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sweetiepie55533's Q & A
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 who actually liked the "quotes" section... and doesn't like the new "hook line" thing...? (6 answers)

 best blond joke? (5 answers)

 how big is your school? (9 answers)

 can you do this? type this sentence with your eyes closed. (13 answers)

 how many bedrooms and bathrooms does your house have?? and do you like your house, why or why not? (9 answers)

 did you or are you going to have a big sweet sixteen party? why? (8 answers)

 can you type your first and last name with just your elbow? (try it -no cheating- and then put your real name next to it, so we know what it really is) (9 answers)

 isn't the smell just beautiful when it rains? if you don't think so, why ever not?! (8 answers)

 canada's the 4th country to legalize same-sex marriage. do you think the US should legalize it? (14 answers)

 which of your questions has the most answers? (what's the question, and how many answers are there) (5 answers)

 what do you think about ppl who are... 13 or older and have never dated? (14 answers)

 girls: do you hang your bras in your closet, or put them in a dresser drawr? (13 answers)

 do you think too much flirting could be considered cheating? (13 answers)

 are your answers to ppl questions usually really short, really long... or does it totally depend on the question? (10 answers)

 ever seen a cat with 6 toes on each paw? (my kitty's deformed, lol) (10 answers)

 do you really "laugh out loud" when you type LOL? why or why not?? (16 answers)

 how long have you been a member of the site? (12 answers)

 has your teacher ever pulled a pop TEST on you? what do you think about that? (11 answers)

 how old were you when you stopped wetting the bed? (15 answers)

 are you extremely ticklish just about anywhere, not ticklish at all, or only ticklish in specific places? (16 answers)

 guys: right now, if you were to find out you got a girl pregnant- would you encourage in her in getting an abortion, giving the baby up for adoption, or would you want her to keep the child and you help raise it? (20 answers)

 girls: right now, if you were to find out you were pregnant- would you have an abortion, give the baby up for adoption, or keep the child and raise it? (25 answers)

 how long has it been since you've cleaned your ears? (24 answers)

 from a bf/gf, do you enjoy hugs more from the front or the back? (28 answers)

 how often do you flirt? (26 answers)

 on a normal night, how long does it usually take you fall asleep? (20 answers)

 are you underweight, over weight, average, or don't know and don't care? (25 answers)

 what's your gpa (grade point average), and do you think you could better it? (21 answers)

 don't you get tired of ppl asking the same questions over and over? (15 answers)

 if you could have your hair any color, what would it be- or are you satisfied w/ your hair color? (20 answers)

 when was the last time you took a nice, relaxing bath...? (15 answers)

 did you know it's impossible to lick your elbow? (believe me, i've tried- lol) (18 answers)

 do you say "excuse me" when you burp, or just belch it and not care?  (27 answers)

 are you single and lovin' it?  (28 answers)

 what is your fav kind of potatoe chip?  (15 answers)

 do you GIRLS like wearing tight pants, or not? and do you GUYS like it when a girl wears tight pants?  (35 answers)

 after you use the restroom- do you close the lid on the toilet, or just leave it up?  (17 answers)

 do squeeze from the bottom, middle, or top of the toothpaste- or do you care?  (21 answers)

 how do you think you get to heaven?  (16 answers)

 if you could be any flavor jelly bean, which would you be and why?  (15 answers)

 can you tie a cherry stem in a knot, inside your mouth with your tongue?  (25 answers)

 can you unwrap a starburst in your mouth without it tearing and getting all soggy and gross?  (18 answers)

 have you ever laughed so hard you squirted juice out of you nose? if you've done it more than once with different drinks, which kind hurt the worst? (lol...i myself have done it with grape juice, but i've heard soda hurts worse...lol)  (14 answers)

 do you have a religion? if so, what is it?  (29 answers)

 what's the funniest thing you've ever watched happen?  (10 answers)

 have you ever been "de-pants" in public? if so, was it totally embarassing?  (16 answers)

 do you love little kids, or do you wish they would just hurry up already and GROW UP?  (19 answers)

 ever gotten an "f" on a report card? if so, how did your parents react- or did they even really care...?  (19 answers)

 have you ever tried staying awake to find out who the tooth fairy or santa clause was?  (14 answers)

 how many gfs/bfs have you had, or are there too many too count? (and not internet ones either)  (20 answers)

 ever slept walked before? if so... what happened, or where did you go?  (13 answers)

 how many of you truly despise school?  (13 answers)

 not based on who you'd prefer... who do you think will win in this year's presidential election?  (10 answers)

 how many of you crazy ppl out there have tried to "fly" by jumping off your roof or some other tall building? lol  (16 answers)

 has a dog ever peed on you before? (or any animal for that matter...lol)  (17 answers)

 why is that you GUYS don't like to cry? (girls you can give your opinions too if you want...)  (17 answers)

 are you so bored that you actaully wish school would just start already?  (13 answers)

 does your mom ever do this: be yelling at you or someone else, then the phone rings- she picks it up and acts all sweet and innocent?  (18 answers)

 don't ya just hate it when you cut/scratch/bruise ya self but have no idea how ya did it? lol  (14 answers)

 do you wish you had a/another bro/sis? why?  (29 answers)

 are dogs REALLY better than cats? (come on girls, i know you all love cats- at least most of you...lol)  (28 answers)

 do you think you have a pretty big family/extended family? (i have 11 aunts and uncles on just my dad's side of the family- beat that! lol, jk)  (17 answers)

 are you online a lot, or do you actually have a life?  (31 answers)

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