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shibby_555's Q & A
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 does anyone remember where you can take the compatibility test? i forget...lol (2 answers)

 why is it that complete strangers care more about my life than my family and friends do? (5 answers)

 boxocereal: I don't know.
 huicho: I guess you dont seem to show worrys to your family and friends, so they dont really notice when you need something...
 xzar: that is very interesting.
 l3L0NDE_l31tch_4L: hmm.. i was wandering that myself ....

 am i a good singer... lalalalalalalala? (4 answers)

 do you want to be my friend? i dont have many friends... it will be fun...:D (7 answers)

 i named my remote control george... i talk to him and stuff... is that a bad sign? (5 answers)

 whats your opinion? is being gothic the clothes you wear, your attitude, or both? (8 answers)

 would you rather be adopted by the simpsons or osbournes? (9 answers)

 after reading my profile would you consider me someone who you would be friends with? (5 answers)

 if you knew that someone in your family was going to commit suicide in a couple days, and no one is trying to stop them, what would you do? (5 answers)


 if you could be any fruit what would it be and why?  (6 answers)

 has anyone heard of Brand New? (4 answers)

 can someone give me a hug? i really need one (8 answers)

 anyone like three days grace? (9 answers)

 Japan or China?  (11 answers)

 what are some good excses to ditch swimmin class? (6 answers)

 does anyone write poetry? (12 answers)

 where are the counters where you can get the points thingy?  (5 answers)

 will you tag my guestbook?  (7 answers)

 how can you tell if youve tagged 50 guestbooks?  (7 answers)

 where can you play the question game? i want that point thingy...lol (4 answers)

 i wanna play a prank on one of my guy friends... his b-day is coming up and i need a little poem to write in a card... im gonna sign it 'your secret admirer'..anyone have any ideas for the poem?  (5 answers)

 can i add you to my msn or yahoo list? i love making new buddies  (5 answers)

 if you could kill anyone and not get caught who would it be?  (7 answers)

 does it make you happy when you can make someone of the opp. sex laugh?  (5 answers)

 why is everyone so quiet today?  (7 answers)

 does anyone like black eyed peas' song shut up?  (6 answers)

 can i have a hug???  (8 answers)

 does anyone want to tell my crush that i like him for me?  (3 answers)

 For Guys-- do you have a major problem with a girl if shes not as skinny as a stick? (5 answers)

 do you hate your dad? (18 answers)

 whats your worst fear ever? (7 answers)

 how many of your best friends are of the opposite sex?  (11 answers)

 if you hate your friends is that a good sign or a bad one?  (4 answers)

 is there a certain song that always makes you cry? if so what is it? (11 answers)

 if your friend is ignoring you and you need their help..its really important but they just wont listen what would you do?  (3 answers)

 if your best friend wanted to commit suicide would you just ignore that or try to help? how would you help? (7 answers)

 why is it that everyone is against goths? theyre people too... its not like they ever did anything to anyone... they have feelings too (10 answers)

 how many moons does jupiter have?  (4 answers)

 someone want to play hide and seek? ill be it  (5 answers)

 if a duck is orange what color is it? (6 answers)

 anyone want to meet my Nickel?  (5 answers)

 dude, where's my car?  (5 answers)

 does God use the bathroom? or He too perfect for that?  (3 answers)

 has anyone ever seen gone with the wind?  (5 answers)

 vanilla coke or vanilla pepsi?  (5 answers)

 why is everyone afraid to say what they think? its not a crime  (8 answers)

 do you cuss and if not are this Hard Core Christian freak?  (3 answers)

 what grade is everyone in? (14 answers)

 can you feel the cold tonight? (2 answers)

 does anyone like Sum 41? if so why? (3 answers)

 is it red? (5 answers)

 does anyone have a car? (6 answers)

 do guys like girls? or do they only like cars... and money?... LINKIN PARK ROCKS!!!!!!!! (4 answers)

 about the whole eye candy thing... i was only being stupid...lol (2 answers)

 is my head too big? (2 answers)

 ever heard someone say that someone else was their eye candy? is it even possible to eat something with your eye? (5 answers)

 ok... if a tree falls on your head.. does it make a noise and if so can you hear it? (4 answers)

 does someone have a phone i can use? im willing to give hugs..lol  (2 answers)

 has anyone accidently eaten a nickel?  (4 answers)

 anyone want to 'go out' with me?????? lmfao  (3 answers)

 does anyone think im a nut?  (4 answers)

 my eyes are real droopy.. someone want to hold them open for me? (2 answers)

 heres my question... can someone answer my question? (5 answers)

 does anyone have a pencil? (5 answers)

 does anyone have a question? (4 answers)

 anyone ever eaten a dead flamingo? (5 answers)

 does anyone have any duct tape that i can borrow? (5 answers)

 has anyone seen american pie but still liked apple pie? (6 answers)

 can i have a hug??? (6 answers)

 what does everyone want for christmas? (11 answers)

 if you're at the zoo and the goose bites you- do you cry? (6 answers)

 are there any guys here that are 13 or 14- seriously- where the fuck are they?  (8 answers)

 does anyone have a nickel i could borrow?  (6 answers)

 im bored out of my mind... what game should i play?..lol  (3 answers)

 wanna be my fwiend?...lol  (4 answers)

 what idiot came up with the name Dick?  (7 answers)

 does anyone else's knee hurt or only mine?  (5 answers)

 has anyone seen Dude Where's My Car?  (5 answers)

 do any guys want to volunteer to be my crush?????...LMFAO  (5 answers)

 whats your worst fear ever?  (5 answers)

 anyone want to read my poems?  (4 answers)

 why doenst anyone like talking to me*tear*????....LMAO  (4 answers)

 why does the world hate me and only me?  (8 answers)

 do you think that nickel is a good nickname for someone named Nick?  (5 answers)

 does anyone like Linkin Park?  (8 answers)

 what would you do if you had a major crush on your best friend?(of the oppisite sex for all you dipshits who have sick minds)  (7 answers)

 if the world hated you, would you kill yourself or become a loner?  (11 answers)

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