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u1bd2005's Q & A
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 Yes or No, is the answer to this question no? (1 answers)

 boxocereal: Maybe.

 Why do giraffes have such long legs? (1 answers)

 How many fingers am I holding up? (8 answers)

 What is the answer to this question? (6 answers)

 If a dozen elephants walked over a cliff and all but two died, how many survived? (2 answers)

 Can a man living in the US be burried in Canada? (4 answers)

Last 10 Questions Posted
GageAlainLonnaganOh happy day !!!!!!!!!! The SEX questions are back. Will C and me are so pleased ! HI wILL
BarbaraKannFor the girls, do you prefer having intercourse, having your p*ssy licked/fingered, or sucking a guys dick??
BarbaraKannGirls, spit or swallow?
BarbaraKannFor the girls, when having sex do you prefer being on the bottom, on top, or from behind?
BarbaraKannFor the guys, do you prefer intercourse or oral sex until you cum?
ceaser2how many girls here ever thought about adding photo's of themselves dancing?
ceaser2how many girl's here like to dance?
iBoy2G8/22: What is your opinion of Hillary Clinton?
iBoy2G8/22: If Sarah Palin ran against Hillary Clinton in 2016, which would you vote for?
iBoy2G8/22: Are you looking forward to the first female President in 2016?
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