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sexygopher13's Q & A
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 its been forever since my last question... wow.  (4 answers)

 if i took a drug test, iod' fail with f;yyinhg colors..? (6 answers)

 have u seen the movie "pirates of the caribbean"? i saw it tonight anf i thought it was suck a kick ass movie. johnny depp is sooo hot! (11 answers)

 i need ideas for semi-mean pranks to play on a friend. (hes being a dick and i have to get him back for pranks he pulled on me) so if u have any ideas please tell me! (5 answers)

 ooohhh looks like no one can beat jamie! go jamie!  (5 answers)

 can anyone beat jamie to answer this question?  (6 answers)

 come on! you people answer my last question! this is serious here!  (4 answers)

 what do you think of throwing pineapples at people from speeding trains rahter than dogs? wouldnt dogs make more sense? at least after the hit you they can still run and but you  (7 answers)

 how many of you like raggae (if thats how u spell it)  (9 answers)

 for those of you that smoke dope...isnt cotton mouth the worst? (7 answers)

 how do u vent when your pissed off?  (9 answers)

 do i come off as a bitch here? please be honest. (9 answers)

 do you have the 'cant hardly wait' soundtrack? if so please tag me cuz im looking for the name of a song on it. thanks!  (3 answers)

 does anyone else LOVE chocolate covered raisins?  (9 answers)

 im bored. any ideas to cure my borednes?  (4 answers)

 can u believe they did THAT? yes...THERE!  (5 answers)

 any one else bored?  (8 answers)

 you did WHAT?  (9 answers)

 do u find urself licking knives as casualy as if they were spoons? i do. it kinda of scares me.  (8 answers)

 do u have a profile on face the jury? if so whats ur username? mine is missy113 (5 answers)

 did everyone just stop asking questions? (4 answers)

 dont u have it when the guy that u like is going out of town? chris left today and he wont be back for 9 days! im sooo depressed. (5 answers)

 ahhh i hate repetition  (3 answers)

 im at school and im soooo bored! im on aim...(hint hint) haha. (4 answers)

 not a ? but i just got msn messanger. (5 answers)

 do u like to eat penut butter...alone or with something else? (7 answers)

 so its 12:16 am in texas right now...what time is it where u live? and feel free to im me on AIM (sexygopher13) im so freakin bored!  (6 answers)

 do yall drink tea? whats ur favorite flavor?  (11 answers)

 ok guys...would u rather have a girl that thinks that burping is gross and thinks bodily functions are totally disgusting or would u rather have girl that will have a belching contest with you? haha im wierd. (6 answers)

 anyone from texas? if so, where in texas? (9 answers)

 i feel like such a slut. i took one of my friends virginitys yesterday and then got shit faced with one of his good friends and ended up sleeping with him. i feel like such a slut. sometimes i hate the effects of alcohol. (10 answers)

 are there times where you feel that everyone is trying to piss u off in one way or another?  (14 answers)

 ok say ur eating a bag of skittles. do you eat the ones u like forst? or save them for last? or do u just eat them randomly? (12 answers)

 im soo bored. im about to go insane! im on aim so im me if u want.  (4 answers)

 so...  (8 answers)

 are ur ears gauged? what gauge? i just shoved a 12 gauge barbell through my first hole on both ears...owie.  (7 answers)

 what are u doing this summer?  (10 answers)

 what are u listening to right now?  (10 answers)

 do u think black eyeliner on guys is sexy? I DO! (16 answers)

 so anyone puff the magic dragon today...(not like me of course...teehee) (9 answers)

 so ummm who doesnt like who. and who else do u think is cool? (6 answers)

 who was the girl that asked about the spoons and i gave a really long answer to? if u know who it is or have seen it please tag me with who it is. (2 answers)

 hey does anyone that hasnt tagged my guestbook b4 wanna tag it? (5 answers)

 is anyone else stoned? (13 answers)

 do u smoke weed EVERY day? how often do u smoke it? i smoke it pretty much every day. (11 answers)

 im so fucking pissed off at a friend. (5 answers)

 what do u think is the coolest thing about student center Q and A? i think whats cool is that korn_chick...on just about any random persons profile...her answer is near the first very few. i think thats awesome. (3 answers)

 ahhhhh i hate it when ppl dont ask thier own questions! (3 answers)

 and stoned again today i am. (4 answers)

 the walls are breathing (4 answers)

 he he he stoned sta sta stoned. (3 answers)

 so how many of u like stiff little fingers? (5 answers)

 have u ever gone out with someone and then broke up...didnt talk for almost a year...and then started talking to them and realized u like them again? (6 answers)

 have u seen a guy with thier bully button pierced? (i have) what did u think? (i think its gross. eeewww.) (7 answers)

 hmm what should be my next question (2 answers)

 whats ur best friends name? (21 answers)

 whats on ur mind right now? (17 answers)

 do u like chocolate? (14 answers)

 favorite kool-aid flavor? (8 answers)

 vanilla or chocolate shake? or strawberry? or other? (14 answers)

 do u not like anyone on studentcenter? who is it? (12 answers)

 when u get done with a drink that has ice, do u eat it or throw it away? (15 answers)

 whats ur favorite type of chocolate? (white, dark, milk...) (11 answers)

 what jewelry are u wearing RIGHT NOW? (16 answers)

 i like weed. (14 answers)

 i hate ppl. not a question but i hate ppl. most of them at least. (feel free to rant, rave and bitch about anything u want.) (11 answers)

 whats ur favorite ozzy song? mine is iron man! (6 answers)

