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 So, I have a fasting blood glucose of .94 while my mom has one of 1.01, wheras my aunt, whom does 1 hour cardio everyday, has one of .84. Would you say that daily exercise might be important to health? lol. (1 answers)

 Source: http://www.heart.org/idc/groups/heart-public/@wcm/@sop/@smd/documents/downloadable/ucm_449846.pdf (1 answers)

 Women also have an average hip-to-waist ratio of .85 as compared to male's .90, and average cortisol levels over ones lifespan correlates to waist size. Oxytocin, associated w/ bonding/socializing, counteracts cortisol. There may be a clue there... (1 answers)

 White females have over 4x lower the heart attack rate than white males and african americans, males and females. What's their secret? What do white women have that everyone else doesn't? (1 answers)

 So, does my 4 breaths a minute really mean I'm about to die? (I hope not! lol. My flesh is still pink, blood pressure is pretty normal, blood glucose levels are normal, oxygen saturation is normal, etc; did recently have bradycardia episode, tho.) (1 answers)

 Such as all the creeps and a$$holes being doctors, taking the top spots in the military and taking the seats at Ivy League schools and all the lifepaths associated with those schools. Is interesting the kind of impact Lewis Terman has had on America. (1 answers)

 But, no, Lewis Terman invented IQ testing to make nerds like himself feel superior for no good reason. So successful was this 'program' in America, that all sorts of high-IQ freaks started getting the Keys to the Kingdom in various areas of society. (1 answers)

 I mean, imagine it. The average high-IQ autistic kid. If he never had his IQ tested, he would've forever thought himself a retard and that would be that. No high expectations -> less failed expectations -> Less vengeance -> Fewer shootings (1 answers)

 Do you think many of america's 'recent' mass murders could've been prevented had IQ testing never developed? (High IQ -> High expectations. Low social IQ -> Thwarted Ambition -> Vengeance -> Gotta kill 'em all!) (1 answers)

 Charles Whitman, Adam Lanza: compare the two. (Both infamous mass murderers, both took place in a school setting, both had IQs in the top percentile, both killed their mothers before the attacks and both meticulously planned their attacks.) (1 answers)

  If there was any movie whose culture/society you wanted to be realized in America (Or wherever you live), which movie would it be? (I'm thinking Gattaca would be pretty cool to live in.) (1 answers)

 Now, whether such a cure is 'desireable' is debatable. However, I suppose the potential to cure schizophrenia using a combination of gene therapy, dietary modification and drugs would probably be welcomed by sufferers. Thoughts on gene therapy? (1 answers)

 One obvious implication, in my humble opinion, is that futuristic gene therapy could potentially fundamentally change the architecture of the brain within a year. Meaning genetic 'disorders', like autism/adhd, could potentially be 'cured'. (1 answers)

 It's interesting, seeing how 'plastic' the brain is. The affects of drug-induced elevated cortisol levels (Like psychosis/dementia) can be reversed in months, conversely, people can become demented in months due to persisting stress. Implications? (1 answers)

 Waist-to-hip ratio: .93; BMI: 25; Resting blood pressure: 123/62, w/ oxytocin (Induces calmness/relaxation), 113-118/60; Fasting Blood Glucose: 90 mg/dL. Seems like a good starting point, though there's yet room for further improvement. Your stats? (1 answers)

 Only 5 more days to freeeeddddoooooommmmmm!!! OMG, I'm so excited my life IS ACTUALLY GOING SOMEWHERE!!! There /IS/ light at the end of the tunnel!!! lol. So, how y'all doing? (1 answers)

 Maybe that helps explain why stepfathers/stepmothers tends to stereotypically treat the stepdaughter/stepson like shiit? (1 answers)

 The newly dominant male lion kills all the cubs in the pride, ensuring all the pride's cubs in the future will possess his genes. Isn't that insightful? (1 answers)

 If highschool is the foundry of almost all modern slang given how it functions something like a bee hive for humans, with 1000s of different relations 'possible', would you suggest THAT tends to amplify overall creativity? (0 answers)

 Have you seen that one slang word 'YOLO' on urbandictionary.com? Seems to be trending now! ('You only live once' so do something incredibly stupid and fun while you have the chance!) (0 answers)

 Most of the slang words I know seem to be written about on urbandictionary around the sametime I was in highschool. Does that suggest high-school is the foundry for almost all modern slang? (Or, engineering departments tend to be exempted, lol) (0 answers)

 Isn't it interesting seeing how many copycats, aspiring for glory, I've inspired on this site over the years? (Does that mean I'm a trendsetter? Well, that's a flattering thought, lol.) [kaite17, Paulske2005, pepsifreak13] (0 answers)

 I thought what I'd do was, I'd pretend I was one of those deaf-mutes. (1 answers)

 What are your best characteristics? (1 answers)

 Is there anything going on this weekend? (1 answers)

  Is the glass half empty or half full? (2 answers)

 Would you go bungee jumping or sky diving? (1 answers)

 What color is your bedroom carpet? (1 answers)

 If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy? (3 answers)

 If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live? (1 answers)

 Seen anything weird lately? (1 answers)

 Stretch your left arm out as far as you can, What can you touch? (1 answers)

 (I calculated the bandwidth needed to be 100 MB/sec and I'd say it's computationally possible now w/ ray tracing. So, I'd give it 10 years to become commonplace.) (4 answers)

 It takes 30-60 minutes to render a realistic shot of a scene on a computer. It's possible to render this 'ultra realistic' virtual reality IN REAL TIME using a super-computer, and 4 ppl to 'tap into it' over the internet. When is it going 2 happen? (3 answers)

 New hypothesis: batman = 'genius' psychopath faking schizo; columbine = lead by angry psychopath; Virginia massacre = bullied autistic w/ psychopathic leanings. Psychopaths seem to make up most mass murderers... is that surprising? (3 answers)

 Why does it seem like rational people believe in cause and effect and that a person's extreme behavior most likely has one or more causes? And why does it seem like by finding the cause(s), they're dismissing personal responsibility when they're not? (3 answers)

 Jeez, I'm hopeless. After reading Harris's angry writings, my "inner voice" sounds like an angry one when reading my questions below. >.<. Does this changing "inner voice" that you project on your writings happen to you??? (2 answers)

 After reviewing their personal writings, I can confidently say Eric Harris doesn't have aspergers (he's just an angry kid) but Dylan prolly did. W/ this new knowledge, how can we stop future mass murders??? (2 answers)

 Wait.... Eric Harris looks normal but Dylan Klebold 'looks autistic-esque'. Maybe his bullying was because of that which caused him to go on a rampage (along w/ Eric's psychopathy)...(in addition to his trenchcoat apparel) ... (2 answers)

 James Eagan Holmes - he's probably schizophrenic. What's with all these autistic and schizophrenic mass murderers popping up out of nowhere? Dude, like, mass murder isn't just a 'mental illness' thing, is it? Like, columbine kids were normal... (2 answers)

