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terra_ultmia's Q & A
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 wow...who still going on this site and not even an active student? be it college/uni or k-12 (2 answers)

 LULZ! With so many games out for all platform, would you continue to buy DLC just to extend the life of the game? (2 answers)

 Who ready for Call of Duty: Black Op? if so, what system and which edition? (ie standard, harden or prestige) (6 answers)

 isn't it hard when people you befriend doesn't come back after a while? (5 answers)

 does relationship involve sex or not? (8 answers)

 Which Gaming Console do you own? Why? (13 answers)

 "Freedome is Overrated...but is it worth it?" (7 answers)

 "Love is Hope, Happiness, Joy, and Warmth." <-- True or False? (11 answers)

 what kind of person tried to have over 200+ friends on SCN when some of them haven't checked their profile in over 6+ months? (7 answers)

 what the different between Health and Biology? (11 answers)

 UnknoWnMisfit01: Who knows.
 boxocereal: I agree with ezrasdaughter4.
 ameema14: biology is more about insects
 jrock_is_teh_smex: take the class and see.....
 JessicaMarie: health is more towards sex
 ezrasdaughter4: I think Health is target specifically towards humanlife, but Biology is moreso humans and other living organisms as well.
 Peakaboo: dunno, could look it up....
 djhowty: get a dictionary

 wow, i only got 16000+ hits and i already made 100,000+ points. how many hits and points do you have? (10 answers)

 who is getting a spam link to porn listed as Guest?? (11 answers)

 you know, i alway notice, but doesn't anybody know that chicken's gender is alway a Female, so why does calling a guy a chicken mean anything? (10 answers)

 anybody remember watching GhostWriter? (15 answers)

 anybody play Total Annihilation? (8 answers)

 sadlonlyman: even Frankstein look smarter than you, but unlike you, he doesn't moan and bitch about not gitting laid (5 answers)

 sadlonlyman: everyone tried to help you, but you refuse it. you'll have to do it yourself, bastard. (6 answers)

 where do i go to ask sex question and git a stright answer? (13 answers)

 Who actually Read the Testmonity about that person? (8 answers)

 how do many different way or language can you say "I Love You"? (20 answers)

 Female: if you were carrying a child without knowning but had a miscarriage, would it still consider your first child? (16 answers)

 anybody want to search the profile of people that haven't been bak in a week and make bet? too bad we can't bet with points (6 answers)

 Would you introduce or tell others about this site? (13 answers)

 what with this stupid question!? "who think this __person's sn__ is awesom?" (8 answers)

 Who like RSS Feed based on Guestbook? why? (3 answers)

 hmm, i think the chain mail is something of a pyrimaid scam. who else think so? (7 answers)

 "the cherry i seek is not between your legs, but in your chest." <-- figure out this quote (12 answers)

 Who is currently using FireFox 2.0? (14 answers)

 who play online game? (13 answers)

 how did you first come to this Site? (22 answers)

 who play Sudoku? (19 answers)

 "To enslave to save a life, i protect thee." <-- what is the meaning of this Quoet? (6 answers)

 "To Love is to Risk, but not to Love is not to know Happiness" <-- what your opinion on this? (13 answers)

 eh? i thought this was something about asking a Question about somthing. not requesting someone to leave feedbak on picture or poem???? (7 answers)

 Who using FireFox or sumding like it beside the IE by Microsoft? (16 answers)

 what your view on Chain Mail in the Guestbook? personally, i think it suck and i don't believe in it (12 answers)

 for those who answered my question about the fastest way from one coast to the other. name one country where you can git from one side of the country to the other in a car that is the fastest (4 answers)

 which is the fastest way to git from the west coast to the east coast: train, plane, car, or ship? (9 answers)

 what is a emo? (14 answers)

 which is better? winter break or school? (21 answers)

 who read online comic like megatokyo or applegeek? (4 answers)

 how long do you wait before you remove the people you haven't talked to for a long time? (11 answers)

 if you were offered a chance to choose between two powers which would you choose: Mirror, ablitity to travel and see and making it, or being able to walk throu anything (6 answers)

 what is it with sex question? there is a SCN group dicated to sex. go there!? (9 answers)

 what favor of ice cream do you like? (20 answers)

 who bored enough that you're posting question here to git answer? (6 answers)

 who enjoyed the 4 day vacation? (7 answers)

