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xCaitX's Q & A
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 Do you have an alter ego? (3 answers)

 Can someone please hook me up with a live or dead journal code?! (4 answers)

 http://dreamin.scerina.net/zeromancer.html <<--- new layout, yay or nay? (3 answers)

 Who bought the new Something Corporate CD "North" today? ...isnt it just like, so rad? :) lol...er yah. (2 answers)

 My site has a new layout, tell me what you think! (2 answers)

 Have you ever given your heart away only for it to be smashed into the ground after? (7 answers)

 This is incredible.Starving,insatiable,yes,this is love for the first time.Well you'd like to think that you were invincible.Yeah,well weren't we all once before we felt loss for the first time?Well this is the last time. (2 answers)

 Anyone want to take my survey? PLEASE :) Go here: http://dreamin.scerina.net/survey.html (3 answers)

 What do you do when you start to really like a guy but he's gay? (10 answers)

 Anyone have live/dead journal?...If you do, will you give me an invitation code? pleaaaase :) (2 answers)

 boxocereal: Nope.

 Who has seen the brand spankin' new Linkin Park video, "Numb"?! (7 answers)

 Further Seems Forever or Dashboard Confessional?  (5 answers)

 Have you been made fun of about your taste in music?  (18 answers)

 Guess the band/Finish the lyrics: "Put bars on your windows to keep away the thieves,stay inside & keep your sanity,stand your ground & follow your beliefs,you can't turn the ghetto into a ___________" (2 answers)

 [I smell hypocrites :O ]...Why do people SAY that they hate labels, but then they turn around and call people 'teenies' and 'posers'...what the fuck? Aren't those labels too? Or did I miss something? (6 answers)

 Who in your opinion is/are the best Ska band[s] ever? (9 answers)

 Do three musicians make a complete band?  (10 answers)

 Are lights on a visor stupid?  (6 answers)

 Anyone like the band Shinedown? or even heard of them? (3 answers)

 do you like to FISH? *evil look & hides fish*  (6 answers)

 Which Democratic candidate would you like to see nominated to run for the 2004 presidential election?  (4 answers)

 Have you been to any concerts? If yes, who put on the best show? (10 answers)

 Why do ppl take being called a bitch as a compliment? :-/ (5 answers)

 Metallica fans! please join my Lars Ulrich fanlisting: -------> http://lars.faking-cool.org <-----thank you! (5 answers)

 Will you PLEASE join my Lars Ulrich fanlisting if you're a Metallica fan?! The site is: http://lars.faking-cool.org ...!  (3 answers)

 What's 'wow' spelled backwards? (11 answers)

 Do you remember lying in bed, with your covers pulled up over your head? Radio playin' so no one can see. We need change, we need it fast before rock's just part of the past, 'cause lately it all sounds the same to me, oh oh oh oh, oh oh  (4 answers)

 Has anyone heard of the band Youth of Today? (6 answers)

 If I give you a piece of paper, what are the odds of you not eating it? (7 answers)

 dude! stop standing on my eyebrow! O.o  (7 answers)

 If I wrote you a love letter, would you write back? O.O (14 answers)

 There's a time and place for everything, there's a reason why certain people meet, there's a destination for everyone, what's the explanation when we're done?  (8 answers)

 What if they never found Nemo? *gasp*  (12 answers)

 I'll give you a rose if you guess this song that is stuck in my head: "'We Are the Champions' playing out on the radio station, Everyone sing along with these anthems of our generation." ? (8 answers)

 wooooo! new picture in profile!! yuck I think I might change it again LOL...opinions?? (4 answers)

 Who killed Bambi? :O (8 answers)

 What is your favorite name for a guy [and if you are a guy, then what is your favorite name for a girl]...mine is Lars! I love that name :D  (16 answers)

 hm...should I change my picture in my profile? [cant think of a better question to ask -_- ]  (4 answers)

 *important* Does anyone have any news on the Good Charlotte/Mest/Something Corporate fall tour?? I heard Mest wasnt going b/c of Tony Lovato...is it just a rumor? does anyone know where I can find any info? that will suck if they dont go [mestcr (4 answers)

 Did that hurt? (8 answers)

 Ok I am officially 5 ft 2 in -_- ...damn...lol...how tall are you? (24 answers)

 What's under your bed? O.o  (9 answers)

 What was the last CD you bought?  (22 answers)

 *sigh* O Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?  (11 answers)

 Will someone please fix my printer? :( ...watch out, it bit meee, ouch. :O  (5 answers)

 Good songs to download? (20 answers)

 Do you sing in the shower? (17 answers)

 Is it possible to have a pet shrimp? O.o  (9 answers)

 People! If you are on aim and want to go to my fish's Birthday Rave please go to room: Tikis Birthday Rave  (4 answers)

 My fish's birthday is tomorrowwwwwww! Last time to make RSVPs! :O  (4 answers)

 Can someone be depressed and self injure themself to rid the pain temporarily, yet not be suicidal b/c of fear of death?  (10 answers)

 Hey you! *points at you* ...can you please pass me the Meatloaf Enhancer? Merci :D  (5 answers)

 Are you blacklight sensitive? I am! ;D  (6 answers)

 Attack Iraq? :X *DISCLAIMER: this question requires open-mindedness and the right to exercise freedom of speech..RESPECT! all opinions are respected, unless they are totally ignorant ;) *  (6 answers)

 lalalalalalalalalalala...guess what song I can't get outta my head?  (8 answers)

 Does anyone live in Pensacola and like ONE of these bands: Good Charlotte, Mest, or Something Corporate?  (8 answers)

 SUVs: yay or nay?  (8 answers)

 My friend Alex molests candy bars :O ...do YOU? O.o *hides candy bar*  (5 answers)

 bouna notte! buenos noches! bonne nuit! good night! *jumps on bed and goes to sleep* -_- zZzz (4 answers)

 I just listened to Wasted Years by Cold and it makes me a little sad...anyone like that song?  (8 answers)

 5 more days till my fish's birthday!  (5 answers)

 Bonjour! Comment tu t'appelle? ....Je m'appelle Cait ;D  (13 answers)

 avast, ye sea dogs! :O  (5 answers)

 ARrrrrrrrrrrrr...did you kno there is a talk like a pirate day?! wow XD  (6 answers)

 Which is the best program to download music from? [ie. Kazaa, Kazaa lite, morpheus...etc??]  (6 answers)

 Why does everyone like spongebob??? He annoys the crap outta me -_-  (12 answers)

 but WHY's the rum gone???  (11 answers)

 Why is the toilet sometimes called "the John"? O.o  (5 answers)

 why does my fish always look pissed off..? :-/  (21 answers)

 Guess what...its my fish's birthday on the 16th of August! Will you come to his birthday?  (10 answers)

 Tiiiiny Bubbles...  (6 answers)

 But what if you can't swim :( ? ...........[see previous question]  (6 answers)

 You can't cross bridges that you've burned..no?  (9 answers)

 THIS OR THAT? : Acoustic or Electric?  (12 answers)

 Can I call you squishy???!!! XD  (7 answers)

 does anyone post at GCnaptown.com?  (4 answers)

 What are you listening to right now?  (11 answers)

 Who's going to the Good Charlotte, Mest, and Something Corporate concert? the tour starts Sept 17!!!!!! :D  (4 answers)

 Does anyone have glo in the dark drumsticks? (8 answers)

 Does anyone go to my high school?  (7 answers)

 Who's BORED??? [..say something random..] (15 answers)

 Will you come to my rave?  (8 answers)

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