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xxmuzicbabexx's Q & A
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 Sometimes when I wake up in the morning, my right eye feels really dry and irritated. Is this normal? Have you ever experienced it? (3 answers)

 How long, on average, does it take you to beautify and get ready for school or any other event? (6 answers)

 GUYS: Do you go for the classic "girly girl" type or girls with a darker side? (3 answers)

 Have you ever had a dentist/orthodontist's appointment on your birthday? (4 answers)

 Do the lyrics in the song "Thanks for the Memories" make any sense to you? (6 answers)

 Are you an interesting person who usually has a lot to talk about? (7 answers)

 Elizabeth is my first out of 2 middle names. I just hate my first name so I don't post it online. My brother's full name has 14 syllables. My parents can't settle for anything nice, normal or simple. (2 answers)

 How many syllables does your FULL name have? Mine has 11 (9 answers)

 If someone had a nice body but an ugly face, would you still find them attractive? (7 answers)

 GUYS: Big or small boobs? (3 answers)

 Panties, g-strings or thongs? (6 answers)

 If you could change one thing about your personality, what would it be? (4 answers)

 If you could change one thing about your natural appearance, what would it be? (4 answers)

 Biggest turn on? Both attitude and physical. (3 answers)

 What is your biggest attitude turnoff?(eg smoking) (3 answers)

 What is your biggest physical turnoff in the opposite sex?(eg body hair) (4 answers)

 Do you shower in the morning or at night?(I do in the morning. It bugs me when people shower at night because then it isn't fresh and they just smell like their bed in the morning) (3 answers)

 Do you find the movie "Borat" to be offensive? (4 answers)

 Which is worse: dental fillings or needles? (9 answers)

 What name would you hate to have? (9 answers)

 Do you believe that getting drunk/high and having lots of sex makes one mature? (15 answers)

 Gangsta Badass: Tasty or Nasty? (6 answers)

 Is your family more Loud'n'Rowdy or Small and Quiet(and boring)? (5 answers)

 When you were a kid, did you ever think it would be cool if Child Services took you away and placed you with a family who was more fun?(I certainly did) (5 answers)

 Are you one of those people whose main hobby is to scream or act immature? (5 answers)

 Doesn't it piss you off when a little child is screaming their ass off in public, but the parents don't do anything about it, or they encourage it? (5 answers)

 Isn't it odd how I actually respect Britney more now that her life's all ****ed up? (2 answers)

 How come it is acceptable for ugly males to star on TV, but all females must look like models? (2 answers)

 Notice how there are never any hot /redheads/ in movies? It pisses me off, and I'm a brunette. (3 answers)

 Don't you hate how comedies are always so male-oriented? Like, its' never this ordinary girl chasing after this picture-perfect guy. It's always the other way around. (2 answers)

 Notice how in movies, the girl almost always has lighter hair than the guy? Even when she's a brunette, the guy's hair is still darker brown or black. (2 answers)

 Ok, so we had bean soup again for supper tonight. There were a bunch of rock-hard beans I had to chew through. I asked my dad after why the beans were hard and he said "Didn't clean them this time. Must've been some dead ones floating around.&qu (1 answers)

 What colour are your eyes and hair? (8 answers)

 Doesn't Limewire look SO much better in black? (4 answers)

 Ever looked at porn? (10 answers)

 Do you hide your interenet activities from your parents/family? (6 answers)

 Don't you hate it when you can hear people chewing? (7 answers)

 Wow.. I think I just got an electric shock from water coming out of my sink... (4 answers)

 Is college a lot more fun than highschool? (7 answers)

 Guys with earrings: tasty or nasty? (10 answers)

 Were you a Natural Birth or a C-Section? (15 answers)

 Have the words "random" and "brutal" relatively new to the circulation, or have I just never really noticed them before? (3 answers)

 Are you ever the only one not invited to the party? (5 answers)

 Don't you hate it when people try to talk "random" but end up talking "cliche" instead, thinking they are being "random?" (7 answers)

 I hate my cheekbones. (8 answers)

 Which word you prefer: DEPEND or RELY? (5 answers)

 Do you spell it COLOUR or COLOR? (11 answers)

 Do you know where Nunavut is? Prince Edward Island? (5 answers)

 How old were you when you had your first relationship? First kiss? (8 answers)

 Pig dissection or no pig dissection? (6 answers)

 English or Math? (15 answers)

 Sunny days or snowy days? (7 answers)

