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softball_hotty's Q & A
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softball_hotty has 180 questions total.
softball_hotty has answered a total of 77 other questions.

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 will u rate my new pics? ill rate urs if u rate mine (6 answers)

 anyone wanna be friends? (5 answers)

 will someone please answer some q&as of mine (4 answers)

 do you think ur hott? do u think Im hott? (4 answers)

 will u rate my new pics in the new folder? ill rate urs if u rate mine (4 answers)

 do u think the IOC should bring softball back to the olympics? i think they do i know they do accually (3 answers)

 anyone like to play/watch softball college? whats ur fav. team? (3 answers)

 boxocereal: No.
 faerie_kisses: yeah, don't have a team really. just like watching the game.
 ashleybomb2009: nope

 im bored anyone wanna chat?? (5 answers)

 guys: do you think ur hott? do u think Im hott? (4 answers)

 anyone have yahoo or aol and wanna chat? (6 answers)

 anyone have yahoo or aol and wanna chat? (4 answers)

 whats up? (3 answers)

 can u rate my pics? (3 answers)

 have u seen the new harry potter movie?? I think its good exept for the part, the cute guy dies.... (6 answers)

 u like the boston red sox? (5 answers)

 will u rate my new pics in the new folder? and old pics? please (2 answers)

 do u love me? if so I love u more if not u suck (5 answers)

 has it snowed any where u live (5 answers)

 u cold? (4 answers)

 ahhhhhhhhhhhh im cold (5 answers)

 will u rate my new pics in the new folder? (2 answers)

 I have a new photos folder still have the old one but check out my new one, please. leave feedback (2 answers)

 fav. celeb (4 answers)

 any one wanna chat? (2 answers)

 are u part, italin? I am (5 answers)

 rate my photos Ill rate yours then we will become friends (3 answers)

 whats ur fav. season? (6 answers)

 whats ur fav. holiday? (6 answers)

 do u live near Texas LongHorns college??? and Dont they have an awsome softball team?? (4 answers)

 do any of u personnaly know Cat Osterman and/or Megan Willis? (3 answers)

 Do u have a country accent like I do? My accent is so awsome ya'll (8 answers)

 do u have an obsession with softball like I do? (5 answers)

 does the mexican food suck north from texas? (8 answers)

 should I put a ribon on my wrist that says " DO NOT OPEN UNTILL CHRISTMAS"? (4 answers)

 favorite fall out boy song? (2 answers)

 is it to early to wear christmas pj's? Cause Im wearing some right now!! yeah christmas! (4 answers)

 Do you belive in the Lords word? I do! (9 answers)

 do u like the movie fever pitch? (6 answers)

 whats your first name? mine is brittany (11 answers)

 do u go to church? (14 answers)

 fav actress? (6 answers)

 whats ur fav movie? (9 answers)

 leave feedback on my pictures i leave feedback on urs (3 answers)

 what tv show are you watching? (7 answers)

 is your famliy huge or small? (8 answers)

 do u consider me a friend or more than a friend?? (3 answers)

 do u like me? (4 answers)

 do you think im a sweet person? (6 answers)

 whats the funniest word that comes to ur head, u can make it up (5 answers)

 rate my photos Ill rate yours (1 answers)

 gosh any one bored? any one wanna talk? Im here (4 answers)

 does anyone love me on here?? (3 answers)

 has your life been good? (10 answers)

 whats up? (6 answers)

 would u date me? (6 answers)

 Can you tell I love softball? (3 answers)

 whos your fav softball player besides me? lol but really (2 answers)

 do you like texas longhorns softball team???? I love em (3 answers)

 whats your fav base ball team? (3 answers)

 whats your fav fall out boy song? (4 answers)

 do you like Drew Barrymore? (3 answers)

 Do you like the movie Fever Pitch? (2 answers)

 Do you like Fall Out Boy? (4 answers)

 Whats ur fav. food? (4 answers)

 whats ur fav drink? (5 answers)

 what r u doing now? (7 answers)

 what is ur fav. t.v. show? (9 answers)

 blondes or brunetts? (5 answers)

 do any of u know what teen court is? (2 answers)

 what is the most embarrasing thing u have ever done? (2 answers)

 what is ur best school subject? (9 answers)

 what is ur worst school subject? (6 answers)

 who is ur fav. actor/actress? (2 answers)

 Would u talk to me? (3 answers)

 Am I considerd ur friend? (4 answers)

 when is ur b.day? (5 answers)

 what is ur fav. song? (3 answers)

 does anyone wanna chat? (1 answers)

 should I keep my name Brittany or change it to Brea? (5 answers)

 would u do anything to be with the love of your life? (7 answers)

 If you had the chance to change your hair color what would it be? (6 answers)

 What do u think of the name Brea? (5 answers)

