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sdelk's Q & A
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 i have a question but dont take offense to it... Can someone tell me what the point of screamo music is when you cant understand it? (7 answers)

 Have u ever fell for ur bestfriend and they know how u feel and yet they dont tell u how they feel back?? (12 answers)

 I have a little sister who has Down Syndrome. Does anyone else know anyone who is disabled in any way? (18 answers)

 faerie_kisses: my friend's little brother is autistic and so is my dad's boss's son
 logomaniac: Yes I do. I hope your sister is doing well.
 KaylaFierce: My little brother has autism.
 boxocereal: No.
 br0k3n8819: my mom has cerebral palsy and bipolar disorder
 Angel2Devil2Friend: Yes
 mymindkillsme: thats sad.
 Texasgrl15: yep one of my nieces has down syndrome
 aimsyLou_07: awwrh :( nope
 sarrchl: umm the most that i noe is mis hermons have ADHD
 dcj2004acc: I went to school w/some down syndrom kids.
 Dogfan: yeah my man is. His arms are in a different positions....and he walks w/ a limp...but he's my sexy man :)
 djhowty: i have a little brother with down syndrome. he's ten. how old is your little sister?

 Its 3:08 am here. Whats it there? (22 answers)

 Anyone watch HOUSE? (19 answers)

 Would you rather sing or dance? (32 answers)

 Does Anyone watch Law and Order:SVU?? (12 answers)

 So Does anyone else Love Viva La Bam?? (13 answers)

 If you could act in any movie. WHat would it be? (17 answers)

 Who frickin Loves Sublime? (10 answers)

 Did u ever have a dream where u would scream but nothing would come out? (20 answers)

 Finish this sentence. I was walking in the dark when... (19 answers)

 Football or Basketball? (18 answers)

 If you could marry a celebrity who would it be?? (22 answers)

 sun or moon? (30 answers)

 Who likes Ferris Beuler? (16 answers)

 If u could only eat 1 certain food, what would it be? (15 answers)

 When was the last person u kissed? (23 answers)

 Would you date someone 10 years older than you? (26 answers)

 If music was never invented what do u think people would be doing? (8 answers)

 If u could have a choice of love or money($100,000) what would u chose? (21 answers)

 yellow or green? (22 answers)

 when u were little what was your favorite TV show? mine was Gullah Gullah Island (16 answers)

 Hamsters or Mice? (13 answers)

 Does anyone still use crayola crayons? (17 answers)

 Cate Beckinsale or Katie Holmes? (16 answers)

 Heath Ledger or Chad Michael Murray? (15 answers)

 Does anyone listen to Sublime? (10 answers)

 Do u like people with spikey hair? ( I love it) (15 answers)

 Have u ever seen the Faculty? (9 answers)

 does anyone watch Mad TV? (12 answers)

 Finish this? One day while walking home from school............. (5 answers)

 Would you pay 60 dollars to go into a theme park for only 1 day? (13 answers)

 Where is everyone from? (25 answers)

 If you were to have kids what would be there names? (22 answers)

 Does anyone watch Will and Grace? (15 answers)

 Any one a vegetarian? (17 answers)

 Pamela Anderson or Carmen Elektra? (18 answers)

 Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom? (22 answers)

 Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty? (12 answers)

 what color eyes do you like? (20 answers)

 have u ever eaten cream cheese on toast? its friggin awesome. (15 answers)

 What on a person makes you look at em' first? (18 answers)

 Tell me what u think of me? (7 answers)

 Billy Madison or Mr.Deeds? (20 answers)

 check out my new Pics (3 answers)

 Finish the story. I'm pissed off because.... (10 answers)

 Y do people think big butts is a good thing? (5 answers)

 have u ever had black and white dreams, I have? (9 answers)

 Does anyone sleep with their eyes open? (9 answers)

 Would u ever get your happy place peirced? (14 answers)

 who loves food? (12 answers)

 What was the funniest thing you've ever seen? (2 answers)

 whats your longest relationship? (17 answers)

 Have u ever liked someone so much and u told ur friend about it and then later they went out? (13 answers)

 what grade do u think people should graduate from?(like 10th instead of 12) (9 answers)

 Have u ever wanted to punch your bestfriend in the face? (14 answers)

 Have u ever been ditched when u were on a date? (7 answers)

 Do u do drugs? (25 answers)

 Has anyone ever seen the movie "Never been kissed?" Awesome movie. (15 answers)

 What do you do when your really bored? (9 answers)

 Finish this story. One stormy night I was all alone..... (10 answers)

 is anyone else really bored? (5 answers)

 kit kat or butterfinger? (15 answers)

 what was the weirdest dream you've ever had? (5 answers)