 Wikipedia says 'experts doubted that Seung-Hui Cho' was autistic. What??? Are they kidding me??? He nicknamed himself '?' and had obvious deficits in predicting how others would react. That is SO TOTALLY AUTISTIC. Do you think he was autistic? (2 answers)

 Seriously, like, d00ds.... isn't Rei Ayanami the HOTTEST girl ever in the area of anime (From Neon Genesis Evangelion)? She's like... totally like Camus's "robot woman" in L'estranger. Cool, precise, direct, efficient. (2 answers)

 For the aspie, is the better friendship strategy to identify 'THE COMPATIBLE' and seek them and to ignore those whom it is unlikely to work out? (Since getting better at identification with study and experience, results have improved.) (2 answers)

 (Continuing): they lack obsessive ways of thinking instead flipping between random 'loosely related' ideas in their thinking patterns. They're also known for herding behavior & conformity (Sometimes they fool themselves in thinking they're not.) (2 answers)

 How to detect someone is NOT an aspie (continuing): They talk in an indirect way 99% of the time and refuse to use proper Queen's English in favor of short-hand slang in everday conversation. (2 answers)

 How to detect someone is NOT an aspie: They talk about dreams, feelings, emotions and complex 'relations' between people in a quick way. Nonverbally, they show dynamic and 'smooth' transitions between different facial expressions. (2 answers)

 The below Q is a REALLY important question. I've always thought that my fluctuating 'identity' of my 'inner voice' was due to 'lacking' a 'personal identity'(diminised Theory of Mind affect), but I'm open to the idea it's normal. (2 answers)

 DAMMIT. Since mentioning Sun Tzu, I'm now reading all my questions in my mind with a Mr.Miyogi voice. Does this "random inner voice style" happen to you? (2 answers)

 Nietzsche said something important about staring into the abyss. Sun Tzu said to 'know urself and know ur opponent, you win all battles. Know urself and not know ur opponent, you win some & lose some'. Wise words, huh? (2 answers)

 Coincidentally, the girl I fell in love with shows signs of social naivete and dictionary-like-language-patterns (She seriously can't 'read her boyfriends' that well). Funny how nature is, huh? (2 answers)

 Why does my ears feel cloggy and my head feel weird? (1 answers)

 Oh no, someone actually defriended me. Boohoo. With this pattern repeating all throughout life, and a lengthy investigation revealing aspergers at its core, is acceptance and not caring the best solution? (2 answers)

 Google is officially creepy - first it was tracking my search results for its ads, and now it's showing me ads of sites I've visited by clicking on a link from another website (i.e., not through Google). Is Google the internet's Big Brother? (2 answers)

 Do you think the democrats would have a chance of getting the presidential seat if someone other than Obama ran for it? Or has Obama pretty much 'crashed the party'? (No pun intended) (3 answers)

 Okay PEOPLE, I need to reverse engineer Google's PANDA algorithm. This means... I need to think of every POSSIBLE thing you can think of you could 'measure' on a page. Help me, please? (I dibs 'number of words' & 'average sentence length') (2 answers)

 Anyone know of any traffic building methods that LAST? (like say, $10 invested is going to get 100 unique visitors/month for...ever.) (3 answers)

 Now, if you're building traffic from other sources to profit off, it's possible the page could be earning enough money to invest in link-building to get ontop of organic search results. So, first step, focus on traffic. (3 answers)

 Now, if you can profit from traffic more than your competitors & you're willing to risk some $$$, you could get on top. Possibly. Maybe 'get me there & I'll pay u when I see results' arrangements are in order... hmm... (2 answers)

 Google rankings are rigged - ppl who pay the most to build links, stay on top. The ppl on top *can* earn the most, so they can afford to pay the most. It's a self-sustaining plutocracy, I tell ya. (2 answers)

 Think about it, a mental seed planted now turns into a tree later. If you plant good seeds, you'd have the best mental 'tree' you could possibly ever imagine. Is that true... or... what? (2 answers)

 You know what, for the last 2 days of my training, I'm going to watching those so...sooo...seemingly boring 'mindset videos'. If I flood my brain w/ that stuff, maybe I'll have a paradigm shift? (2 answers)

 Maybe I was creating a not-so-ideal mental model of myself & reality which lead to me experience the experiences that lead me to ask the last few questions? Maybe if I just think different thoughts or something, everything will be better. (2 answers)

 I wonder... am I *totally* creating my reality? Common sense tells me no, but another part wonders if everything AROUND ME THAT I experience is ultimately the result of my choices... the way I choose to believe, act, react & think. (2 answers)

 What are the evolutionary roots of people imitating an autistic person's deadpan facial expression & becoming repelled by it? Is it A) mistakened for depression B) a subconscious reaction that the person is not 'part of the herd' or C) Other? (2 answers)

 People seem to imitate my natural deadpan face & seem repelled by it. Why? (I can tell the difference between their "normal face" and their imitation of my natural "deadpan face".) (2 answers)

 I hear iBoy2G only has one testicle! OMG! (2 answers)

 Anyone know of any good places online where there's a ton of different kinds of publicly visible conversations available? (& the "who's responding to who" dynamic is visible to a program & the source is easy to crawl.) (2 answers)

 Anyone know how to tell google to ignore duplicate content? (like, I don't want to see "Corben is very good at making 'normal' people look creepy or abnormal" on 6 different websites. I want to see UNIQUE stuff.) (2 answers)

 Does time & space exist or is it a perceptual construct that 'exists' due to consensus? (Quote: 'Cyberspace. A consensual hallucination experienced daily by billions...' -neuromancer, the book) (2 answers)

 Ppl w/ Alice-in-wonderland syndrome have problems with judging the size & shape of objects & they also have time disorientation. The link between time & space & neurology - isn't that interesting? Maybe time & space is a fabrication of the mind... (2 answers)

 So, my mom & her sister are married to military men. With 1 out of 250 ppl in the population being in the military, ummm... what's the chances? Also, why did I fall in love w/ the daughter of an ex-army guy at uni? There's a reason, I'm sure. (3 answers)

 http://www.lombardifinancial.com/reports/LombardisCrisisProfitAlert/index.php?dept=PC&sb=PCSITEGOLD - HOLY ****!!! These guys predicted everything I do & they are established stock market gods. Hyperinflation, declining economy & jobs. (2 answers)

 W/ the doubled money supply and the longterm devaluation of our currency, this could actually decrease the REAL WAGES in the United States (it's decreased 10% over the last 5 years) making US labor cheaper. Meaning, lower unemployment. Yay? (2 answers)

 ...If you go 2 Wrong Planet, you'll find that despite autistic ppl taking sarcasm way too seriously & they're very sensitive, they're pretty rational for the most part. They have far better 'logical ability' than normal ppl, for sure. (2 answers)

