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 I have already made the final arrangements for when I kick the bucket and the older people I work with and live around seem to be surprised by the fact that I have managed to do this at such a young age. Shouldn't it be that way to begin with??? (1 answers)

 i got lucky when it comes to drinking...my family comes from almost EVERY country known for its heavy drinking...its like im genetically engineered to drink heavily and still remain sober...i have witnesses to that lol...are you that lucky??? (7 answers)

 in regard to the last question, which heritage do you take the MOST pride in...im proud to be german mostly... (2 answers)

 if your family blood has more than 2 cultural heritages, which ones are MOST distinguishing? for me its german (blonde hair and blue eyes) and irish (red tint in my whiskers)... (3 answers)

 i have told ppl about the white squirrels of nc...they think im crazy...is there anybody on here that has head of or seen a white squirrel besides me???lol.... (4 answers)

 when i grow up im gonna send an army of evil chickens into congress and then the american government will FINALLY be slightly smarter lol... (6 answers)

 guess what i discovered at work....inmates dont like it when you tell them that youre not there to be liked after they have told you that they dont like you...my problem with that is, im STILL trying to care that they dont like me...any tips???lol... (6 answers)

 ok if there is anybody thats interested in goth stuff doing the q&a right now i have a site for you... http://www.gothicbeauty.com/?a_aid=sythe (5 answers)

 Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia = the fear of long words......any thoughts??? (16 answers)

 i know that nobody really cares but last night i learned that paintballs are edible....i personally wouldnt WANT to eat one but its good to know.....comments from anyone on this???? (19 answers)

 ok i know this isnt a question really but for anybody that cares, i got new pics....i got new pics even if you DONT care lol... (7 answers)

 if freddy kruger was chasing you and then offered not to hurt, kill, or possess you if you joined him in collecting souls (of YOUR choice), would you take him up on that offer???i would.... (20 answers)

 if you could go back in time and live in another time period, when would it be???? (25 answers)

 do you believe ppl on tv that claim to be psychics and the ppl that claim to have ghostly encounters????? (26 answers)

 whats your fav kinda fish????(to eat i mean)..... (29 answers)

 whats the first thig you do when you go to the beach???? (35 answers)

 if you could be ANY cartoon charactor, who would you be????? (21 answers)

 have you ever crushed a flea between 2 hard surfaces?????i love the popping sound that the really fat ones make lol..... (17 answers)

 how many of you got an original nintendo when it was a brand new item????i did when it first came out and i remember that it came with a mario bros/duckhunt cartrige...... (14 answers)

 doesnt it annoy you when ppl ask "are you a virgin"??????come up with something DIFFERENT already is what i say..... (18 answers)

 would would you rather "go to bed" with; rosie o'donnell or celine dion????they both have herpes and death is NOT an option.... (16 answers)

 if you could stay home and watch tv ALL day long, woul you do it???? (27 answers)

 what kinda stuff do you collect???im into weapons, coins, and antiques myself..... (19 answers)

 im pretty sure that i already know the answer for this, but indulge me anyway....who is our fav family guy charactor???? (16 answers)

 what is your fave kind of cheese????meat???? (16 answers)

 can you guys believe that south park is already 10 years old?????i feel old now cause i remember watching the first episode when it first came out..... (8 answers)

 do you have a fav cartoon charactor????if so, who is it???? (10 answers)

 i dont mean to sound like a bigot but why is it that black ppl call each other "****** or nigga or WHATever", its all cool but when a white person says it, bullets start flying or teeth get knocked out?????why is that???? (19 answers)

 does it make you feel old when you look back in your life and you can remember when you saw, did, or had something 10 or more years ago????like i remember when nightmare b4 xmas came out into the theaters and i got mad cause nobody wanted to take me. (13 answers)

 who here likes invader zim????i love that show.... (17 answers)

 how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood????? (12 answers)

 ok in that last question about the zombies, i meant "lock" not "like.....dont you just hate typos??? (10 answers)

 what would you do if the whole world was crawling with zombies like in dawn of the dead??? i would like myself in a mall also.... (15 answers)

 what would you do for a klondike bar???? (19 answers)

 am i the only one here that thinks banning gay marrige is unconstitutional????ppl say that this is a free country but hello wake up call for congress, its NOT as free as ppl think....there are even laws that say unmarried couples cant live together (23 answers)

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