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willC_4567's Q & A
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willC_4567 has 83 questions total.
willC_4567 has answered a total of 4,112 other questions.

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 Not counting bathing or changing your cloths when and why was the last time you were naked? (3 answers)

 Who has been skinny dipping this summer? (3 answers)

 How many of you actually look at other peoples photos, and leave comments? (3 answers)

 How many of you guys wake up with morning wood every morning? (3 answers)

 How many people actually check out other peoples photo albums and leave comments? (1 answers)

 More important... the motion in the ocean or the size of the boat? (6 answers)

 It's the end of the world no more Hostess Twinkies!!!!! (6 answers)

 Remember to vote tomorrow!! (6 answers)

 When was the last time you got a royal straight flush in the casino? I got one today (9 answers)

 Guys when you are skinny dipping do you make a big impression on the girls? (3 answers)

 Finally a Poll of the Day question I "equipped" to answer lol (2 answers)

 Who has ever traded naked pics? (15 answers)

 Who has facebook? (16 answers)

 who won money betting on the packers (9 answers)

 girls you are swimming in the ocean and are hit by a big wave and lose half your bikini, which half would you rather lose the top or the bottom? (25 answers)

 Who thinks if a girl goes braless it makes her trashy? (28 answers)

 Want to find out who really loves you. Lock your girlfriend and your dog in the trunck of your car on a hot afternoon for an hour. go back and open it up, which of the two will be truly glad to see you, and which one will want to kill you? (10 answers)

 who got some kind of sex last night .intercorse, oral, handjob, fingered, who got notj\hing (27 answers)

 Who likes to be naked? alone? with others? (21 answers)

 are you offended if someone shows you a naked picture of themselves? (36 answers)

 UnknownMisfit01: Not so much.
 SerenaLH: Only if its unpleasent
 freeeaddys: if i didnt ask for it, then yeah
 sarrchl: ehh id rather not look if i cud
 Vampire996: in some casses its rather creepy. but if the man is hot then no it shouldnt be offending
 BeachDiamond: Depends on who and why their showing me. haha
 MySecrets_You02: nah
 hayliehalze666: depends
 sargent_froggie: depends on who's showing it
 jrock_is_teh_smex: not at all
 NiqueLicious: mostly not
 NiqueLicious: mostly not
 ashleybomb2009: not really
 ray095883: only if you accept it
 _KandyKorn_: Well, I certainly wouldn't start pitching a fit about it. But I'd be either a tiny bit perturbed, to very wierded out (Depending on who it is).
 queen_of_yorke: well..... it depends.i would fell slightly put off. i mean, it would be taboo. especially if its someone of the same sex.
 faerie_kisses: not really
 deww: absolutely
 SharpieSniffer: Yeah. I'm mostly mad they put me in an akward situation.
 ololangel2006: not really
 x0MaRiAx0: mhm
 happy_B0bbles: Not offended. Put off, perhaps?
 boxocereal: Wtf..I answered this question and it gets deleted?? Whatever.

 Add me to Yahoo IM it's will_4567@yahoo.com and just mention you are from studentcenter (9 answers)

 guys and girls too, who do you think has the best boobs on studentcenter (40 answers)

 Do any girls like watching porn? (67 answers)

 Say you are in college and needed money and you could make $100 posing naked for an art class, would you? (71 answers)

 Girls do you think your boobs are too big or too small (74 answers)

 If you could go skinny dipping with any 3 people on studentcenter who would you choose? (34 answers)

 girls if you had a chance to go skinny dipping with a group of your guy friends would you? (43 answers)

 Is 10 inches too much for most girls? (65 answers)

 How do you feel about nudity? (57 answers)

 How many girls would be embarassd if a guy friend accidentally saw them topless? a female friend? (81 answers)

 how many girls ever wished their boyfriends penis was 10 inches long? (59 answers)

 How many guys ever wished their penis was 10 inches long? (19 answers)

 Girls how important is your boyfriends "size" to you? (52 answers)

 Guys, no matter what your girlfriend says, how important is your "size" to here\? (13 answers)

 girls how many of you have ever been making out with a guy, and he went to take your bra off and he couldn't get those damn snapes undone? those things as so fustrating!!!!! (44 answers)

 Bras, do girls really nead them (84 answers)

 It's gonna be hot who want's to go skinny dipping with me (34 answers)

 what's your bra size (91 answers)

 How many girls would perfer it if their boyfriend had a bid dick? (52 answers)

 how many girls have been taken advantage of sexually by a guy or another furl (60 answers)

 Girls how many dates til you'd let a guy get your bra off (58 answers)

 does any girl think they look good naked (63 answers)

 Girls if you could make your boobs any size you wanted what size would you make them (92 answers)

 when you go to a girls profile and check out their friends they have all these pics of guys with no shirts on so girls I want to know why you won't return the favor for us guys? (34 answers)

 How many of you girls have checked out bulges in guys pants (77 answers)

 how many girls have ever dated a guy with a small dick (64 answers)

 Don't you think it's great if you're a guy and have a big dick (48 answers)

 who has actually taken a naked pic of themselves? (43 answers)

 How many girls perfer a guy who is really hung? (44 answers)

 Girls if you heard that a guy had a very large dick would you be curious enough to go out with him once just to see it (72 answers)

 Have you ever taken someones virginity? (96 answers)

 girls how old were you when you saw your first dick(not counting babies) (103 answers)

 Any girls wamt to see my revealing pics? I've got a lot to see*L* (71 answers)

 Girls I dare you to show me your boobs...will_4567@yahoo.com (67 answers)

 girls is your current boyfriend the "biggest" (78 answers)

 Girls have you ever faked and orgasm, why? (82 answers)

 Can augys dick be too big and if so at what sizw who you worry about having sex with him? (87 answers)

 What's the most embarassing thing you've done when you are drunk (102 answers)

 anyone besides me have naked pics? (94 answers)

 Girls, You are waling down the street and glance at a house and through a window you se a guy starting to undress. If you knew that no one would know would you stop and watch him or look the other way and keep going. I'll answer fro all the guy (178 answers)

 how many girls have played strip poker with guys? did you win or lose? (135 answers)

 How many girls would perfer to have a guy with a bigger than average dick (118 answers)

 bra size? (198 answers)

 How many girl have ever used their boobs to flirt with a guy. Like bend over on purpose so he look down your front? (183 answers)

 Girlls if you could change one thing about your boyfriend what would it be? (120 answers)

 If you were at a party and some said lets go skinny dipping in the pool, would you do it, if it was just one sex or if there were guys and girls both (146 answers)

 girls you're at the beach and a big wave hits you and you loose half your bikini, which half would you rather loose and why? (167 answers)

 How many girls are bi (173 answers)

 honestly girls how many of you have ever checked out the bulge in a guys pants (163 answers)