 So, Youtube's user named 'Nostalgia Critic' made a sarcastic joke & then said 'If you took that seriously, you are truly insane!'. Hmmm... autistic people would take that seriously... are they *really* insane?.... (next Q) (2 answers)

 So, the Empower Network owner is looking for a programmer. He comments they're a 'different ppl', lol. DUH! His pyramid scheme crapola is the essence of a social hierarchy, while nerds have a flat social structure where INTELLECT & SKILL is prized. (2 answers)

 Notice the difference in character lengths between the two below questions where I filled up the "Add a new question" textbox completely? (That's the double quotes encoding at play - it takes up 6 characters) (2 answers)

 a"a"a"a"a"a"a"a"a"a"a"a"a"a"a"a"a"a"a"a"a"a"a"a"a"a"a"a"a"a"a"a"a"a"a"a&quo (2 answers)

 a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a (2 answers)

  Like WATCH THIS. I'm going to repeat nothing BUT "a after the question mark. Notice the weird thing at the end (That's it's encoding in the system)? "a"a"a"a"a"a"a"a"a"a"a"a"a&quo (2 answers)

 Did you know the double quote character ->"<- actually takes up 6 characters on this site? That's why sometimes a question with a quote will fit in the 'add a question' box, but shows up chopped off. (1 answers)

 Isn't it so cool you can basically define any noun by googling '<noun> is'? Like, 'interpol is'. OH... it's the world's largest international police organization. (hint, hint, first step in making a comprehensive semantic web.) (1 answers)

 Or, rather, something like an international police force w/ enforcement in EVERY noteworthy country. Something like Interpol, except far more powerful & enforcing. (1 answers)

 ... statistically inevitable end of humanity? (1 answers)

 Would you say a One World Order is inevitable? With the increasing lethality of WMDs w/ advancing science (Who knows? Gray goo? man-made black holes?), isn't a single political (or police, at a minimum) state necessary to prevent a...(next Q)... (1 answers)

 United we stand, divided we fall. It worked for the USA, what makes the world so different? (i.e., WMD proliferation is undermined by rogue nations. Oil embargoes are undermined by non-cooperating nations, like Japan.) (1 answers)

 But, is job outsourcing inevitable? If the USA didn't outsource, other companies in other countries would outsource making the USA less competitive, so the US's economy & workforce would suffer from outsourcing, eventually, anyways. (1 answers)

 So, essentially, with high unemployment, it basically widens the gap between the rich and everyone else (Which is exactly what we've seen over the past 5 years). What's your thoughts on job outsourcing & the economy? (1 answers)

 So job outsourcing is thought to help the economy by giving the lower skilled work to other ppl. However, w/ unrelenting unemployment, I think it really just lets corporations squeeze more profits at the expense of ppl getting layed off. (2 answers)

 I'm pretty nostalgic about Super Nintendo's 'illusion of gaia'. Got any oldschool games that have a special place in your heart? (1 answers)

 It's 2 a.m. & I feel tired but yet can't fall asleep. Does this happen to you? (3 answers)

 I had a dream. I was a grasshopper and a bird was chasing me, so I dived into the lake trying to escape & was 3 ft. under. It dived in & ate me & I woke up, lol. What's the meaning of my dream? (1 answers)

 The psychology community has been ramping up its prowess over the last couple of decades & it's official: 90% of ppl have a disorder! Thankfully, it's all treatable w/ drugs! Yay, the psychological & pharmaceutical industries have our backs! lol (1 answers)

 The robotic monitor flies over the field of fluid-filled, human-containing Matrix Pods & finds one open. The human is no longer there. It alerts Agent Smith, tasked w/ eradicating the systemic anomaly. Why must the aware be destroyed? (1 answers)

 What mental disorder did IT have? (referring to question below) (1 answers)

 The tribal ppl dance to the rhythm around the fire, compelled by a force they do not understand. Your bewildered, and one of them looks at you strangely. At the moment, the tribe turns & recognizes L'Estranger. Throw IT into the fire! (1 answers)

 Does the collective mind known as "the public consciousness" have this same characteristic? I.e., like described below, mayan 2012 doomsday leading to paranoia of various sorts. (religious & economic doomsday predictions being prevalent) (1 answers)

 Have you noticed that ideas slowly amplify in the mind and slightly change shape as they do? That is, what starts as a seed today, ends up being a mighty oak a month or several years from now? (1 answers)

 Is it me or does the 2012 apocalyptic paranoia of various sorts just seem to be a murmuring of the 2012 Mayan Calendar cycle doomsday scare that was popular a couple years ago? (1 answers)

 For background, take microsoft: they employ thousands and their bread&butter is windows & office. Google's main product is its search engine. Over 100,000 employees are riding on the coattails of the success of just those three products. (2 answers)

 Do you think there's a small number of "good products" that can be commercially profitable to develop? (And, among product companies, the vast majority of ppl are riding on the coattails of a "few good successful products"?) (1 answers)

 If we modeled 'friendships' as a network, if we somehow modeled the fact that users from certain time periods tend to befriend users from the same time period, how would YOU demonstrate that time dynamic with... a model of some sort? (1 answers)

 A surprisingly high percentage of people don't exist here anymore (User was completely wiped from student.com). You think student.com has been deleting profiles to save disk space? (2 answers)

 Okay, I need all the source code on ... SourceForge, GitHub, Google Code, BitBucket, CodePlex & Launchpad. What's the easiest/quickest way to download it all, you think? (1 month of download time is fine.) (1 answers)

 I wanna grab all the source code on the web and create a search engine for it. Let's specify the language, function names, return types, input types, input parameter names, etc. THE USEFUL STUFF. Now... how to index all that source code out there? (1 answers)

 How would you grab all of the SCN usernames on here? How about all the users who've asked a question? (1 answers)

 If you want to see my SQL query, which seems to be timing out cuz it's taking forever, check my guestbook! If you make an SQL query that's efficient enough, we might be able to answer the question & help boxocereal answer ALL THE QUESTIONS! (1 answers)

 Can you answer the question... "What questions has boxocereal NOT answered"...with a SQL query? (database fields; quserid,qid,question,auserid,answer) [Make it efficient, too. My query is taking over 10 minutes over 3 million answers...) (1 answers)

 Every SCN question has an id number. That number for questions with an id <1,000,00 (i.e., before 1997) increased by 14 in the last 2 years. Where'd those 14 new "old" questions come from??? *raises monocle upto right eye* (1 answers)

 http://www.moneynews.com/StreetTalk/Faber-massive-wealth-destruction/2012/04/04/id/434832 - The prophet of the housing collapse predicts massive inflation, just as I do (Cuz of fed's quantitative easing). You think it's going to happen? (1 answers)

 I predicted a month ago that facebook's stock value would be $30 today. Well, it was $30 at 9:50 and settled at 31.41. I'm a stock market genius, aren't I? *smiles and nods self-assuredly* (2 answers)