 DRAH-ma or DRAW-ma? (5 answers)

 SUB-tle or SUT-tle? (3 answers)

 PER-fume or per-FUME? (4 answers)

 Do you say: COMF-ter-ble OR com-fort-A-ble? (5 answers)

 Do you say: INT-rist-ing OR int-er-EST-ing? (6 answers)

 Do you prefer good, deep questions, or random bull**** questions? (10 answers)

 Classical Music vs. Synthesized Sound (9 answers)

 Do you ever still think about that megahot guy/girl you met at camp two summers ago? (4 answers)

 Why is it acceptable for one to say they prefer blondes, while it is considered discrimination when one says they prefer white or European-descended individuals? (6 answers)

 Does your family celebrate the holidays in a secular way or a religious way? (10 answers)

 Elvis Presley: tasty or nasty? (10 answers)

 Would I look good with blue or green contact lenses? (5 answers)

 Should I die my hair? If so what colour? (6 answers)

 Do you ever wear clothes that /look/ like they were designed for little kids but are actually for teens? For example, a sweatshirt with monkeys making faces on it. (7 answers)

 Did your guitar book have practice songs called "Worst Position" and "Best Position"? Mine does. (5 answers)

 How often, if ever, do you get drunk? (14 answers)

 Do you, or have you ever had, any mental disorders? (8 answers)

 Are you good at swimming? (14 answers)

 How long have you been best friends with your best friend? (17 answers)

 Do you ever use your school agenda? (12 answers)

 Do you live in the town, city, country, or suburbs? (12 answers)

 Are/were you considered "popular" in highschool? (14 answers)

 Doesn't it bother you when people have severely chewed nails? I cannot stand having nails shorther than where the finger stops. (8 answers)

 Doesn't it bother you when people have severely chewed nails? I cannot stand having nails shorther than where the finger stops. (1 answers)

 Wow, it's 4:53 and dusk outside already! (4 answers)

 GIRLS: Do you shave your downtown hair? (6 answers)

 Do you think you are considered hot/sexy? (8 answers)

 I physically cannot go #2 in the bathroom when others are withing hearing/smelling range. How about you? (8 answers)

 Are you more attracted to people of you own race or of different races? (7 answers)

 Red or blue? (9 answers)

 Would your friends consider you as being more "good" or "bad"? (11 answers)

 Would you rather date a sexy model with an ok personality or an ugly commoner with a great personality? (6 answers)

 Have you ever shaved your head for cancer? If so, did you wear a wig? (5 answers)

 What would you do if you saw your toothbrush floating around in the toilet? (14 answers)

 Why do they say "ON" the computer? It isn't like you are sitting on it. (8 answers)

 Having sex, would you want your partner to scream your name?(just asking because I hate my name and am going to change it before having sex) (9 answers)

 Oranges are overrated, agreed? (13 answers)

 Would you rather be a primary teacher or a journalist? (14 answers)

 Plums are underrated, agreed? (8 answers)

 Does your highschool have over or less than 1000 people?(Mine has 850 and its boring as hell) (21 answers)

 Do you love Christmas and/or holiday music? (11 answers)

 Are you aged 16+ and still giggle when you hear the word sex/penis/boobs/vagina/etc? (15 answers)

 If a teacher was extremely hot and had a great personality, and you liked him/her, would you consider dating them after highschool? (10 answers)

 Have you ever had a crush on a teacher? (12 answers)

 Would you ever get coloured contact lenses? (7 answers)

 Have you ever ridden a horse? (11 answers)

 Do you enjoy classical orchesta/piano music? (11 answers)

 On average, what percentage of people you meet become your friends? (9 answers)

 Which is worse: living in your parents' house forever, or not going to college/university? (8 answers)

 Can't you just not wait to graduate from high school? (8 answers)

 MY HAMSTER MADE ME DO IT!!!! Did this phrase make you giggle? If so, I probably wouldn't like you. (10 answers)

 Do you like carrots? Raw or cooked? (13 answers)

 Don't you hate immature people? Or do you enjoy them? (9 answers)

 Would you ever get plastic surgery? (9 answers)

 GUYS: Which do you find sexier on girls: blonde hair and blue eyes or dark hair and green eyes? (4 answers)

 Would you rather: Hear Avril Lavigne's "Girlfriend" being played for 6 weeks straight, or hear JT's "Sexy Back" for 12 weeks? (10 answers)

 GUYS: Do you think Paris Hilton is a sexy lady or a douche bag? (8 answers)

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