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woshjest's Q & A
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 Does anyone know ashthemash? (2 answers)

 Should Ashthemash go out with me yes, no, or maybe this is a poll? (2 answers)

 Snowboarding or Skateboarding which do u prefer and why? (3 answers)

 What race do i want to be  (3 answers)

 Who is Kellyherself in love with  (2 answers)

 Whats better chicken or chicken pot pie  (3 answers)

 Who do you love  (3 answers)

 Whos muscles are bigger Arnolds or The Rocks  (2 answers)

Last 10 Questions Posted
GageAlainLonnaganGAGEY says hi to all you mother tuckers Hey WILL C ...you big- dicked elf !!!!!!!!!!!!!
nuclearsailorIf I abandoned my spiritual values / moral principles in order to obtain wealth by joining the nuclear navy, would that be a faustian bargain? Are faustian bargains necessarily 'bad', assuming one fundamentally cared more about wealth than 'values'?
nuclearsailorNuke school feels like a home-owner's association. Lots of rich preps with a penchant for BMWs and exotic sports cars with lots of "country club"-like rules governing the land. Yep. What does 'your place' kind of feel like?
iBoy2G11/08: Paul LePage won re-election in Maine! I bet Gage is very happy!
anthony2940What happen to the chat on here?
nicolefariaWhat is banefits sex in our student life??
iBoy2G11/02: It's my birthday!
gouberstudent center is getting boring
Jigsaws_Best_FriendHey Ladies. Who wants a snowcone?
iBoy2G10/16: What is your opinion on fangate?
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