 If we modified the CPI to exclude housing and to include food and fuel, what do you think the "real" CPI would be?(I.e., the "real inflation rate" most people's pocketbooks ACTUALLY feels. I think it's been around 10-15% recently. (1 answers)

 Does the CPI seem odd? It takes into account housing but ignores food and fuel. When house prices go down, most people don't see their mortgages decreasing, but they sure do feel the cost of food, fuel and everything else increasing. (1 answers)

 There's a so-called "speculative premium" to the oil price, that is, the amount of the oil price that's pure speculation / investments driving it. What do you think the speculative premium is?(I think oil is really worth $30-40/barrel...) (1 answers)

 If the $7 trillion money flow from the real estate market to the commodities market (Among other markets) caused an increase in the oil price, could've investors ultimately caused the economic downturn since oil underlies almost our entire economy? (1 answers)

 You know those estimates of oil production costs in the middle east in the news? You think those are accurate, or are they manipulated by the media corporations whose owners have an investment position in oil? (1 answers)

 What's the value of the annual production of the major commodities, particularly gold & silver? What about the value of all the gold traded between 2007 and now? (The value of the "traded supply".) (1 answers)

 $70k loss/house * 100mil houses = $7 trillion. What's the value of the annual oil supply? ... 80 billion barrels * 80 = $6.4 trillion. Methinks high oil prices are cuz of investors. (1 answers)

 Anyone wanna do some calculations on the housing market losses and possible resulting money flow into commodity investments from that? (1 answers)

 Hey haylie, your plastic surgeon missed. It goes into your boobs, not your cheeks. (3 answers)

 Did someone call me an annoying bitch? I'm sexy dammit! There's a difference! (2 answers)

 I want to be Vito Corleone and have a lifelong mission to avenge my father's murder. Finally getting revenge after 30 years would be so satisfying. What movie character do you wish you could be? (1 answers)

 boxocereal: None that I can think of.

 Would it be better to be a normal person with social anxiety or to be an aspie with social anxiety? (Aspie = person with aspergers syndrome) Why? (Hint: the things normal ppl are afraid of are illusory, for aspies, they're pretty frickin' real.) (2 answers)

 Can a person with aspergers get social anxiety from worrying about having aspergers? Can they get social anxiety from the real-life affects on others of having aspergers? (3 answers)

 What if I said to that schizophrenic who was walking down the bus aisle waving at everyone, "I have aspergers and you have schizophrenia, HAHA!!!" *points finger*? Would he have beat the living daylights out of me? (1 answers)

  Can people with aspergers have social anxiety but not feel anxious but yet feel not-quite-human and feel like a fake-human?(As if they were an expressionless porcelain doll of sorts.) Would those be rational thoughts for ppl w/ aspergers? (1 answers)

 Do you think you could get SSDI if you had aspergers? (Hint: 20 years ago, aspergers didn't exist and all that existed were "weirdos" and you don't get disability social security for merely being weird.) (1 answers)

 I was planning on losing weight, but I learned if I become obese, I can qualify for SSDI (Social security for the disabled). Should I just stuff down the twinkies? (2 answers)

 Have you heard of the "shadow banking system" (hedge funds, investment banks, etc.)? If you wanna know what people are invested in, you got to watch the movements of "the shadow banking system". How, though? (1 answers)

 Think about it... oil peaked at 147 in may 2008 and dropped to 30 within the next year. How in the world could supply and demand change *that* much within a year? It was totally because of investment dollars sloshing around in the economy. (1 answers)

 I once thought that the high oil prices in 2007-2008 were due to global supply and demand, but now I'm thinking it was actually cuz of investors' money flowing from real estate to the commodities after the subprime market imploded. (1 answers)

 What's the best way to invest in the food industry, especially investments in food-related commodities such as wheat (Can you invest in meat and beans? lol.)? (1 answers)

 What's the best way to invest in the health industry? (I'm guessing that's going to be one of the best, longterm industries in the USA for at least a couple of decades.) (1 answers)

 What's the best asset to invest in nowadays? (Investors are heavily invested in precious metals at the moment, so I'm a bit wary of a longterm position there.) (1 answers)

 With the rising cost of living (health & food & fuel) and declining incomes in the USA, do you think that's going to exert a long-term downward pressure on real estate prices since income highly influences real estate prices? (1 answers)

 The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation. - Henry Thoreau (The "question" below this one was a quote by T.S. Lawrence of Arabia) (1 answers)

 All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dream with open eyes, to make it possible. (1 answers)

 Can you compare and contrast the two quotes in the above two "questions" of mine? (1 answers)

 Is it really as simple as "People who talk" = have a car, "People who don't talk" = don't have a car? Why would THAT be? (5 answers)

 On the way back from school, my bus stopped at the parking lot and when 2/3rds of the bus got off, the din of talking suddenly STOPPED. Those left behind were silent, and didn't drive/take-a-ride home. What might explain this? (2 answers)

 What if you subnested rows and columns? Could you have an arbitrary # of sets to compare? (like, "blue/red", "one/two", "plastic/metal", "flower/ball". one combo: one blue plastic flower.) (1 answers)

 You know how you can chart two opposing sets of elements together in a chart (like, "red/blue" in the columns and "plastic/metal" in the rows - these are 2 sets)? Could you increase the number of sets to compare without going 3D? (1 answers)

 What if iWantAnswers had a sex change to get all of the homos hitting on him, off of him? (2 answers)

 If this is the case, what subpopulations might be "too neanderthal" or "not homo sapien" enough? Autism? ADHD? Maybe some distinct, yet-to-be-identified population that only partially overlaps with the so-called mental disorders? (1 answers)

  I mean, "homo sapiens" as a species isn't a homogeneous gene pool. It probably has neanderthal and austrolopithicus genes in it. If a person is born "too neanderthal", would they be outcasted cuz that's the way evolution works? (1 answers)

 What if there were human subpopulations that were similar to 'extinct' humanoid species that were killed off by homo homo sapiens (i.e., neanderthals)? Would there still be suppression of those genetic variants when they pop up from time to time? (1 answers)

 So, someone with autism said "Everybody on the internet is autistic."(Cuz of lack of nonverbal signals). Do you agree that everyone online is effectively autistic? (IMO, hell no. Emotion is still embedded in the words and phrases.) (2 answers)

 ...(continued from previous question)... there'll be a growing underclass of unemployed low-skill laborers, low-skill labor's wages will decrease with an increasingly well-paid pocket of highly-skilled workers in the future? (1 answers)

 If technology continues to replace low-skilled labor, then there will be fewer low-skilled workers and will be paid less while the wages for technical skills increases. Does this imply... (1 answers)

 Of course, rarer, high-demand, high skill levels will still be able to demand a higher wage due to their rarity and how valuable they are. But, every "basic job" out there is vulnerable to ever diminishing wages. Or is it? (1 answers)

