesbians be allowed to join the military?  (13 answers)

 does anyone like the Osbournes?  (11 answers)

 what a nickname that no one knows you have?  (11 answers)

 you cant save the world but do u think that maybe u can save someone??  (15 answers)

 if ur parents made u choose between family or ur boy/gurl friend..who would u choose?  (14 answers)

 if u had to choose between makin urself happy or someone else..who would u choose?  (16 answers)

 do u pitty anyone? if so why?  (10 answers)

 whats one thing that no one knows about u and u wont tell cuz ur afraid that will change how they feel about u?  (12 answers)

 what is the one thing that u think ppl should kno about u?  (14 answers)

 you live u learn then you what? finish that..  (13 answers)

 if you could change anythin about ur boy/girl friend what would it be?  (13 answers)

 if u could change one thing about urself what would it be?  (12 answers)

 do u feel complete when u think about ur significant other?  (10 answers)

 do u think that u truely appreciate everythin u have?  (14 answers)

 is love ever taken for granted?  (13 answers)

 how many times have u been in love?  (13 answers)

 would u tell a lie to spare someones feelings or tell them the truth?  (13 answers)

 do u think that revenge is ever sweet??  (11 answers)

 what one song describes what ur feelin?  (11 answers)

 who do u think u would like to seduce?  (11 answers)

 what do guys want from the relationship..(gurls what do u think?)  (15 answers)

 what do you think u can do to make ur relationship stronger?  (15 answers)

 are you afraid of one day wakin up and realizin that everythin u have doe was for nuttin?  (12 answers)

 finish this: what the world needs now is? ur own answer....  (11 answers)

 abusive relationships...why do they happen?  (13 answers)

 what do u do when you realize that the one person you think ur supposed to be with turns out to be the wrong guy?  (11 answers)

 what are ur thoughts about inter-racial relationships?  (13 answers)

 if they say live life to the fullest why do most ppl try to stop u from what u really wanna do?  (10 answers)

 can u meet the person ur meant to be with online?  (10 answers)

 should gay parents be allowed to adopt children??  (12 answers)

 gays/lesbians is it wrong??  (24 answers)

 do u think gay/lesbian weddings should be legalized?  (22 answers)

 if the person u loved cheated on u..do u think that u could forgive them?  (19 answers)

 have u ever smiled at anyone just to smile at them??  (17 answers)

 how can i help to make ur day better??  (12 answers)

 sex...do u think it matters in a relationship?  (19 answers)

 look at (grinder_rave) hes my hunny..whatcha think?? lol.. i love him..  (11 answers)

 anyone like mexican food? and please dont say TACO BELL!!  (13 answers)

 from my profile..do u think that im someone u would like to get to know?  (12 answers)

 why do they call it the "Real World" if theres nothin real about it? life isnt about dream jobs or dream houses!!  (10 answers)

 if war is not the answer then why do "anti-war" protesters resort to violence as well?  (10 answers)

 who else is annoyed by tv shows always endin in an unrealistic way? i mean come on..u cant solve all ur problems with a hug. and u cant always talk to ur parents..  (13 answers)

 would u date ur friend?  (15 answers)

 have you ever just wanted to bitch slap someone??  (10 answers)

 are you afraid that you will mess up your kids mentally?  (12 answers)

 have u ever been on a blind date?  (13 answers)

 do you want kids?  (13 answers)

 at wut age do u wanna get married?  (15 answers)

 does age matter in love?  (10 answers)

 for ppl who drink alcohol...ur favorite mixed drink..and ur favorite "hard liquor"?  (10 answers)

 if you could learn to speaK any language what would it be?  (13 answers)

 Anyone wanna join me in Margaritaville?  (9 answers)

 does anyone like country?  (11 answers)

 do you think your parents love you cuz they have to or cuz they know who you really are?  (9 answers)

 i have a lil problem with authority..and it interferes with my relationship with my dad..HELP!!!  (9 answers)

 what is one quote that u read and just knew that it was meant for you?  (9 answers)

 if you could offer any advice to the class of 2004 (class after me) what would it be?  (9 answers)

 craziest thing u wanna do?  (10 answers)

 craziest thing uve done?  (8 answers)

 whats ur fantasty?  (9 answers)

 what are ur turn ons..  (9 answers)

 on the question dream boy or gurl i meant can u describe them..sorries..i confused myself..  (9 answers)

 ladies..are u tired of that whole if a man has three or more gurls he the "man" and the gurl is taken as a whore? guys..answer this as well please..  (12 answers)

 have u heard Christina Aguileras new song wirh LiL Kim? "cant hold us down" if yes ur thoughts..if no..what are u waitin for?  (12 answers)

 whats ur dream boy or gurl?  (10 answers)

 racism..your thoughts...  (10 answers)

 who here thinks that Bush should not be president?  (11 answers)

 if there is one thing that you could not live without what would it be?  (11 answers)

 why is it that ppl dont take the time to know someone and make a judgement?  (10 answers)

 whats ur favorite type of car?  (12 answers)

 have u ever had that one perfect day...u kno where nuttin goes wrong at all.. if so describe it to me..if u want. if not just answer yes or no.. (14 answers)

 in this life u only have one tru love. tru false? how do u kno that this is the ONE person??? (12 answers)

 i heard this is the answer to life... (boy meets world) lose one friend. lose all friends. lose urself.. now what i wanna kno is..is this what u believe.. why or why not? (12 answers)

 Only angels know how to fly. true or false.. what is ur way of thinkin? like tell me what u think.. (10 answers)

 Are yuo guys going to your prom??? (17 answers)

 whats your perfect date?? (14 answers)

 looks or personality? (20 answers)

 Chocolate or white chocolate? (19 answers)

 Boxers or briefs??? (24 answers)

 Would anyone want to be my friend??? (19 answers)

 we are here to ruin our lives, break hearts, and love the wrong people until we die...what do u think about this?? (14 answers)

 to the guys: if a gurl loves u soo damn much why do u treat them all bad? Gurls: what do u think about this as well??? (15 answers)

 When two people love each other so much and they just cant seem to get their shit together..when do u get to the poin that enuff is enuff??? (14 answers)

 if ur wif someone and u like someone else do u think ur cheatin on your heart and hurtin the boifriend? (19 answers)

 are u afraid of dyin? if yes why? if no why? (25 answers)

 does anyone really kno what love is? (20 answers)

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