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sparks_906's Q & A
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 can you fix me? can you figure out where it all went wrong? (3 answers)

 i had the week from hell... can you cheer me up? (10 answers)

 *gets down on one knee* will you marry me? (9 answers)

 come party with me! *starts dancing* (6 answers)

 *pouts* im sick. make me feel better. =( (8 answers)

 *gasps* how did you find out?! (7 answers)

 *sighs in annoyance* how many times do i have to tell you not to do that?! (9 answers)

 *starts to sing* why dont you and i get together? (5 answers)

 is this the end... or just the beginning of it all? (6 answers)

 boxocereal: I don't know.
 seductiveprincess08: its always the beginning
 SweetButterflyKiss: why does that sound like a song lyric?
 draconix: It's neither, life is just a waystation on a very long journey. Waystations suck, but you also use them for stuff - like the toilet :)
 Microwaved_Kittie: it's the beginning of the end

 "did i love him then? do i love him still? will i ever love again?"  (5 answers)

 once upon a dream, we were lost in love's embrace... (4 answers)

 brink, how is it that i was yours but you were never mine? (4 answers)

 name that quote! "where will wants not, a way opens" (4 answers)

 name that quote!! "I'll come to thee by moonlight, though Hell should bar the way!" (5 answers)

 "'tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all"... i dont know... do you agree? (10 answers)

 is it worse to want something so bad but never be able to have it or to have something that you love but get it taken away after a very brief time? (8 answers)

 "is there hope for me after all is said and done?" (7 answers)

 'twas the best of times, 'twas the worst of times... how was your day? (7 answers)

 woohoo! its football season! *does a little dance* who is your favourite team?  (8 answers)

 why won't tomorrow come?! *starts to cry* (4 answers)

 *looks timidly at you* do you love me? (9 answers)

 so... you wanna go out? *blinks innocently* (directed to brink!) (7 answers)

 how come nothing ever works out how i want it to? (8 answers)

 jeeze! its not that big of a deal! i didnt do anything wrong! why is everyone treating me like im some sort of psycho?! (7 answers)

 *licks the salt off her hand* oh no! what do i do now?! (5 answers)

 wait... i did what?! dude! im so sorry! *hugs you* (4 answers)

 how do you cure an obsession? *grabs nervously at her necklace like she always does when he walks by...*  (4 answers)

 *pulls a blanket and a pillow out of her magic bag of tricks* wanna take a nap with me? (6 answers)

 *yawns and looks around the kitchen for some food* anyone wanna make me some breakfast? (6 answers)

 dude! that was really embarrassing! *falls over laughing* do you know how random that was?! (6 answers)

 *looks sadly into your eyes* i know that you dont love me but i still love you... dont you know how much this hurts?  (4 answers)

 if i told you how much i love you, would you still treat me like this? (3 answers)

 *turns away from you* why do you always do this to me? are you just trying to make me miserable? (4 answers)

 what do you want me to say? you know that i cant justify any of this...  (5 answers)

 *joins huddle* ok, men. what's the plan? (5 answers)

 uh.... dude... what do you mean? im kinda confused.... *scratches head* (4 answers)

 hey! do you think i cant see you?! *glares* put that back! (5 answers)

 *stares intently into your eyes* do you really mean it? (5 answers)

 is this real? or is the lack of sleep messing with my head again? (5 answers)

 *sits on the ground with her arms around her knees* can you forgive me? or is it all over? (4 answers)

 dude, i really screwed it up this time, didnt i? *plops onto the floor and puts head in hands* (7 answers)

 *sarcastically* great job! how are we gonna fix this?! *gives you a swift kick to the behind*  (5 answers)

 wanna dance?! *starts to samba* (8 answers)

 can you get me a glass of water before i pass out? *grins weakly* (6 answers)

 *taps you on the head* excuse me, can you kindly direct me to the nearest bathroom? *smiles sweetly* (7 answers)

 *whispers urgently* do you really want to do this? cuz, if you dont, no one will even know that we tried... (5 answers)

 no, no, no! thats all wrong! why cant you get it right?! *sighs heavily and starts to pace* (11 answers)

 do you like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain? *does a little dance* (8 answers)

 ola! tudo bem? voce quer comprar algo para ajudar as criancas com cancer? por favor? (community service is done for the day!) (6 answers)

 *looks terrified* dude! what did you do?! (10 answers)

 *smiles* wanna buy a big mac? the proceeds go to children with cancer! (im practicing for my community service today...)  (9 answers)

 can you love someone you never talked to? (13 answers)

 will you check out my diary or my questions? or both, if you feel like being nice... *looks at you with puppy eyes* pweeze? (5 answers)

 are there any words that i could say to make this heartache go away? i sit outside in the summer rain and let it wash away my pain... (4 answers)

 do you know how to heal a broken heart?  (15 answers)

 ow... why did it hurt so much?! (8 answers)

 *smiles nicely* do you need a hug? (9 answers)

 do you know how much i love you? (11 answers)

 hello. would you like to test one of our brand new products? *smiles cheerily* (9 answers)

 why dont people answer my questions?! *sobs* (9 answers)

 *scoffs loudly* come on... are you serious? (10 answers)

  my name is punky and im a hopeless romantic. *blinks nervously* anyone else who can relate? (9 answers)

 *taps microphone* testing... 1,2,3... can you hear me? (13 answers)

 *squints eyes* are you sure about that? i mean... really sure? (11 answers)

 *looks skeptical* is that really necessary? (8 answers)

 are you just gonna stand there watching or are you gonna gimme a hand? (9 answers)

 *slaps you across the face and says in a mexican novela accent* how could you?! (8 answers)

 *covers eyes* what are you doing?! (7 answers)

 woah! where do you think you're going?! (11 answers)

 *rings your doorbell* would you like a freshly baked cookie? (13 answers)

 *glares* what are you looking at?! (11 answers)

 *looks around and whispers to you* hey. did you bring the package?  (11 answers)

 do you have superpowers? =D (11 answers)

 welcome to my humble abode. how may i help you? (6 answers)

 *picks up the phone* hello? (9 answers)

 why does unrequited love hurt so much? (12 answers)

 *ponders deeply* how can i get him to like me...?  (8 answers)

 why do i always embarrass myself in front of him?! (6 answers)

 what's the best way to cure insomnia? help! (15 answers)

 do you believe in love at first sight? why/why not?  (18 answers)

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