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sweetchick651's Q & A
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 ever been in a mosh pit? (6 answers)

 are you afraid of death? (9 answers)

 are you a daredevil? (6 answers)

 are you argumentative or sarcastic? (8 answers)

 boxocereal: Sarcastic.
 zanbufon: whatever the situation calls for
 koRn_chick2007: sarcastic

 do you think virginity is a spritual thing? (7 answers)

 FAMILY GUY?? (16 answers)

 who's for andy milonakis show? (13 answers)

 do you run your life by a clock? (9 answers)

 spice cake or carrot cake or neither? (11 answers)

 are you in love? (19 answers)

 introvert or extrovert? (10 answers)

 zoolander? (9 answers)

 what is the best reality tv show? (12 answers)

 do you think your insane? (14 answers)

 do you enjoy thunderstorms? (18 answers)

 why are cheerleaders need pom poms? (8 answers)

 did you know that having sex 3 times a week for one year, it adds up to 75 miles running? (17 answers)

 have you ever been attacked by an animal? if so, what was it? (17 answers)

 do you like undergrounnd bands? (8 answers)

 do you label people? (10 answers)

 if you were to murder someone, would you regret it as soon as it were over or not? (13 answers)

 skateboarding or rollerblading? (9 answers)

 do you have cellulite? (10 answers)

 have you ever been rejected and when you were, how did it feel (exhilerating to mwa!) (12 answers)

 isnt cheese cake the best thing in the world? (17 answers)

 do your parents get pissed when you chat with people you havent met? (16 answers)

 scariest site!!! www.therallyshack.co.uk (4 answers)

 i think your the cutest little thing! (13 answers)

 have yall seen batman forever? is it any good? (7 answers)

 harold or kumar? (8 answers)

 got rice bitch? (6 answers)

 i want you to hold me....blah blah blah....haha (7 answers)

 whats that whole bulletin thingy? (8 answers)

 are hickies supposed to hurt? (5 answers)

 i got rejected for the first time in my life....o well! (7 answers)

 i love you (12 answers)

 help me break 4000 hits! only 14 more to go! (5 answers)

 how do you get rid of hickies(dont say makeup it wont work) (12 answers)

 how do you make every other word bold on the profile.? (7 answers)

 neone up for a chat on aim? (5 answers)

 how many teenagers are aware how dangerous low carb diets are to their health? (7 answers)

 yum gum. who has an addiction and to what? (8 answers)

 have ya ever stole nething? (11 answers)

 check this site out: www.pointlesssites.com (7 answers)

 low carb peanut butter!!!! (10 answers)

 GUYS: do you prefer a tan on a woman or untanned skin (not pale just regular?) (9 answers)

 TONS of new pictures up! please check out! (10 answers)

 what do you think about the technology in our world? are we advancing into it to fast? (10 answers)

 what is the most horriblest way to die? (19 answers)

 chicken or pork (19 answers)

 do you obsess about your weight? (20 answers)

 new main pic. check out if really bored :) (8 answers)

 will someone STOP HER (10 answers)

 what is it about gay guys that straight guys dont like? (13 answers)

 cheddar or american cheese? (14 answers)

 how do you stay awake? (18 answers)

 how do you get rid of razor burn? (13 answers)

 who watches those movies on lifetime? (12 answers)

 are you going to heaven or hell? (23 answers)

 where is the weirdest place to grow hair? (19 answers)

 what is the best broadway play? (11 answers)

 what do you do subconciouslly that bugs the hell out of ya? (13 answers)

 best ice cream? (16 answers)

 do you sleep with socks on or off? (23 answers)

 what does your name mean? (24 answers)

 does sleeping in a bra bother you? (29 answers)

 who is on a "DIET"? (21 answers)

 how many years difference would you let the years be in a relationship? (26 answers)

 is there noone on? (9 answers)

 define "bong" (9 answers)

 how hard is it to get to sleep at night? (23 answers)

 is broccli good (YESS) (21 answers)

 is it easier for a guy to commit to something than it is for a girl say a relationship? (12 answers)

 would you ever go on a show like jerry springer orrrr...maury? (14 answers)

 what caused you to be in the worst mood of your life? (10 answers)

 neone seen finding neverland? (9 answers)

 what is the hardest habit to break? (13 answers)

 making out or cuddling? (27 answers)

 pig tails or pony tail? (15 answers)

 how come in songs, singers are always like "yea" then they go "oohhh nooo"? which is it? (10 answers)

 charmed or buffy the vampire slayer? (18 answers)

 why were you grounded last? (11 answers)

 what is your supposed future car? mine: 67 mustang baby (12 answers)

 has anyone ever gotten stuck together, where both of you have braces, whilst making out? (6 answers)

 what should i have for breakfast? (10 answers)

 coffee...good or bad? (20 answers)

 i really have to pee. brb (8 answers)

 do you itch an scratch or scratch an itch? (8 answers)

 my butt itches (13 answers)

 someone entertain me please (11 answers)

 worst bad habit is...? (11 answers)

 mullets: sexy or not? (11 answers)

 im hungry, any suggestions? (11 answers)

 what about the movie the nightmare before christmas? (9 answers)