 Finding Nemo or Monsters Inc.?? (20 answers)

 appearances or personality? (18 answers)

 would you sleep with someone on the first date? dont lie!!! (23 answers)

 who likes tacos? (15 answers)

 school or a job? (14 answers)

 what are you doing right this second? (13 answers)

 does anyone listen to evanescence? (19 answers)

 spongebob or patrick? (11 answers)

 scooby or shaggy? (4 answers)

 do you date people older or younger than you? (14 answers)

 Will Farrell or Chris Kattan? (7 answers)

 what grade r u in? (20 answers)

 why do like 12 year olds have cell phones? Its kinda weird. lol (11 answers)

 sex or making love?? (19 answers)

 where do u want to get married? (beach, church,etc.) (8 answers)

 curley or straight hair? (16 answers)

 Australlia or France? (11 answers)

 guys- would u rather have a girl who is nice and innocent or girls who are bitchy and naughty? (5 answers)

 Jamaica or Hawaii? (11 answers)

 if the world had no colors what 3 colors would u chose to have? (10 answers)

 mountain dew or sprite? (11 answers)

 vanilla or chocolate? (15 answers)

 Say tomorrow u were gonna die what will you do before you die? (12 answers)

 black or white? not people (13 answers)

 how is everyone today? (11 answers)

 would u ever take a lie detector test to win over a parents approval? (11 answers)

 when do u think people should start having Sex? (12 answers)

 would u prefer blonde hair with blue eyes or brown hair with brown eyes? (14 answers)

 whats your favorite candy bar? (15 answers)

 do you think you can fall in love with someone over the internet? (18 answers)

 whats the worst line you've ever heard? (10 answers)

 whats your favorite mystical creature? (16 answers)

 what came first the chicken or the egg? (11 answers)

 does anyone speak french?? (12 answers)

 If you arent shallow...then answer me this....would you go out with someone who is ugly but had an awesome personality??? Come on tell me the truth.. (19 answers)

 Ashton or Orlando? (11 answers)

 Blondes or brunettes? (14 answers)

 Where do u work? (9 answers)

 If u had a crush on your friends boyfriend would you tell him/her? (11 answers)

 Y is noone online?? (7 answers)

 Would you ever go out with your best friend's ex? (13 answers)

 If you could move to anywhere in the world where would it be?? (8 answers)

 whats your favorite animal? (15 answers)

 What would you want more a phone or a computer? (12 answers)

 Whats your favorite color? (14 answers)

 if looks dont matter than why dont they talk to you?? (6 answers)

 how old are you? (26 answers)

 You you rather have a baby boy or a baby girl? and why? (14 answers)

 whats worse snakes or spiders?? (11 answers)

 would you rather be happy and poor or miserable and rich? (9 answers)

 matthew Lillard or Seth Green? (14 answers)

 do you like people with peircings?? (18 answers)

 what kind of movies do you watch?? (10 answers)

 Irish or English?? Both hott!! (11 answers)

 who's better blink 182 or greenday? (21 answers)

 did you ever get caught? (10 answers)

 Have you ever cheated on the person your going out with? (11 answers)

 josie and the *****cats or spice girls?? (8 answers)

 steve-o or Bam?? (13 answers)

 what do u like better dating or getting married to just one person? (8 answers)

 brothers or sisters? (11 answers)

 brownies or cookies? (13 answers)

 sex or love? (11 answers)

 Have you had more boyfriends than actual friends? (12 answers)

 If you were stranded on a deserted Island and u could only pick a TV or a Computer. What would you pick? (14 answers)

 K-mart or Wal-mart? (15 answers)

 How many little kids do you want to produce? (17 answers)

 The grudge or the ring? (20 answers)

 pie or cake? (19 answers)

 friends or family? (18 answers)

 Cats or dogs? (19 answers)

 whats better that 70's show or Will and Grace? (16 answers)

 do you want to go to college? (20 answers)

 what do you want to do when you grow up? (12 answers)

 if you had a million dollars, what are 3 things you would think of the most to spend it on? (12 answers)

 what is your favorite tv show? (15 answers)

 whats better beer or liquor? (17 answers)

 what is hotter a red mustang or a dark blue corvette? (19 answers)

 what is better ice cream or sex? (20 answers)

 who is better Johnny knoxville or wee-man? (19 answers)

 spongebob or scooby-doo? (20 answers)

 red or blue? (22 answers)

 peanut butter or jelly? (22 answers)

 When do you want to get married and start a family? (28 answers)

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