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xElmox's Q & A
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 Why aren't you people answering the question two questions down? It's a rare opportunity. (2 answers)

 why is mike such a totally cool and awesome person?? (4 answers)

 RAWR! What should my next question be? (2 answers)

 Name one thing worth fighting for.  (25 answers)

 If you're a moron, press 4957349587439587349587349857439579347534  (18 answers)

 What are some of your plans for this summer?  (11 answers)

 OMG LIEK I THINK I'M FALLING IN LOVE WHAT DO I DO!?!?! On a scale of 1-10, how afraid are you of getting heartbroken?  (28 answers)

 Will you please shoot me? I keep singing 'Toxi' by Brittney Spears in my head.  (19 answers)

 What would you do if heaven was a mile away?  (21 answers)

 Why must one be prude at the expense of being consistently horny? =(  (15 answers)

 What do you think abou military involvement in Iraq?  (19 answers)

 Do you think people who typed 'lIke DiS h3Re' would be better off removing their fingers to resolve starvation in Eastern African impoverished cities?  (16 answers)

 Will you be my Valentine? Pweeease =*[  (18 answers)

 "Don't be stupid. Vote for me." Isn't that a kick ass presidential slogan?!  (16 answers)

 If you catch someone cheating, do you find tying their dick to the bumper of your car with lacerating wire and driving in excess of 120 mph a bit extreme?  (16 answers)

 Jesus loved me today!! ^_^ So did my catholic priest!!! ^_^ What, you thought they only liked boys?  (14 answers)

 Can anyone make a compelling argument as to how men are capable of sucking so badly?  (19 answers)

 What would convince you more? Proof of absence, or absence of proof?  (13 answers)


 If I gave you the chance to ask me one question, what would it be? o_0  (17 answers)

 If your walls could talk, what would it say?  (27 answers)

 Don't you wish I had a canned applause machine? That way I could press a button and feel better about myself as computer generated sounds do what teh entire world should be doing...worshipping me! =*[  (13 answers)


 Given that the average life expectancy for a fly is 5 days, there is no more strawberry milk in my fridgerator, and someone is urinating from the Eiffel Tower at this moment, what is your perspective on life?  (19 answers)

 I go to an all-girls catholic school!! On a scale of 1-10, HOW BIG OF A SLUT AM I!!!!  (24 answers)

 If you could be any inanimate object of mine, what would you be? And would you come with batteries?  (18 answers)

 What is that in your pants? (30 answers)

 Heartbreaker or Heartbroken?  (25 answers)

 Yoda vs. Neo...who wins? Millenium Falcon vs. the Nebudchanezzard?  (14 answers)

 If I set myself on fire, would you come watch me burn?  (27 answers)

 Would you piss on me as your humanitarian attempt to save this damsel from distress?  (17 answers)

 If I gave you an opportunity to sing me a song, what would you sing me?  (21 answers)

 Why am I so damn awesome?  (19 answers)

 Why should I ask you a question?  (19 answers)

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GageAlainLonnaganGAGEY says hi to all you mother tuckers Hey WILL C ...you big- dicked elf !!!!!!!!!!!!!
nuclearsailorIf I abandoned my spiritual values / moral principles in order to obtain wealth by joining the nuclear navy, would that be a faustian bargain? Are faustian bargains necessarily 'bad', assuming one fundamentally cared more about wealth than 'values'?
nuclearsailorNuke school feels like a home-owner's association. Lots of rich preps with a penchant for BMWs and exotic sports cars with lots of "country club"-like rules governing the land. Yep. What does 'your place' kind of feel like?
iBoy2G11/08: Paul LePage won re-election in Maine! I bet Gage is very happy!
anthony2940What happen to the chat on here?
nicolefariaWhat is banefits sex in our student life??
iBoy2G11/02: It's my birthday!
gouberstudent center is getting boring
Jigsaws_Best_FriendHey Ladies. Who wants a snowcone?
iBoy2G10/16: What is your opinion on fangate?
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