 Or maybe employment levels will converge to some level in the long-term, with ever decreasing wage levels in a free market where there are tons of other unemployed people, globally and locally, willing to work for lower wages? ...next Q... (1 answers)

 ....are needed to fully exploit all the energy and materials available in an economy as productivity increases. So, does this imply ever increasing unemployment in a post-industrial society where ever fewer people are actually 'needed'? (1 answers)

 If labor is a tiny contributor to economic wealth in a post-industrial society, then an ever decreasing percentage of unemployed people doesn't really change the GDP, there's just a growing economic underclass as fewer people...next Q......... (1 answers)

 The vast majority of material wealth is due to the ton of energy available which powers... almost everything in our economy (coal, oil, electricity); Is labor, thus, just a tiny contributor to "economic wealth" in industrial societies?..... (1 answers)

 What if everyone who wanted a job actually contributed to the economy SOMEHOW, if they knew how? Would it do anything substantial? Or would it be a proverbial drop in the bucket, when something other than labor is the TRUE SOURCE of wealth?.......... (2 answers)

 When it comes to unemployment, doesn't it seem like a waste of labor resources when only 60% of the male adult population is working? (It'd "naturally" be around 75%) ... more Qs to come... (1 answers)

 "Make things as simple as possible but no simpler" -Albert Einstein. When it comes to unemployment, does that mean the percentage of adults that are not employed would be better than the misleading "unemployment rate"? (1 answers)

 http://www.lesjones.com/2011/03/25/u-s-money-supply-gone-wild/ - Here's another, more-detailed graph of the US money supply. (1 answers)

 I've heard metals are the best "save havens", but I'm considering other "true savings" options. (A savings account is a money loser because the inflation due to "Quantitative easing" erodes away the value of cash sitting (1 answers)

 http://theeconomiccollapseblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/United-States-Money-Supply.gif - Here's a graph of the money supply. Notice how it skyrocketed right about... NOW. (1 answers)

 With the great increase in the money supply due to "Quantitative easing" and the subsequent devaluation of our currency, what's the best commodities to invest in lieu of wealth-losing savings accounts?(Losing wealth because of currency deva (1 answers)

 Are there any time periods you admire? (Great fireballs of Hades! I make Grecian and Roman references like ALLLLL the time but I should stop, for zeus' sake!) (1 answers)

 I did some philosophizing on "original forms" of communication based on cleverbot's imitation and its seeming "humanness" but it seems hard to talk about it on here with less than 100 allowed characters. Whatz can I do? (1 answers)

 Question for the legendary Oracle at Delphi: What's the transformation matrix between two different coordinate systems, each defined by its own 2 unique basis vectors and unique non-zero origins? (1 answers)

 You know how people's facial expressions often mirror the speaker somehow? What's a sickly/ghastly facial expression from a nearby stranger you're not talking to supposed to indicate? (2 answers)

 The government steals from Americans via 'quantitative easing', Facebook's Zukkerberg stole ideas from the Winklevoss brothers and Microsoft stole many ideas. Is it a coincidence some of the largest companies/organizations are thieves? (2 answers)

 With the coming economic collapse, maybe food will become expensive and obesity will become something only the rich can afford. Maybe the collapse will be a good thing... (4 answers)

 The times are a changing in America. How many of us 30 years hence will remember back fondly on America's golden years? (When nearly every adult had a car, a place to live and a job and homelessness was almost unheard of in the suburbs.) (2 answers)

 Like Camus' THE PLAGUE, the signs of the falling economic walls are all around: well-educated middle-class professionals have turned to mowing, the homeless are invading THE HILL, and small-time independent contractors are going door to door. (1 answers)

 A white middle-class Caucasian male can't get a scholarship? Who wudda thought? (2 answers)

 Got any hard-earned travel wisdom? (Me, if you're going to ANY unknown city, *always* rent a car. Don't depend on the local transportation system expecting it to be as good / safe / clean as the one at your hometown.) (2 answers)

 Dictum number 435: Using the word "beautiful" in a program is a thought-crime. No room for such useless words in a programmer's dictionary! (Instead, use "double plus view".) (1 answers)

 Orwellian newspeak is double plus good, no? (1 answers)

 What's the smallest vocabulary of individual words you'd need to type up >90% of all variable names? Surely you wouldn't need all 200,000+ words in the english language... (1 answers)

 A given variable name can be provided by typing it, using speech recognition and customized macros to make them, and by handwriting them and using OCR algorithms. What other possibilities are there? (1 answers)

 How unique are "unique" code blocks, really? ['code block' is defined earlier.] If they're really not *that* unique, then maybe we can take advantage of that somehow? How, though? (1 answers)

 .....number of input sequences, such as keystrokes, mouseclicks and alternative ways of providing computer input? Keyboards alone typically require >10,000 keystrokes a day. (1 answers)

 The average program is created using 1500-2000 code blocks a day, half of which are very common (The other half, variable names and values and the such tend to be unique.). How can one take advantage of this fact to minimize the....(NEXT Q.)......... (2 answers)

 I define a "code block" as a distinct programming pattern that exists in a given line of code. i.e., [String var = "varstring"; is a codeblock, minus the 'var' and 'varstring']. The average line of code has about 3 code blocks. (1 answers)

 I want to provide input to the computer by thought alone. Now, how will I accomplish that? (I wanna sit back and think about programming problems and have the program create itself as I think about it.) (1 answers)

 What if the same *kind* of semantic distortions in schizophrenia is what enables genius-like originality in some forms of "genius"? (1 answers)

 The technical name for schizophrenia is "Dementia Praecox": Is schizophrenia really just a form of dementia for younger people? In disorganized schizophrenia, there's often distortions in semantic cognition. (2 answers)

 There's a theory that geniuses tend to be semi-schizophrenic AND semi-autistic. Why is that? Does the lessened social cognition let them focus more on "Reality's essence" instead of being emotionally and socially blindsided and distracted? (1 answers)

 Are they just not really *that* intelligent or does their social cognition tend to bias their thinking away from "real causes" and more towards "Someone to blame"? (1 answers)

 Why do so many seemingly incredibly intelligent people tend to blame some other group of people rather than the "real cause"? I.e., NY time readers blaming politicians and bankers for economic woes instead of global energy supply and demand (1 answers)

 And, within groups, do the better imitators tend to excel more than the worse imitators? (To excel, meaning, In the workforce = higher pay, better positions; in the social sphere = more... opportunities of all kinds...) (1 answers)

 ......(extended from previous question)......It's essentially all 'bout imitation? (1 answers)

 Minorities, foreigners and people with foreign accents tend to be excluded from the mainstream groups, including "workplace" groups. Is it because, essentially, they're not imitating "the group" well enough for inclusion? So...... (2 answers)

