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u1bd2005's Q & A
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 Yes or No, is the answer to this question no? (1 answers)

 boxocereal: Maybe.

 Why do giraffes have such long legs? (1 answers)

 How many fingers am I holding up? (8 answers)

 What is the answer to this question? (6 answers)

 If a dozen elephants walked over a cliff and all but two died, how many survived? (2 answers)

 Can a man living in the US be burried in Canada? (4 answers)

Last 10 Questions Posted
UsulWhat is your economic ideology (such as capitalism, socialism, communism, distributism, feudalism/manorialism, mercantilism, etc)?
ceaser2what kind of video's of yourself do you like to make ?
iBoy2G7/20: Gage and Justin. What could they do together?
iBoy2G7/20: Shane and Justin. What could they do together?
iBoy2G7/20: Gage, Shane and Justin. What could they do together?
iBoy2G7/20: Gage and Shane. What could they do together?
nuclearsailorOMG, I sooooo want to convert a small electric car into a hybrid. Please tell me it's going to happen sometime in my life? lol
nuclearsailorThis (school)/(state's radio stations) likes to play pop 80s music, which I like, lol. (In Georgia, the radio stations seem to like country/rap, which kind of sucks, lol.) What's your local music 'scene' like?
iBoy2G7/19: What is your current approval level of Barack Obama? Mine is about 85%.
iBoy2G7/19: Gage has been acting differently ever since he got that lobotomy. What do you think?
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