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sk8ergirl06's Q & A
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 did anyone know today is national grab ass day?? (4 answers)

 does anyone play ddr(dance dance revoultion) (6 answers)

 why does alot of people not like avril lavigne? (12 answers)

 what tpes of music do you listen to? (15 answers)

 boxocereal: Classic rock and industrial the most.
 WildInsaneCaroline: Rock & Punk!
 evil_princess12889: all types mostly
 jennielee2003: i like dance, rnb, uk garage and i think good charlottes new song is wicked. and chili peppers, they're mint aswell.
 xXChewy09Xx: punk rock
 calisangel: pretty much everything, i listen to rap, r&b, pop, oldies, old school, rock
 punkchic_D: punk, metal, hardcore, reggae
 korn_chick2007: alternative, rock, rap, punk, numetal, pop-punk
 xLiLbiPLAYMATEx: rap, hip hop, r&b, sum country, sum rock
 precious_ophelia: alternative rock, punk, emo, riot grrl, d&b, and trance
 crap_tastic: country

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iBoy2G7/22: So today at the store I ran into boxocereals best friend (Jack Daniels). Me and him had a long chat about boxocereal, it was very interesting...
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Jigsaws_Best_FriendIs the shoe on the other foot?
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Jigsaws_Best_FriendAre you crying to your mama?
Jigsaws_Best_FriendDo you really don't care?
Jigsaws_Best_FriendDo you think you have one less problem in your life?
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