 It's funny that this account was accused of being operated by a bot by that "I like my cap'n crunch" girl. Maybe that's because it didn't appear to imitate the "group" that well, despite being smarter than every bot there. (1 answers)

 Could one person be considered "more human" than another? If so, how? Because they're better imitators? (1 answers)

 Cleverbot is now considered "almost human"(http://cleverbot.com/human). Considering it just imitates other people, then apparently the essence of "humanness" is imitation... and not intelligence. (2 answers)

 Looking at comments and articles across the web, it seems everybody blames deep fiscal problems on "policy", "The bankers" or "The evil 1% class". Why do so few see the connection to global energy supply and demand? (1 answers)

 The spiraling global debt was fueled by the increasing economy-growing supply of oil over the past century, and as energy supply peaks, it spirals out of control and economies falter (Greece, anyone?). What's to come in the decade ahead? (2 answers)

 Did a hurricane just blow right through here, exiting as quickly as it came? lol (2 answers)

 [Google search results] "I'm going to revolutionize" = 99 pages; "going to revolutionize" = 1,920,000 pages. Do very few people believe they're going to revolutionize something? Or do the revolutionaries not hang out on the web? (1 answers)

 Wait, nevermind, apparently it's a variation of "Freeze the balls off a brass monkey". Isn't urbandictionary.com lovely? (1 answers)

  How many unique sayings have ever been said? Like, so unique that no one else has said it. (I mean, like, how many more "unique sayings" are there than the "common sayings"? Are there TONS more? Like twice as much? Millions???) (1 answers)

 My grammy sometimes said... "It's so cold out here, it could freeze the titties off a brass monkey!". I can't find any web pages online containing this phrase, maybe I'm last person on earth to know it? Got any unique quotes? (1 answers)

 What if instead of typing "String" as you do in java, you drew a string-looking squiggly line instead? What if instead of typing "double", you drew a double dot to indicate "double"? (2 answers)

 programming functions, programming functions... they are SOOOO mathematical. Isn't there anything more intuitive out there than Func(x,y,z)? You can design it however you want, even maybe something cool by drawing? (1 answers)

 If you were to program by drawing, what would the "language" look like? Hieroglyphics and symbols to replace nearly universal programming operations, perchance? What would the "syntax" be like? (1 answers)

 If you were to design your own programming language that compiled into... say... java code, how would you design it? (In other words, how would you make programming "Java apps" better if you could make your own language?) (1 answers)

 (The goal is to minimize the amount of "keystrokes" and lines of code and to minimize the overall variation to make it easier to program using switches. Lower diversity, lower # of building blocks and easier/faster to "choose" whi (1 answers)

 What's the minimum amount of "vocabulary" in a programming language you could have while retaining the flexibility, compactness and power of...say...Java? (Goal is in next Question) (1 answers)

 English = Huge vocabulary, high syntactic diversity; Latin = medium vocabulary, low syntactic diversity. C++ = low vocabulary, huge diversity; Java = Low vocabulary, low diversity. Agreed? (1 answers)

 We could characterize spoken and programming languages using a few metrics: they both have a size of vocabulary and syntactic diversity. Isn't that cool? (1 answers)

 Is it my destiny to believe I could choose my destiny and so it was chosen? Or is one's destiny predestined? (1 answers)

 What programs do you have open AT ALL TIMES? (Me, Everything search, Super FInder, Windows Task Manager and Notepad. CMD, Notepad++ and a few IDEs I use are some regulars.) (1 answers)

 Isn't it dreamy how, with the Everything search program, you can type in whatever file or folder you're looking for and it comes up instantly? No more time-consuming file-hunting, chyeah! (1 answers)

 How many programs do you have open at the same time, usually? (Me, 20. Lots of RAM rocks! When I get too many instances open of a program (Like 30 tabs under google chrome), I close the whole thing. Clicks minimized. Management overhead minimized. (1 answers)

 Maybe a lifetime of inability to read people and people mysteriously always attacking you with no provocation would cause paranoia? Thus, "schizotypy traits"? (1 answers)

 Schizophrenics and schizotypals score high on the schizotypal measures but low on the AQ measures, while aspies score highly on AQ measures and moderately high on schizotypal measures. With an aspie's lack of fantasy-proneness, why would that be? (1 answers)

 Isn't it annoying when you wake up and a random body part hurts? (It seems like knees and wrists are most often affected for me, it seems.) (1 answers)

 Who else is making their own search engine? (Is it a meta-search engine, perchance? If so, WE NEED TO TALK!) (1 answers)

 Booyah! Facebook just went down by 15%! I'm a stock market genius, aren't I? (1 answers)

 Hardly easy. Easily hard. Those two sentences mean the same thing but the words are changed around. Isn't that WEIRD? Omg, why do they mean the same thing??? I mean, what's the *real* reason? Is "harder" a more... "heavy"... kind (1 answers)

 I want awesome experiences out of life: Adventure, epiphanies, euphoria, revelations, the satisfaction of finding something that's been long-sought or accomplishing something I've worked hard for. What do you want from life? (2 answers)

 Do you ever get this voice from GOD that you're destined to become great and that nothing will stop you? (Or your subconscious is telling you. Of course, if you're GOD, then "god" IS telling you.) (1 answers)

 An aspie who's subconsciously trying to convince you of their humanity has a nose that only grows longer and longer with each try, like pinnochio. Eventually, it becomes so long that you must get rid of them - they could poke someone's eye out! (3 answers)

 (I'm not anti-aspie, faaaaaaaar from it; In my last question, I'm just pretending to be the "average normal person" and thinking about what they're REALLY thinking, subconsciously.) (1 answers)

 Are aspies real people, or are they more like pinnochio? Almost human, but not really and to think they're human is wrong so their existence is a LIE -- their humanity is a LIE!!! Kick the liars out! (2 answers)

 Greatest movie insult? Me, from The Women (1939), "There's a name for you ladies, but it isn't used in high society - outside of a kennel." (2 answers)

 Gee, I could really use 100 grand right now to short FB. But, no, I paid off the underhanded, greedy creditors I owed money to and now I have nuttin. Who wants to bet Facebook is going to be the next MySpace? (3 answers)

 The people on the FB article on yahoo seem to really hate facebook... if this means there's a wide-spread sentiment of hatred for facebook, now, since the IPO... how much you want to bet the stock is going to TANK? (2 answers)

 Facebook's stock value in a month. Taking bets! It opened at $42 and I'm betting it'll end up at... 30 in a month. (6/18/2012) (2 answers)

 ...(continued from previous question)... semantic similarity. Also, isn't it kind of annoying how they didn't properly size the max-length of a question OR the text inside the "Add question" textbox? Qs gets cut off...ugg (1 answers)

 Is evidence of their semantic similarity somewhere IN THE DATA THAT IS THE WORLD WIDE WEB? If we searched for all instances of "I want to own a/an/the" and "I want a/an/the", could we analyze the patterns to determine their semant (1 answers)