 OMG jude law!!! (11 answers)

 boys suck (15 answers)

 are glasses hot? (14 answers)

 does Ibuprofen even work? (15 answers)

 do braces make it hard whilst making out? (12 answers)

 what is the best gum flavor ever?? (extra green apple) (12 answers)

 bored someone chat with me on aim PLEASE (7 answers)

 help!! i have a gum addiction!! (9 answers)

 jude law or orlando bloom? (9 answers)

 ok so my boyfriends grandfatehr died and all i said was "are you serious"...uhhh what do i do? (7 answers)

 when do you know that you have fallen in love? (8 answers)

 what would you do if you if you were married and your husband/wife cheated on you? (11 answers)

 aren't commercials entertaining? (9 answers)

 what do ya think about BI ppl? (11 answers)

 what is the best chocolate candy bar? (10 answers)

 whats the longest ya have been online? (15 answers)

 what do ya think about michael jackson (9 answers)

 best kinda coffee? (11 answers)

 disney world or busch gardens? (13 answers)

 who would want judge JUDY as their mother? (11 answers)

 who is dr.phil? (10 answers)

 do foreign movies rokck or what? (12 answers)

 do guys prefer the curves of a girl, or a stick? (9 answers)

 sexy catholic girl or quiet foreign girl (lol)? (15 answers)

 does humor heal everything? (12 answers)

 who can talk on the phone for 8 hours (16 answers)

 what is the best perfume scent/cologne (5 answers)

 dont you just love B-rated movies? (5 answers)

 whats your pet peeve? (13 answers)

 aren't peanuts the best thing in the world? unless your allergic (7 answers)

 is it odd to sing in the shower? (20 answers)

 is sarcasm a good thing? (16 answers)

 which do you prefer? blonde, brunette, red heads or black (15 answers)

 do you prefer the class clown or the quiet one? (10 answers)

 curly hair or straight? (17 answers)

 who finds it annoying when skinny girls complain about how fat they are? (23 answers)

 why do adults assume that they know everything about you? (10 answers)

 what is the most extreme gift you have ever gotten from a BF/GF? (5 answers)

 ainyone got aim? (12 answers)

 GUYS:are ya for the whole punk/rock look or for a more clean/prep look? (12 answers)

 tell me if this website isnt funny www.stopashlee.com (5 answers)

 does anyone wanna chat on aim? (5 answers)

 does anyone elses butt hurts from being online way to long? (8 answers)

 isnt my sister the cutest thing? (gotta go to profile) (4 answers)

 what is the worst weather? (11 answers)

 who sent me that fricken kiss because i cant figure it out!!! (4 answers)

 what is one thing you support (like MADD?) (10 answers)

 what is the most honorable thing you have done? (5 answers)

 what do you do when a person judges you? (16 answers)

 i am boredddd someone im me on aim!!! (3 answers)

 how do you make a relationship work? (12 answers)

 is there a stereotype for men? (9 answers)

 do we ever learn things from our dreams, like things we never knew? (7 answers)

 what do you do when you have writers block (8 answers)

 what is the best movie ever? (11 answers)

 anyone an Xbox freak? (12 answers)

 ever heard of MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE? (22 answers)

 on average, how many times do you look in a mirror? (14 answers)

 Does anyone else find it annoying when a guy constantly says I LOVE YOU every second? (13 answers)

 How come Superman could stop bullets with his chest, but always ducked when someone threw a gun at him? (15 answers)

 If I'm not a hypochondriac but think I am, does that make me a hypochondriac ? (9 answers)

 IF driving and drinking is against the law, why do all the bars have parking lots? (14 answers)

 How can you not like the past but like the future and present when they both will eventually become the past? (11 answers)

 Is James Bond a lady's man or just a slut? (21 answers)

 Hamburger or hotdog? (30 answers)

 If you were faced with a decision to live find love or find money your choice would be...? (20 answers)

 Is there such thing as love at first sight? (30 answers)

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