 ::look down:: whats on ur t-shirt? (9 answers)

 what state do u live in? (28 answers)

 dont u hate it whenu voice ur opinion and then ppl try to tell u that ur opinion is wrong? (7 answers)

 apple or pc? (12 answers)

 do u have cable, dsl, or dial up? (14 answers)

 righty or lefty? (20 answers)

 whats cd is in ur cd player right now? (17 answers)

 what are u wearing right now? (20 answers)

 do u skateboard? if so, what kinf of deck, trucks, wheels and hardware do u have? (4 answers)

 i cant believe some of yall have never heard of modest mouse! they're a band! (6 answers)

 what ice cream flavor describes ur life? (10 answers)

 who likes modest mouse? i think they rock. (6 answers)

 have u ever had a bad trip? if so, what were u on and what was it like? (6 answers)

 what jewelry do u wear every day? (15 answers)

 does any of ur friends say a word or a phrase all the time that just bugs the shit out of you? if so, what is it? (10 answers)

 milky way or snickers? (11 answers)

 whats ur favorite flavor ice cream? (14 answers)

 does anyone like the band "the used"? I DO! (8 answers)

 finish this. "so there i was..." (17 answers)

 what time is it where u are? its 7:21 pm in texas! (15 answers)

 what are some good songs to download? (10 answers)

 do u skateboard? (15 answers)

 what color eyes do u have? (16 answers)

 what was ur favorite thing about kindergarten? (15 answers)

 if u DONT do drugs, why do u choose not to do them? (15 answers)

 whats the oldest and youngest person u've hooked up with? how old were u? (13 answers)

 does one of ur good friends just piss u off/annoy the hell out of u sometimes? (8 answers)

 coke, vanilla coke or cherry coke? (17 answers)

 do u pop ur kunckles? back? anything else? (14 answers)

 tonight i got so pissed i punched a wall in our entry way and my hand is killing me! OWIE! (5 answers)

 i have my reason for why i think the government wont legalize weed...but what do u think (6 answers)

 whats ur fav perfume or cologne? (11 answers)

 fav non-alcoholic drink? (11 answers)

 do u smoke weed? (11 answers)

 has this thought ever crossed your mind-do u ever wonder if ur BEST FRIEND is being fake? (8 answers)

 whats ur favorite sport to play and/or watch? (11 answers)

 when ur birthday? mine is nov. 3! (31 answers)

 ok that magical sock says now u have to choose between being turned into toe socks or regular socks, which one? (6 answers)

 do u listen to alice cooper? whats ur favortie song? (6 answers)

 do u like kid rock? whats ur fav song? (7 answers)

 if u could make any flavor jellybean, what would it be? (6 answers)

 have u ever heard of the chemical brothers? whats ur favorite song? (5 answers)

 dont u wish u had a cure for the way ppl are? (5 answers)

 if the energizer bunny were to get run over by say an 18-wheeler and crushed into a million pieces, what animal would u want to help the crushed bunny carry the battery so it can keep going and going and going... (7 answers)

 have u ever wanted to tape a box of donuts to the back of ur car/truck with a sign saying "here coppy coppy" and see how many cops follow u? (10 answers)

 whats ur favortie shape? mines a star! (11 answers)

 whats ur favortie alcoholic beverage? (11 answers)

 if u were going to a deserted island and the only stuf fu could take with u what what u could fit into a sock...what would u fit in there (7 answers)

 look around u...if u had to pick one thing to bring with u b/c u have to go and liv einside a coconut, what would it be? (it has to be within arm or legs reach) (12 answers)

 after u fool around with a guy who u've been friends with for a long time...would u feel awkward afterwards? (3 answers)

 do u like linkin park? whats ur fav song? (11 answers)

 do u like korn? and if so whats ur fav song? (10 answers)

 whats the oldest guy u would hook up with if u were 15? (30 answers)

 whats ur fav color? (21 answers)

 have u ever tried weed laced with codine? (9 answers)

 do u do any drugs and what kind? (18 answers)

 whats ur favorite cereal? (18 answers)

 do u get grounded for ur report card...(those still in school) (22 answers)

 doesnt it suck when u really like someone but they only like u back in a certain type of way...like friends with benefits and u like them for more? (13 answers)

 who likes the band Creed? (22 answers)

 have u ever done extacy...i dont know how to spell...did u like it? would u do it again? (18 answers)

 showers or baths? (28 answers)

 what do u sleep in (clothes)? (26 answers)

 what is ur dream guy/girl like? (16 answers)

 GuYz~would u rather a girl be mysterious or out in the open? (7 answers)

 do u like chucky? (the doll that kills everyone) (21 answers)

 whats ur favorite holiday? (16 answers)

 if u could dye ur hair any color...what would u dye it? (23 answers)

 what do u thinkof tongue piercings?...(sry i cant spell) (28 answers)

 if pain werent an issue...would u want to get tattoo...and if so what and where and how big? (26 answers)

 do u think the drinking age is to old? what about smokin? (18 answers)

 do u think marijuana should be legal? (38 answers)

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