 How might one algorithmically detect that "I want an empire" means the same thing as "I want to own an empire"? I mean, I would think... to own= to have, you get what you want=you have, but how'd a computer figure that out? (1 answers)

 [Google search results] "I want an empire"=118,000 hits; "I want to own an empire"=10 hits. What kind of person would choose to use the less commonly used phrase? (2 answers)

 lalala...Drifting day by day, slowly making our way... lalala... is there any better music than Paul Oakenfold's 2011 year remix? It's like 100 of the best trance songs compressed into 90 minutes on one track. (1 answers)

 Do feel there's a grand overarching, utterly life-changing truth that you're bound to discover in the future? Have you discovered such a truth? (1 answers)

 What if a person's thinking has an underlying "semantic web" (concepts linked to other concepts, including beliefs);if we could analyze and compare someone's "semantic web" to another's, might that be used to find TRUE similarity? (1 answers)

 When I Google a 3 gram I've used, like "marketing to infinity" or "ephemerality and scarcity", and I find one other person on Google who's used that phrase... I can't help but feel that I've found one of my "lost twins". (1 answers)

 Is this totally bonkers? Or is true... with the help of 3 gram analysis and Google searching, I could possibly find "the one"? Or are some people forever banished from finding the one because of fate? (1 answers)

 I meant, IMAGINE the overlap in the Gaussian distributions... (1 answers)

 IMAGINE the overlap between normal ppl and autistic individuals in visual memory assuming autistics tend to have better visual memory - wouldn't there be an overabundance of autistic individuals at the extremes of that ability? At the EXTREMA...???? (1 answers)

 ...disproportionately high percentage of those "really high childhood IQ" socially-maladjusted adults since ppl w/ aspergers tend to have better than average visual memory (And >150 IQ is a RARE phenomenon)? (1 answers)

 There was a higher % of social maladjustment in adulthood among really high childhood-IQ individuals on the stanford-binet LM - considering the test's probable reliance on "visual memory", do you think those w/ aspergers made up a...NEXT Q. (1 answers)

 3-gram frequency analysis = where you analyze "how common" every 3 consecutive words in some writing is. Do you think you'd get a surprise if you compared your writing's 3-gram frequency to someone else's? (1 answers)

 The life of the average video game character seems so simple, they just seem to... live. Why is American life so much more complex? Not only do we work, but the work is complex. (Or maybe that's just my work...) (3 answers)

 Is it true? Is it really true?? Geeks shall inherit the earth? I *really* hope my geeky friend wasn't teasing me... hehe (2 answers)

 Have you ever noticed someone looking funny at you and then urgently getting away from you, and then you realized just moments before you said something in a tonally odd way? What's with people and tones... (1 answers)


 Is there any slang for the word "recursion"? My friend claims that "flection" is the newest 'ending'-phrase for anything recursive in nature, but I'm not finding anything on Google and I wonder... (1 answers)

 I'm making a spider that crawls search engines, which are themselves just the product of spiders, which is going to "spider the search space", so to say. It's nothing but webs within webs within webs! Recursion is *awesome*, NO? (1 answers)

 Have you ever compared your sanity to Nero's? (You know, the crazy emperor dude who played the pan flute while Rome burned to the ground. He had an excuse, though: lead poisoning.) (3 answers)

 OMG, i just went to the 3rd dimension in my semantic analysis research. OH, oh, soooo orgasmic, chyeah! What's been your most recent orgasmic experience? (Get your mind out of the gutter!) (4 answers)

 Okay, so, here's the grand overview of the "flow" of code: Linear sequencing (one line after another), looping and jumps/subsequences (methods/functions). What's the IDEAL WAY of representing that? (2 answers)

 Code is nothing but the linear and circular execution of instructions (i.e., one line after another and control loops); how would one ideally represent that? Surely, the predominant top-to-bottom coding style isn't THE IDEAL way of doing it... (2 answers)

 What if we had variables/objects on strips of paper and then we positioned the strips over a live screen of the code, then a camera would capture it and then create the code automatically? Any ideas? (2 answers)

 How can one code using pen and paper alone? You can do ANYTHING... draw images.. diagrams...write code...use substitute variables... translation tables... ANYTHING you can possibly imagine. Just gotta program the translator correctly... (2 answers)

 So I'm going to say the wrong thing, people are going to suddenly group together and turn on me, and they're going to take away to the funny farm! NOOOOOOOO!!!! Is this a normal fear? (2 answers)

 Did you know that Wiktionary has 2,148,417 words in it as of 5/5/2012? 2 million words... hmmm... NOW WE'RE TALKING!! (2 answers)

 Lol. If you guys want a comprehensive dictionary source, just go to wiktionary.com and download their databases. They've pretty much did all the hard work in culling data from everywhere for you. (1 answers)

 So there's apparently only 96049 entries in Webster's unabridged dictionary. Does that sound about right? I thought there was a lot more "standard" english words than that... (1 answers)

 Lol, Webster released their 2009 unabridged dictionary to the Project Gutenberg project(It's a site for free ebooks), lol. Who wudda thunk? (1 answers)

 Let's say you go to a psychologist and say "I notice I'm different" and she emphatically agrees, "Yes, you definitely are."; How'd you take that? (4 answers)

 Will you believe that's the opinion that got me kicked off WrongPlanet? When low self-esteem, aspie-faking fat neurotypical females are the majority, the virtuous, fraud-exposing, ever-correct aspies get kicked off. *rolls eyes* (1 answers)

  What's up with all those obviously neurotypical poser FAAAT chicks on WrongPlanet? Just cause you smell bad and no one wants to be your friend doesn't mean you have aspergers!! (WrongPlanet is an asperger support site) (2 answers)

 So, there's this guy named mike who asked the teacher a question and ppl we're mulling over what he said, and then I quickly answered him. He replied "Oh, yeah, I just didn't see that..." and then he GLARED at me. What did I do wrong??? (3 answers)

 Is there anyone who uses p2p sharing programs? What would you recommend for finding dictionary PDFs? (I'm using Frostwire, but I'm only getting 4 results and...wait...this student dictionary seems promising....I might have something. ^__^) (1 answers)

 Why is that when you put your swag on, all the chicks nearby pull out there cellphones and start talking? (It could be a coincidence and maybe it's not a pattern...) (3 answers)

 Would you own a schizophrenic dog (One that hallucinated but wasn't paranoid)? (Me, if it was pug, oh, that'd be soooo cute seeing it bark at nothing!!) (2 answers)

 Lol, gage. I'm taking over the world by creating a linguistic megaverse of the english language, so of course there's nothing more fun than finding where English Dictionary PDFs are! (I need to parse them, so apps aren't good.) (2 answers)