 How hard is it to say "I Love You" from the heart and not just to play with others? (13 answers)

 when someone say that Love is Hard, they probably already know the true meaning. wat about you? (5 answers)

 How many of you seen a profile that prob haven't been updated for a while? (9 answers)

 would u leave this site due to a lack of interest from urs side? (7 answers)

 |/\|0000! 533|\/| 1i|<3 ppl5 r pi55 ff. +4 (8 answers)

 damn. come up with a better question. in fact, here one for ya. Are you all so bored that you can't do anything but be online and ask crappy **** question that doesn't git answer or just trying to gain one of those icon? (9 answers)

 man, what with all these sex question? (8 answers)

 who dink chain mail is nuthing but a dumb ding to do? (10 answers)

 ya all know sumding stupid?? chain mail is suppose to be chain mail, wheather it email or not, but y tag other with a chain mail? it just take up too much space and time to find the new tag u've received (6 answers)

 who here like to read manga? if so, check out http://ykk.misago.org (8 answers)

 how many of you dink it a good idea for the creator of www.studentcenter.org to make a Birthday Notice for those on the buddy list and friends? (8 answers)

 Which is better? movies based on video games or video games based on movies? (13 answers)

 Why do people point to their wrist when asking for the time, but people don't point to their crotch when they ask where the bathroom is? (11 answers)

 If 7-11 is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, why are there locks on the doors? (13 answers)

 If you were born exactly on 12:00 midnight on December 31st Ė January 1st, which year would you say you were born in? (10 answers)

 If you don't pay your exorcist, do you get repossessed? (7 answers)

 Why do dogs sniff other dogís bottoms to say hello, why donít they just bark in their face or something? (7 answers)

 Who was the first person to look at a cow and say, "I think I'll squeeze these dangly things here and drink what comes out"? (8 answers)

 If you swallow a burp does it turn into a fart? (10 answers)

 do y"all consider sign language an actual language even though it is not spoken verbally but through the hands? (13 answers)

 (Be honest) Why do hearing people discriminate(not accept) deaf people? (8 answers)

 y is most of the best horror movie are the classic while the new century horror is a bunch of crap? (10 answers)

 how many of u can't wait for school to start?? (9 answers)

 what is the first thought that appear in ur mind when u see a beautiful person of ur opposite sex? (15 answers)

 would u all consider this as a Question: what goes around come around, but what goes one way split into two? (10 answers)

 oh yea, who dink my language is nuthing but a buch of hacked up english?? (11 answers)

 how come i don't c no striaght question dat would provoke a deep thought in question??? what with dis all idiot quesiont ?? (11 answers)

 hey all. don't use the ****ing Q&A section to go off on lyric. dat is gitting annoying (4 answers)

 hey all, have dis ever happen to u: u're listening to a song, when for no reason at all, u're crying (even if it not a love song or a sad song) becuz the song remind u of sumding that was very close to u in the past? (16 answers)

 anybody know where i can find info on Anime Convention?? (10 answers)

 how bout sum real question?? as in, who make the best friend and y? (6 answers)

 do u enjoy being a hypocrite? (16 answers)

 which do u dink is better: answer dumb question out of boredom, or answer question to help other? (7 answers)

 Penguins suck. plus, how they act and walk suck too (11 answers)

 so what. penguins just a foddy for the bear (4 answers)

 what the **** with the giant penguin. what so damn important bout it!?!?!? (4 answers)

 who no the different between Anime and Manga to Cartoon and Comic?? (just checking cuz i no ppl out there dink it stupid) (10 answers)

 how many of u all had school on valenine day?? i thought that most school district had no school! (7 answers)

 who can't wait for spring break?? (12 answers)

 Which of the super power would u choose?? the ablitity of an X-Ray (to c through the clothes of course) or to be able to travel anywhere via mirror (12 answers)

 what cha plan for April 1st?? (i no it a long way off, but never hurt on planning ahead) (10 answers)

 how many of u r happy with no school on valentine day? (15 answers)

 is it me, or r young girl already developing faster before hitting teen years? (22 answers)

 how do u react when ur friend is feeling down or lonely?? (17 answers)

 This question is mainly for female: if you wanted ur first time to be memorable, would u prefered a romantic dinner or just go rite to it? (23 answers)

 if u were to have a dream date, what would it be?  (18 answers)

 what do u think about playzer?  (19 answers)

 what do u think about dumb terrorism doing it for religion?  (18 answers)

 what is ur opioion on religion and terrorism?  (22 answers)

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