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yaoi_ninja's Q & A
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 What is the most obscure consparicy theroy you can think of? (0 answers)

 Sucks to your ass-mar? (0 answers)

 Why? (0 answers)

 What is your favorite movie? (0 answers)

 Color or Colour? (1 answers)

 Cheese or Chocolate? (1 answers)

 Moo or Baa? (0 answers)

 Cheat codes: 99 lives or 99 ammo? (2 answers)

 Ever put ice cubes in milk? (4 answers)

 Haha or Hehe? (2 answers)

 Does it hurt to pee? (2 answers)

 Do you care? (2 answers)

 I am nearing my 100th question. What should it be? It has to be a biiiiggg question. (1 answers)

 Do these questions entertain you? (3 answers)

 18 Wheelers - If they have a spare tire in the trunk, do they have a name that lies to us? (2 answers)

 K@n j00 R34d ThI$? (3 answers)

 Ever eaten a packet of sugar (Plain?) (2 answers)

 Clocks or Newspapers? (2 answers)

 Politically Incorrect Jokes: Funny or Offensive? (3 answers)

 Favourite way to unwind? (4 answers)

 Ever been kissed? (7 answers)

 Watch me cry or watch me die? (2 answers)

 Start at the bottom and work your way up, or start at the tob and work your way down? (2 answers)

 Sex or money? I mean, the sex is realllllly good. (3 answers)

 Please everyone or piss everyone off? (3 answers)

 All your eggs in one basket, or all your baskets in one egg? (2 answers)

 Ever said 'Oh Snap!'? (6 answers)

 PETA: For real or secretly own red paint industry? (1 answers)

 Girls: Chicks or Dicks? (4 answers)

 Guys: Bros or Hoes? (1 answers)

 Virginity: What age did you/ are you planning to lose it? (6 answers)

 Even gone cow tipping? (6 answers)

 Virgin? (7 answers)

 Cats or Dawggs? (5 answers)

 Love: For anyone or for lovers? (3 answers)

 How many fingers am i holding up? (2 answers)

 Have you ever walked into the wrong bathroom? (9 answers)

 Bob - Common name or BOB spelled backwards? (3 answers)

 How do you use gargantuan in a question? (6 answers)

 What phrase do you use the most? (5 answers)

 Have you ever eaten ice cream off of someone's body? (6 answers)

 Potato - Spelled with or without the E? (5 answers)

 Have you ever pickled a cucumber? (4 answers)

 What word do you want me to use in my next question? (5 answers)

 When was the last time you sneezed? (5 answers)

 Wikipedia or Google? (11 answers)

 Uber or 1337? (7 answers)

 The eternal question: NINJAS or pirates? (7 answers)

 Redearch - Typo or stupidity? (4 answers)

 Is there stale chineese food in your fridge? (7 answers)

 What is your favourite word? (6 answers)

 High School - Finish or still there? (6 answers)

 Double Jointed? (5 answers)

 Have you ever thrown a lemon meruange pie at a tree? (5 answers)

 Shower: Morning, Noon, Night, Never? (11 answers)

 Due to my redearch, you are reading this statement. True or false? (6 answers)

 This is question 40? (5 answers)

 Why did Elmo cross the road? (6 answers)

 Frued - On drugs or just kinda crazy? But the good crazy? (2 answers)

 *Due to popular demand& Who let the dogs out? Besides you? (5 answers)

 Tune es insanus? (1 answers)

 Murder or Ritual Sacrifice? (4 answers)

 Cheese Puffs - Walmart brand cheetos or evil balls of cheesy doom? (3 answers)

 If you answer to this statement, then you give me your soul. (2 answers)

 Your neighbor - Nice, or wanting to kill you? (6 answers)

 What question should I not ask? (3 answers)

 This or That? (4 answers)

 Hitler - Evil or Satan in disguise? (8 answers)

 Oedipus - Poor guy or bad speller? (0 answers)

 Even done anything illegal? (5 answers)

 Why? (3 answers)

 Most embarassing moment? (2 answers)

 Do you think greenbeans are plotting a secret plan to kill Santa? (5 answers)

 Vegan? (7 answers)

 Dance like nobody is watching? (2 answers)

 Is this a question if I end it with a period. (4 answers)

 Girls: Honestly, what size are you? (2 answers)

 Guys: Honestly, how big are you? (1 answers)

 Do you smoke or drink? (9 answers)

 What's the worst way to die? (6 answers)

 Still sleep with a stuffed animal? (5 answers)

 How often do you use the bathroom in a day? (5 answers)

 What do you do for fun? (4 answers)

 How long can you hold your breath? (8 answers)

 Isn't American Idol stupid? (9 answers)

 Aren't emo kids funny to laugh at? (9 answers)

 Would you die for your friends? (7 answers)

 Pol Pot - Evil or Misunderstood? (2 answers)

 What should my next question be? (2 answers)

 Red or aqua? (6 answers)

 Yaoi lover? (3 answers)

 Do you cry often? (6 answers)

 How long do you sleep on a weekday? (7 answers)

 What is your favorite movie? (7 answers)

 Are you gay? (13 answers)

Last 10 Questions Posted
nuclearsailorJust confirmed: Indiegogo has a significantly wider variety of technology projects than kickstarter.com, and returns a lot more results/ideas for a given keyword. This is the place for IDEAS, lol.
nuclearsailorI need some keywords for monitoring kickstarter.com for interesting developments. What kind of keywords would you use to keep tabs on the inventions/innovations on there?
nuclearsailorIf one were to lift a 100lb weight 6 feet off the ground, that'd be equal to .25wh of energy. Considering 1000wh could propel the below vehicle 20miles at highway speeds, could a 'gravity generator' be a serious backup power source? lol
nuclearsailorWhere's the perfect place to experience Halloween on the east coast? (Atlanta, GA? Washington, DC? Orlando, FL? Miami, FL?)
nuclearsailorAnd, the algorithm I use for constructing search queries. 1) Use general category keywords for initial search 2) Add negative keywords to eliminate useless recurring results 3) Use brand keywords gathered from the search to isolate useful results)
nuclearsailorTrying to find a small non-mainstream EV? (Because mainstream EVs as of 2014 waste too much energy/resources/money) [Category: Cars & Trucks. Under $10,000. Search query: (electric, battery, bev, ev)]
nuclearsailorGot any cool search queries? [Here's mine. Small Diesel Engines: diesel (engine, motor) -scale -bolts -pan -kit -cooler -elbow -set -ford -silverado (kohler, lombardini, briggs, stratton, isuzu, yanmar, honda, small, cummins)]
nuclearsailorI want to know why Nuke School is substantially increasing enrollment and affecting the barrack living situation, lol. Can you tell me why? lol (The Navy is not getting a whole bunch of new nuclear ships... is it the needs of the nuclear industry?)
nuclearsailorThen at that point, a $50 gas bill would be more like a $10 electricity bill. ****t... lol... Insight? Thoughts?
nuclearsailorWait... you could probably just go full electric at that point. Assuming a wh/mi. figure of 50@55mph in the elio, 100-mile range is about 5000wh which is about $2000 in batteries. Probably be cheaper to buy batteries than a turbodiesel engine, lol.
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