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sonja_belle's Q & A
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 Why oh why has Shane Kid left us again??? (1 answers)

 what is your opinion about peace loving Republicans???? (4 answers)

 what purple spirit haunted the ancient world? (1 answers)

 What purple king conquored the ancient world?? (1 answers)

 Where or Where is the great Shane-kid gone? We all miss him (2 answers)

 When cheese has its picture taken, what does it say?? (4 answers)

 when you go skinny dipping do you make a big impression on the guys?? (8 answers)

 If a word was misspelled in the dictionary, how would we know? (5 answers)

 453.6 graham crackers = (4 answers)

 shortest distance between two jokes = (3 answers)

 Basic unit of laryngitis = (2 answers)

 1,000,000 aches = (1 answers)

 half of a large intestine = (2 answers)

 16.5 feet in the Twilight Zone = (2 answers)

 time it takes to sali 220 yards at 1 nautical mile per hour = (2 answers)

 Weight an evangelist carries with GOD = (2 answers)

 time between slipping on a peel and smacking the pavement = (3 answers)

 Ratio of an igloo's circumference to its diameter = (2 answers)

 what do cats like to eat when it is Hot??? (6 answers)

 how much do pirates pay for their earrings? (5 answers)

 what do you get when you cross an amoeba with a rabbit? (5 answers)

 Ladies: If you found out that some point in the future you would have Breast cancer, what would you do now? (3 answers)

 have you extended a "random act of kindness" to anyone today (13 answers)

 what do you get when you cross a warty amphibian and a thick-skinned reptile? (8 answers)

 Should a 12 year old pregnant girl have the final decision on wheather or not she has an abortion, or should the final decision be made by the parent[s]? (20 answers)

 When your time in this plain-of-existance comes to an end, How would you like to be remembered? (21 answers)

 A cowboy rides into town on Friday, spends three days in town, and rides out on Friday. How is this possible? (16 answers)

 what fruit will you always find on a dime? (11 answers)

 When women get married, why do they alway settle for less than the best? Women marry the groom but never the best man (26 answers)

 When is Sadie Hawkins Day??? (12 answers)

 what is a hemidemisemiquaver? (15 answers)

 Why did the Blonde's belly button hurt??? (17 answers)

 If you could invite any 10 people [living/dead fictional/nonfictional] for dinner and 3 hours of conversation, who would you invite, what would you have for dinner, and what would you talk about??? (20 answers)

 What is your BIGGEST fear in life? mine is being raped and getting pregnant because of it (30 answers)

 Who is you favorite dancer?? Mine is Gene Kelly (8 answers)

 Why is it so windy in New Mexico? (18 answers)

 Who likes Harpo Marx? (13 answers)

 Who is the one person you should not say hi to at the airport (42 answers)

 What did Cinderella say when she took her wedding pictures to be developed? (20 answers)

 Do the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one? (20 answers)

 Are we put "into this plain of existance" for a reason? if we are, must we understand that reason? (20 answers)

 How do you celebrate "practice random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty" day??? (14 answers)

 What is or has been the biggest Mammal ever? (28 answers)

 FILL IN THE BLANK: If I traveled to the end of the rainbow as Dame Fortune did intend,___________________________________!! (15 answers)

 If all the world was apple pie and all the seas were ink and all the trees were bread and cheese, what would we have to drink? (29 answers)

 The person who made it had no use for it; the person who bought it didn't want it; and the one who finally ended up with it, never even knew about it. What was it? (21 answers)

 what is the difference between in-laws and out-laws? (20 answers)

 Who was the last U.S. Supreme Court Chief justice nominated by a Democratic President? (15 answers)

 FILL IN THE BLANK: How long a moment is depends on ____________________!!! (23 answers)

 Ladies: if you were raped and became pregnant because of it, would you have the baby or have an abortion? (74 answers)

 Are there anyone who is a fan of Louis Armstong --jazz trumpeter and singer (25 answers)

 FINISH THE QUOTE: Never try to teach a pig how to sing, ______________________________! (22 answers)

 FINISH THE QUOTE: Never marry a tennis player, because ___________________! (36 answers)

 who did Frankenstein take to "his" 1st prom? (19 answers)

 Who did Frankenstein take to "his" 2nd prom? (12 answers)

 Why did the Dallas Coyboys go to the Bank? (27 answers)

 Who is the only person in American history to be elected Vice President twice and elected President twice? (18 answers)

 FILL IN THE BLANK: New Mexico, so far from Heaven, _________________!!! (14 answers)

 What is greater than GOD, more evil than the Devil, poor people have, it, rich people need it, and if you eat it, you die? (51 answers)

 Women: [you are legally able to make the decision and in sound mind] If you sister, a sister-in-law, or favorite female cousin came up to you and ask you to a surragate mother for them because they could not conceive children. Would you do it? (46 answers)

 Who is your best friend at "Student Center"? (55 answers)

 who likes Clint Black and his wife, Lisa Hartman, as a duet (35 answers)

 Who has even been to Las Vegas, NEW MEXICO [the original Las Vegas, not the famous one]? (41 answers)

 If you could invite any ten people [from the past or now living] for dinner and 3 hours of conversation, who would they be? (41 answers)

 Who like to spend $2 bills (57 answers)

 Ladies: are you looking forward to being a mother, or having a career, or both?  (83 answers)

 do you masturbate  (93 answers)

 Are you a virgin? If so, are you wainting until marriage?  (107 answers)

 Ladies, do you want to have children??  (96 answers)

 If your younger brother or sister or cousin told you they wanted to be sexually active, what would be your advice??? (71 answers)

 What did it feel like the first time you fell "truly" in love? (69 answers)

 When you get "grown up", what do you want to be?? (111 answers)

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