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u1bd2005's Q & A
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 Yes or No, is the answer to this question no? (1 answers)

 boxocereal: Maybe.

 Why do giraffes have such long legs? (1 answers)

 How many fingers am I holding up? (8 answers)

 What is the answer to this question? (6 answers)

 If a dozen elephants walked over a cliff and all but two died, how many survived? (2 answers)

 Can a man living in the US be burried in Canada? (4 answers)

Last 10 Questions Posted
iBoy2G8/22: What is your opinion of Hillary Clinton?
iBoy2G8/22: If Sarah Palin ran against Hillary Clinton in 2016, which would you vote for?
iBoy2G8/22: Are you looking forward to the first female President in 2016?
iBoy2G8/22: Imagine Hillary Clinton picks Michelle Obama to be her VP in 2016!
iBoy2G8/22: Who do you think Hillary Clinton will pick to be her VP in 2016?
iBoy2G8/22: How do you feel about future President Clinton?
iBoy2G8/22: Will you vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016?
iBoy2G8/14: LOL, go to jeffedelman.com its funny. See where it links :)
iBoy2G8/12: What was your favorite Robbin Williams movie/TV show?
iBoy2G8/12: Do you miss Robbin Williams?
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