 Would you die for ur best friend? (7 answers)

 does anyone know who Danica Patrick is? (5 answers)

 who would you like to meet? (7 answers)

 do you think im a pretty intresting person? (5 answers)

 anyone been to an OzzyFest? how was it? (6 answers)

 anyone think I am asking to many blonde questions? Well news flash Hun I am blonde!!! (4 answers)

 a fun question everyone should answer: DO YOU ROCK?????? (4 answers)

 does anyone think I am awsome? (6 answers)

 does anyone play football? (4 answers)

 I just added new pictures, will u look at em? (3 answers)

 how long have you been on student center? (10 answers)

 who reads books by Stephen King? (7 answers)

 what is ur fav. movie? (5 answers)

 who is a starwars fanatic? (9 answers)

 who is a pirates of the carribean fanatic? (5 answers)

 anyone wanna talk to me? (2 answers)

 does anyone have yahoo? (4 answers)

 do u baby sit? (9 answers)

 do u like babys? (12 answers)

 what is ur fav. kind of dog? (8 answers)

 anyone wanna check out my web site? piratesblogs.blogspot.com (2 answers)

 will yall check out my poems, and rate them? (2 answers)

 does anyone have a website? (2 answers)

 will anyone put feedback on my pictures? (2 answers)

 girls: whats ur fav. sport to watch? (10 answers)

 guys: whats ur fav. sport to watch? (1 answers)

 anyone write storys like me? (3 answers)

 anyone write songs like me? (2 answers)

 what should I write a poem about? (3 answers)

 does anyone belive in life in outerspace? i dont (6 answers)

 is there any skaters out there? (2 answers)

 is there any skater guys in here? (1 answers)

 what is ur fav. holiday? (4 answers)

 anyone have a dog named hunter? (2 answers)

 whats ur fav. type of candy? (3 answers)

 anyone love music? (7 answers)

 Does any one play the drums? (2 answers)

 anyone live in Bridgewater Virgina? (3 answers)

 anyone part Indian? (6 answers)

 is anyone part Italian? (2 answers)

 anyone wanna go to Texas LongHorns, with a softball scholarship? then go pro in softball? then get to be an olympic gold medelist in softball? (2 answers)

 anyone have a dream to get to be a pro softball player? (3 answers)

 anyone like longhorns football? (3 answers)

 is there any country girls out there? Like me? (3 answers)

 has any girl been to camp Mundo Vista, its girls only. (2 answers)

 does anybody shoot the bow? (2 answers)

 anyone go to high school? (8 answers)

 anyone go to middle school? (2 answers)

 does your fav. shirt have a picture on it? (3 answers)

 is any boy here a country boy? (1 answers)

 what school do you go to? (4 answers)

 do you like someone for who they are and not what they look like? (2 answers)

 whats your fav. cartoon? (5 answers)

 does anyone have a question for me? if so what? (3 answers)

 what insturment do you play? (6 answers)

 does any one play in a band? (3 answers)

 what is ur fav. sport? (3 answers)

 does anyone play the guitar? (3 answers)

 do you prefer partys or the mall? (5 answers)

 are you more quiet or loud? (5 answers)

 if you only had a chance to move somewhere once where would it be? (2 answers)

 what is ur fav. book? (4 answers)

 who is ur fav. softball team? (2 answers)

 who is ur fav. baseball team? (2 answers)

 does anyone have a blogspot? (2 answers)

 whats your hair color? (6 answers)

 what color are your eyes? (7 answers)

 is anyone a book worm? (5 answers)

 is anyone a great artist? (3 answers)

 does any on like to write poetry? (2 answers)

 does anyone like poetry? (3 answers)

 anyone bust a main artery from playing a sport? (3 answers)

 what is your nickname? (3 answers)

 have any of you heard of any college softball player if so who? (2 answers)

 have any of you heard of any usa olympic softball player? if so who. (2 answers)

 anyone wanna just talk about whats on your mind? (2 answers)

 do any of you play any kind of sport in collge? (3 answers)

 do any of you play softball for a collge team? (2 answers)

 does anyone go the the university of texas in Houston? (2 answers)

 does anyone have aol? (2 answers)

 does any on live in moore county in north carolina? (3 answers)

 does any one go to college if so what one. (2 answers)

 do any of you live in moore county? (2 answers)

 does anyone have A.D.D like me? (5 answers)

 would any of you wanna be my friend? (6 answers)

 will any of you tag my guest book? (2 answers)

 does anybody play baseball? (2 answers)

 does anybody play softball? (4 answers)

 what is your fav. college team? (4 answers)

 does anybody know personnaly a pro softball player? or college softball player? (2 answers)

 does anybody know who Cat Osterman is? (4 answers)

 what postion in softball/baseball do you play? (2 answers)

 Are you single? (8 answers)

 Does anyone like the Texas Long Horn softball team? (3 answers)

 does any of you watch the college world serise of softball? (3 answers)

 who thinks I would be a good/ great girl friend? (7 answers)

 whats ur fav. color? (11 answers)

 whats ur fav. animal? (15 answers)

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