 Where Ze Fuuuck is a PDF of a dictionary online?!!! (If you're looking for a thesaurus, I'd recommend getting roget's for completeness. The oxford thesaurus is crap.) (3 answers)

 To make this quest even more AWESOME, make this program like a search engine: not only find exact matches, but find approximates too and sort by relevancy. Reg-exp support is, of course, necessary. (2 answers)

 THE QUEST: Make a program that's like linux's GREP that searches through the contents of files, but INSTANT, on the Windows Operating System. How'd you do it? (yes, u'll need indexing... if you use less than 1/2 of ur HD, not a problem.) (1 answers)

 What file search programs do you use? (I use Super FInder for searching thru file contents (Not quite like GREP, however), and the "Everything finder" for instant searching. It's pretty damn cool finding files in microseconds.) (1 answers)

 Gee, I tend to find unconventional solutions that work extremely well. Does that mean I'm going to be special when I grow up? (I'm still in college, I'm not all growed ups yet.) (2 answers)

 How close are two word's meanings to each other? (Me: Model a thesaurus as a vector graph and find the minimum distance between the two word nodes!) (2 answers)

 Are the future possibilities of life wide at birth and narrow with time? Or was it narrow to begin with? (3 answers)

 That Q blows my mind. Is Ben Hur a girl as hur implies? Ben Him a guy? And they gave birth to Ben Gay? But, then they wouldn't be gay. But if they were both males as their first names imply, then what's the point of "hur"? I'm confuzzled. (1 answers)

 What do you get when you cross Ben Hur with Ben Him? .... Ben Gay. (2 answers)

 I bet boxocereal is going to answer this question within a minute. Is she? (3 answers)

  Sorry Gage for being a bitch, I'm a sexy foxy girl after all!... lol... (2 answers)

 Why do the REAL hackers get arrested, ultimately? Is it because they're losing sites money and so it feels just like "stealing" from the host's perspective? (2 answers)

 Did you know the owner of this site owns 62 other sites? Running his adsense ID thru certain sites tells me so. If you brought down this site... you'd bring down his 62 other sites and the revenue would stop flowing... (3 answers)

 Do you think the world is a better place since my repetitive strain injury forces me to use my computer time for profitable things (Like software development) instead of fun hackerish activities? Maybe it was god's way of improving the world... (2 answers)

 Just joking. If there was a skilled DB administrator on the site, that could be easily thwarted. Of course, with a skilled attacker, maybe not so much... (1 answers)

 Or wait, with a botnet, you could flood the questions on the board with spam answers from everywhere. They would have to delete the entire Q&A to reduce the data consumption! MWA HAHA! (2 answers)

 Wait. I KNOW... while everyone is sleeping, flood the server with data and then suddenly ask 10 questions from registered users and no one is the wiser. Over a month, the database would be upto 100 Terabytes! MWA HAHAHAHAHA!!! (2 answers)

 If it stays hidden forever, maybe one could flood the server with useless data and force the host to buy more hard-drive space... hehehe.... (I'm just joking, that would be easily identified and deleted.) (2 answers)

 That question below belonging to anonymous is being stored SOMEWHERE on SCN's database. What do you think happens to it after it scrolls off the list? Do you think... it takes up a few bytes and stays hidden... ... ... forever? (1 answers)

  As a coder or, rather, a wizard of the modern technological world order, when will be my turn where I can say "I haz teh codes, now do as I say or else!"? Or is that just a pipe dream? (3 answers)

 If you don't know what Ubuntu is... google it. If you don't know what "apt-get install" is... google it. If you don't know what "Windows Installers" is. Google it. It's THAT simple. (2 answers)

 Ubuntu's "Apt-get Install" versus traditional Windows Installers? (Me, apt-get. Windows installers have been getting pretty disgusting with "Do you want to install the Ask Toolbar?" kind of pre-selected options.) (3 answers)

 FFFFF question: Aeris Gainsborough versus Cloud Strife? (FFFFF - For Final Fantasy Fans Forever!) (2 answers)

 Do ever suddenly get a "Heil Hitler" spasm in public? Isn't it so embarrassing when it happens? (3 answers)

 What are you looking forward to this Friday? (Me: FINALLY, the onslaught of homework will be DEFEATED AND ANNIHILATED and I'll have time to work on my software project.) (3 answers)

 If you look everywhere, will you eventually find something? (5 answers)

 Seriousness/Sarcasm communication efficiency rating, or SSCER, = (% of intentionally sarcastic statements accurately received by others + % of serious statements accurately received by others)/2. How does the SSCER differ for autistic people? (2 answers)

 (Ironic because the average neurotypical wouldn't know what "social cognition" means in that sentence, and the impaired social cognition of the undiagnosed autistic led them to use that 'poor choice' of words. Neurotypical = Not autistic) (1 answers)

 An undiagnosed autistic person says to a neurotypical who's interviewing another autistic person who just asked a question about what they thought another person was thinking... "Social cognition is impaired in autism". Ironic? (See next Q. (1 answers)

 Living off the "outer fringes" of the internet, as if like mining diamonds in antartica, is pretty appealing to me. Are there any "unexplored" or "uninhabited" things you find fascinating? (2 answers)

 <----------------------------------------------Like that advertisement over theeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeee.... (1 answers)

 Fake facial expressions look creepy to me (Like the kind I commonly see in advertisements). Is that just me? (1 answers)

 Is it possible for a 6 year old to have the reading comprehension level of an 18 year old? (That implies a stanford binet IQ of 300 which is unheard of, so I'm somewhat dubious of Dustin's claims of precocity. He's a guy at my school.) (3 answers)

 The angel Gabriel spoke to me and he told me I'm god. As a first order of business, what shall I sacrifice on the altar of godliness? (4 answers)

 ZOMG! Ebay user resell1172 is calling me up asking to leave her feedback cuz her feedback is too low! Luckily, the phone number she got is no longer in operation, but seriously... that's getting a little creepy (I bought a pad from her) (4 answers)

 Am I going to become das ubermensch? (That is, a moral and existential "super man"(Germanic) who overcomes his/her difficulties, self-doubts and discouragement in becoming a master of their own destiny/universe.) (5 answers)

 If milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, does money bring all the honey? (5 answers)

 You want him to die, do you? But if he dies, you'll never be able to tell him how much you hate him! (5 answers)

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nuclearsailorNuke school feels like a home-owner's association. Lots of rich preps with a penchant for BMWs and exotic sports cars with lots of "country club"-like rules governing the land. Yep. What does 'your place' kind of feel like?
iBoy2G11/08: Paul LePage won re-election in Maine! I bet Gage is very happy!
anthony2940What happen to the chat on here?
nicolefariaWhat is banefits sex in our student life??
iBoy2G11/02: It's my birthday!
gouberstudent center is getting boring
Jigsaws_Best_FriendHey Ladies. Who wants a snowcone?
iBoy2G10/16: What is your opinion on fangate?
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